Alexander Skarsgård is LA Times Magazine Millenium Man

Posted by Shadaliza On March - 6 - 201014 COMMENTS

Nice feature of Alexander on the LA Times Magazine, he is the Millenium Man. You can read the interview where you talks about True Blood and many other subjects on their website: here. There is also a video interview where Alexander talks about being a child actor, giving up acting and getting back to it.  Watch the video here.

Click the image to enlarge.

Cover courtesy of LA Times Magazine.


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14 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgård is LA Times Magazine Millenium Man”

  1. Tina says:


    Fantastic interview, stunning images…he’s so sane, and normal…and beautiful.

    LOVE him.


  2. Lori says:

    A YI YI!!! WHAT A HOTTIE!!! *swoon*


  3. elf waif says:

    This is really quite a feather in his cap. Cover of the LA Times fashion section the day of the Oscars! Finally getting the recognition he deserves.


  4. Zui says:



  5. Selle says:

    I notice he’s doing a lot of publicity and public appearances lately. I believe this is connected to his Eric having a much more prominent role starting in S3.


  6. callonmebill says:

    Very handsome…… favorite picture is the one in the dark suit.


  7. tuesday says:

    Like the pics. He looks different though.


  8. billsluvr says:

    Alex seems like such an unpretentious guy. Which is very refreshing. But, smack me if you want, these are not my favorite pictures of him. They should have been in color, so we could see those baby blues.


  9. sandy says:

    I’m besides myself. Alex is just delicious. I am so jones’n for Season three, I don’t know what to do with myself. :/


  10. ToriG0910 says:

    OMG Alexander is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life! When you look at this guy…don’t you just melt. Holy Crap! Hurry up Season 3 and for God’s sake get me my Season 2 DVD’s that I ordered just about one year ago! LOL


  11. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry, I really do not like these photos of Alex – he looks evil or sleazey – just my take. The eyeliner is a bit too harsh. imo, only!

    SM and SM/AP had their pics on the LA Times last year. So I guess it is AS’s turn now.


    TBlvr Reply:




    They saved the best for last


  12. Donna says:

    Hot like fire!!!! If I was only 15 years younger!


  13. Micki Beasley says:

    I am sohappy to see that he’s getting a lot of recognition. He seems like a very nice person, not stuck up at all. And what a beautiful smile (when he is smiling). I can honestly say I have never seen a horrible picture of him. He is perfect to a “T”!!


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