Alan Ball Says “Thank You” to the Fans

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 26 - 201210 COMMENTS

As the Finale of True Blood’s season 5 is about to be seen by everyone, True Blood’s creator, Alan Ball says “Thank You” to the fans and all those who have been such supporters of the show during his tenure as Showrunner.

Join Alan Ball in a Live Q&A at HBO Connect on Monday, August 27 at 2pm ET. Submit questions now:



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10 Responses to “Alan Ball Says “Thank You” to the Fans”

  1. Tracy via Facebook says:

    Loved it!!!!


  2. Thanks Allen, Love the Show, you will be missed. Frank Aka Sheriff Tristan Ciullen


  3. Thanks Allen, Love the Show, you will be missed. Frank Aka Sheriff Tristan Ciullen


  4. Rowena says:

    Thanks, Alan, for your exemplary work. I dearly love the show … not every episode of every season … but close. You’ve done a remarkable job crafting an entertaining and exciting series. Definitely “must see” t.v.


  5. Rockn Robyn says:

    Thank you Allen Ball for TRUE BLOOD. Loved season 5 ..!! eps 12 was EPIC.!!! saw bonus scene for season 6. Amazing.. !!! I’ll be a trubie till the end.. love you MR ALLEN BALL…!!!!


  6. wiwa says:

    Thank you Alan Ball for the amazing and incomparable season one, the very entertaining and often touching seasons 2, 3 & 4 as well as the first half of season 5. I don’t know what I’m feeling about the second half of season 5 yet – seriously. What is somebody who watches the show because they love Bill supposed to think? But for all the rest, and for choosing Stephen to play Bill, thank you.


  7. Mary via Facebook says:



  8. Willkill4Bill says:

    I’d like to thank Alan Ball for:

    1. Not adhering verbatim to the books therefore making TrueBlood better
    2. Thinking outside the box and giving us something different to watch
    3. Following his own path and not caving into pressure from any lunatic fringe fandom
    4. Keeping TrueBlood geared towards adults
    5. Most importantly casting Stephen Moyer as my beloved Bill Compton and bringing him into my home every Sunday night and then some
    6. Keeping his word not to marginalize Bill as he was in the books, which made no sense whatsoever
    7. Overall just doing a great job

    While you may not be there on a daily basis it is good to know you will still have a finger in the True Blood pie. I feel confident you have laid the groundwork for future season(s).

    Thank you Alan and best wishes in your future projects.


    callonmebill Reply:

    So well said Wk4B.


  9. callonmebill says:

    Thank you Alan for bringing TB to HBO but my #1 is a big thank you for casting Stephen Moyer as Bill!

    Wishing you much success with your future projects.


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