Alexander Skarsgård and Deborah Ann Woll Comic-Con interview video

Posted by Shadaliza On July - 26 - 20099 COMMENTS


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9 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgård and Deborah Ann Woll Comic-Con interview video”

  1. Rouge says:

    If I ever meet that beautiful man, I will definitely be asking him to bite me… multiple times ; )


  2. vigwig says:

    LOL! AS really liked her white outfit :)


  3. Lisa says:

    Omg Alex is so beautiful & seems like such a lovely humble person, don’t lose that sweeteness Alex!

    Deborah is great & is becoming a fav of mine too! She is hilarious with Bill!


  4. mizmode says:

    I would love to see these two in more scenes together. :)


  5. icanseerussia says:

    bites necks for fans. well, that does it! he is drowning in things that will make all the ladies go ga ga over him (not like they already don’t!). i really wanted him to reach over and nibble on deborah’s neck for the finale. she is so sweet and her hair is terrific! they all do so well answering the SAME questions over and over.
    at this point, they should be as relaxed as what they appear. WONDERFUL video!


  6. That white outfit looks an awful lot like the one that I wear to Stop and Shop every Friday.

    They’re a cute bunch…these True Blood boys and girls. Deborah just seems like the sweetest thing, and Alex is growing on me. He’s got a good sense of humor…always endearing, but will never replace my Brittish amore.


  7. MyBabyBill says:

    “I’m not exclusive. I’ll bite anybody”. Wow, what a thoughtful and egalitarian answer! What a sweetie.


    Dorothea (LISMlvr) Reply:



  8. sandy says:

    look at Deborah. she’s so leaning all over Alex. I heard she was nervous.


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