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A few random thoughts on “Shake and Fingerpop”

It looks like Bill and Jessica are bonding after all and Sookie is starting to sound like a real stepmother… when did she become so wise?

Jessica: “Is it my fault that my fangs come out when I get turned on?”


Bill: “I am a vampire. I am supposed to be tormented.”

Sookie: “You can teach her how to walk that line between vampire and human”
Bill: “Yes, because I have mastered that”

And let’s hope the stains wash out of that black polo shirt, would be a shame to throw it away.

Even though Tara moves out, she cannot escape the spell of Maryann. But that girl has some moves on her! And she got lucky as well and so did we… I bet you could bounce a quarter on Egg’s ass.

I am as lost as Luke on this one:
Luke: “There is one thing you can count on: God will make sure evil gets punished.”
Jason: “Yeah well than explain Europe to me.”

Andy is on a wild pig hunt.

Sam really starts to grow on me. Is it just me or does he look better and better with every episode? He is really not an alpha, but he is getting some sugar. Questions is how does Sugar know what he is and what’s with the scratches on her back?

Louisiana Hot Sauce…. Last episode Sarah whipped out her pudding for Jason, this week she showed up in a nightgown in his bedroom…. What will the future bring I wonder? Doesn’t she know that adultery is a sin? In the meantime the two religious vipers are sweet talking Jason and setting him up to do their dirty work.


Sookie got tipsy on booze for dolls and Jessica doesn’t know how to open a coffin. Daddy Compton giving glamour lessons and Jessica gaining a cell phone in the process.

The boys are at it again…. Eric books Bill and Sookie a room without a bed and Bill orders a Tru Blood of $45 and makes Eric pay for it.

Eric finds Sookie’s meaningful things curious and that includes Lafayette and that boy has some moves on him as well…!

Intercourse with the vampire…. Fangbanger’s porn. Getting curious Sookie?