Alex, Anna and Stephen video interview

Posted by Shadaliza On July - 26 - 200917 COMMENTS

Michael Ausiello spoke with Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer at Comic-Con.


Elevator buttons Anna was referring to in the interview.


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17 Responses to “Alex, Anna and Stephen video interview”

  1. JAL15 says:

    Fun “mini” interview …just wish it were longer. They all seem to be
    relaxed and enjoying themselves.

    Stephen and Anna are so wonderful together. They seem so in sync with each other,even finishing the others jokes! The body language ain’t too shabby either.

    Not every couple has that romantic,sexy and fun vibe going on after two years…but they sure do!

    (Check out Stephen’s beautiful veiny hands!!)


    callonmebill Reply:

    I so agree about Stephen’s beautiful veiny hands!


  2. Sanna says:

    I have always found Alex sweet, but a bit uninteresting in interviews, but apparently it takes Stephen and Anna to bring out the fun in him so yay for that. He should always do interviews with them, LOL

    It’s pretty adoreble that Stephen wanted to tell the buttons in the neck at the elevator story too, with his “Oh yeah” “The buttons” when Anna talked, I thought that was so cute. And Anna’s drum thing and his “Thank you very much, we’ll be here all week” LOL LOL


    bluesky43 Reply:

    The buttons comment by Stephen was hilarious – the funniest thing in the whole interview (“don’t push here [on Anna's neck], we’ll all go up two floors”). I laughed out loud!


    cocoablossoms Reply:

    i agree. i think alex is very sweet, but he never is that engaging in interviews. he always seems a bit detached. which is fine. these three were great together. anna is usually a bit more reserved on her own. her and stephen together seem like the life of the party. i love that stephen and alex can joke about the eric and bill romance. everyone else does. i also like that they are very aware of their audience. love that stephen brought up the 5% statistic about the book reading audience.


  3. Foist of all…Shad, this is orgasmically wonderful to see. They really should do more interviews together. Such witty banter!

    As a reader of the books, but not neccesarily a huge fan of them, I have to say that I’ve been happy with the routes taken by Ball and his band of merry writers. But there certainly are book-ies out there who want an exact replica of the books to appear on the TV screen. Too bad for them…True Blood is a hybrid and Allan Ball is a master scientist, mixing the genes of the two entities, to create this massively entertaining show that we’ve become addicted to.


    sandy Reply:

    I think It’s just that Alex is not used to this attention. I just hope that fame doesn’t turn them all into someone they’re not. I hope they stay their sweet selves. i think alex flying to sweden and SM/AP flying to England is a good thing to keep “grounded.”


  4. Rowena says:

    Fun interview, thanks in great part to Stephen’s wit and the back and forth between him and Anna. Wish it had been longer. Thanks for posting, Shad.


  5. wkw says:

    I always enjoy seeing Stephen interviewed. He’s witty and smart aleck-y without being obnoxious. He seems to bring that out in Anna as well. I bet they have a lot of fun. As a woman who married my husband mostly because he makes me laugh everyday, I can relate.

    AS was much more ‘alive’ in this interview as well. It’s easy to see they all get along and play well together. LOL. Good thing.


  6. Ana (anacla) says:

    Bill and Eric together? I’m in :-) I used to love Eric in the books and I love TV Bill so… Sookie, go find yourself a shifter and leave my vamps alone!

    I loved this mini interview!


  7. MyBabyBill says:

    They are all so adorable here.


  8. callonmebill says:

    We’ve seen when Stephen and Anna are together in an interview she opens up and now with the two of them with Alex, he’s getting in on the fun. Stephen is the catalyst that made this video clip so different, revealing and hilariously funny; Eric/Bill will getting together, Anna’s neck buttons, Alex your tall, rise above them….LOL. The chemistry between the three of them shows there is a friendship.

    Lastly as a Bill fan I like Stephen’s comment that the triangle won’t play out just as in the books otherwise the show would be a “documentary” or something like that, from his lips……


  9. Elf Waif says:

    Loved this interview so much. They all seem to have a blast together. Poor Alex all squished down on the sofa trying not to tower over Stephen.


    Sanna Reply:

    Nah, I don’t think he was squished. I think Alex is just relaxing while Stephen, like always, is full of energy LOL. Too cute


  10. BBB says:

    My new favorite ship: Eric/Bill. A girl can only dream. Sookie, I’m sorry, you hurt these two bad enough already…leave ‘em alone; thar mahn now!


  11. skimom2 says:

    Thank you Shad for posting another great interview. All three of them seem to have a great camaraderie with each other. Stephen is definitely the joker with his great sense of humor and wit. He would be the life of any party! (Does he do private parties?) I love his hair now without his Bill burns!


  12. freya says:

    i am a huge like obsessive[lol] fan of the books but i also absolutely love the show. i love that alan ball is keeping me guessing but also has many of the main points that are in the books also in the show. I am not saying that certain things in the show didnt make me want to scream at my tv but overall i am a huge fan of both i just have to remember that the show is based of the books not a replica of them. lol i also am a total team eric fan. anti bill but i love stephen moyer so i am trying not to hate him in to show to much but it is hard when i know he is bill b/c if u are a fan of the books its hard to LOVE bill like everyone does who only watches the show. but anyway these three are great together and have good chemistry i cant wait for the rest of season two =D


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