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A few random thougths on Episode 2.05 “Never Let Me Go”

“Never let me go” was all about forming couples, one way or the other. And handjobs.

My favorite quote is from Jessica: “You will be so sorry when I get an eating disorder!”

Sam and Sookie both met somebody very similar to themselves.


Daphne turned out to be Bambi, and plays pool with Sam’s balls. But what’s with those nasty scratches on her back, she has to have some connection with Maryann.

Sookie met another telepath, but unfortunately he didn’t want to swap stories with her.

Terry and Arlene hooked up after the party, but had some awkward moments the morning after.

Sookie doesn’t seem to realize how serious the situation is. She says she does, but she keeps on smiling and immediately does something that she is not supposed to do.  Seems like Bill is living with two teenagers instead of one.
The blood Sookie drank from Bill in Fangtasia is doing wonders for her libido, the prey becomes the predator when she undresses him and sticks her hand in his jeans to remind him that protecting her is not his only desire. Jeans? Yes, Bill is wearing jeans!


Hoyt and Jessica are really cute bonding over a comic book … really, really and then some more.

Jason meets his drill instructor and shows he is made out of leader material, while Sarah Newlin watches him lustfully. Turns out the Newlins aren’t the happy couple they pretend to be and that results in Sarah rewarding Jason with a handjob in the bathtub while she tells him about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


Maryann is sinking her claws deeper and deeper into Tara. Dressing up like Gran including apron and hairdo was really creepy.

Finally we get to see Godric and learn why he is so important to Eric. Godric is over 2000 years old, what are those tattoos? Aztek?


I feel Bill was kind of emasculated this episode, he was only there in a supporting role for Sookie, serving her needs. And please….. dressing him in a bathrobe and have him say to the hot chick stroking his chest that he would be satisfied to just hold her??? You tell him Sookie, we are not satisfied by that, not one bit!

And then trouble comes strolling down the corridor. Lorena is back.