Alexander Skarsgård Reveals True Blood Season 6 Clues

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 26 - 201329 COMMENTS

s6spoilersEarlier this week, we posted some quotes from Alexander Skarsgård where he stated that for True Blood Season 6, Bill is back and that we can expect a big war.

Well, once again Alexander has given us some more clues about the upcoming season where we learn that the friendship between Eric and Bill seems to be no more:

We just started True Blood season six two weeks ago,” Alexander Skarsgård revealed to Skarsgård said that the Bill-Eric dynamic will be more explosive than ever in the new season. “Bill is kind of dangerous now, even for an old, strong vampire like Eric,” he tells us. “So he’s got to be real careful.”

So, it sure looks like Bill Compton is going to be very bad news this summer, especially for anyone who happens to oppose him according to And that vampire may very well be Eric Northman, who did everything in his power to try and dissuade Bill from falling under the trance that caused him to drink up all of Lilith’s blood. With his feelings about the Authority and vampire religion being what they are, it sure looks like things are not going to go well for the Viking vamp. Alexander explained that Bill may now be one of the few vampires out there who his character is genuinely afraid of.

And, for those of you who love either the Sookie/Eric or Sookie/Bill romances, it appears that neither Bill or Eric will be spending too much time pursuing Sookie Stackhouse in Season 6. Instead, Anna Paquin’s character has a new love interest, Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa).

We also know that Pam is likely to continue to pursue whatever it is that she started up with Tara during the season 5 finale, so presumably she will be busy and not able to help her maker Eric too much. But then, it is just as plausible that she and Tara will instead join forces with him in the battle?

Clearly much of this is speculation. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.



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29 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgård Reveals True Blood Season 6 Clues”

  1. Rowena says:

    The more I hear about Season 6 plans for Bill, the less happy I am. I’m not interested in Bill’s being a big bad vampire god; however, that appears inevitable. Maybe his role will change as the season progresses. Time will tell.


  2. Rowena says:

    I meant to add that I look forward to a continuation of the Pam-Tara dynamic. Their relationship was one of the best things about Season 5.


  3. Rina says:

    I have no idea what to expect for S6, but I can’t wait for June.


  4. Heather says:

    I just want Bill back to hes old way


  5. Ian D Bourne says:

    I am very displeased, not sure if I’ll watch this time around!


  6. M&M says:

    I’m glad that the buddy thing between Eric and Bill is over. It worked for a short period of time when it mutually benefited them, but they were never meant to be friends. I don’t mind a little Tara/Pam, but ultimately, I hope Tara ends up with Sam in the end. They have a lot in common and the connection was built between them over a few seasons, and hopefully with Luna dead (please let her exit the show), that can slowly happen. I’d like to see 1) Eric back with Pam some (with Tara included now) and 2) Lafayette gaining control of his powers (hopefully with some help from Jesus in that department).
    I really hope those last 2 things can happen, but from the sounds of things, season 6 may go farther off the rails than season 5 did. I hope not.


  7. louise says:

    I love the tv series of true blood. and a massive fan of the books, cant we have sexy Quin the were tiger join the show. many of my friends cant wait to have his character join and shake the series up


  8. Inokytoe says:

    I will take it any way I can get it. Love the show no matter what happens! I wish I were right in the middle of it! :)


  9. Warla Woo says:

    Was very dissapointed with Season 5 and how the whole story line with the AVL was! Not really looking forward to S6, but hopefully the storyline will progress, even though that’s highly unlikely! I’m a fan of both Series and books, but love how the books are turning out!


  10. amber says:

    do we know yet when season 6 starts im excited to see how it all plays out.


  11. Quinn says:

    I am so looking foreward to see what happens to Bill, Not too happy that Eric and Sookie wont likley be getting back together i really loved their dynamic relationship and It would be so great to see it stick to the books and see Eric and Sookie be together (but without the whole leaving her to be with that other woman). Can’t wait for S6 it’s gonna be awesome


  12. Davedavidson says:

    S1 was redioulously awesome for me, the show hit the ground running like crazy and the characters all fit together so well, the introduction of Bill and the supernatural kinda crept in. S2 was still epic, but the crap that happens to Tara was crazed, by S3 I was suprised either Tara or Lafayette weren’t dead.

    S4/S5 seemed like a mess to me, progressively getting worse… I thought the writers were kinda phoning it in- instead of “small town big problems” like I loved we’ve got all this redioulousl shit happening, I thought the werewolves were too much and we got “werepanthers”…
    The 1 year thing killed me!! All of a sudden both the Bill and Tara characters are so indistinguishable from their original they may as well have died.
    Honestly it feels like the writers are losing grip.


  13. vampgirl says:

    I’m a huge fan of book the books and the series. S4 was my least favorite for many reasons, but S5 came in with a bang and not a whimper. There are few things I would change. For S6, in addition to seeing Pam/Tara action, I want to see how Tara reacts to the fact that they have a sexual relationship but Pam is still her maker & will still say things to upset her. Tara will never have the upper hand & I wonder how she’ll feel about that. I look forward to the previous idea of putting them in battle together WITH Eric. I think once Tara realizes what she can REALLY do as a vamp, she will come to terms with it faster. Obviously w/ the sexual connection to her maker that’s beginning, she’s already figuring some things out.


  14. vampgirl says:

    What I REALLY want to see this season is Tara’s forgiveness of Sookie & Lala f9or what happened. If Tara is starting to find acceptance with what’s happened & is actually enjoying some of the parts of being a vamp, she needs to own up to them. Now that she’s a vamp, she has to be able to see that she would be dead right now if they hadn’t done what they’d done & how does she really feel about that now? I think she’ll enjoy being a vampire & I think she’ll be fierce like Pam. In the books Pam says she was “born for this”. I think Tara was too but doesn’t realize it yet.


  15. Sarah says:

    Wish they’d do more with human-vampire human-faerie symbiosis. I didn’t like season 5 much so out of the symbiosis motif created my own back story that realises the Ancient Egyptians successfully defeated the goddess of order Ma’at in order to create twin immortals: faeries out of the living and vampires out of the dead (20 years after death of Hapshepsut who would not have permitted such a transgression). Vampires can only reproduce through turning humans and faeries can only reproduce through sex with humans whom they harvest.So now in my story Holly defeats Bill by resurrecting the original order of Ma’at who can rebalance her scales if the faeries lose their powers and become human and Vampires lose their lives BUT can Sooki save the ones she loves as she releases her powers to Ma’at with a grain of sand tipping the scales?


  16. JoAnna says:

    I’ve never read the books but enjoy the tv series. Eric and Sookie have a fantastic chemistry that I was never able to get enough of. I’d love to see that continue into S6, but with this new guy I’m hoping they will at least give us Eric’s fantasies about her. :) His heartache is a beautiful thing to see–tortured, sexy Eric. A lot of the show has gotten kind of silly, but there is nothing quite as provocative as a man in love with a woman he can’t quite get a hold of. Alex plays that masterfully. I will tune in for no other reason than to see Eric portrayed by this beautiful human being.


    Sharon Reply:

    I agree with you Joanna – I will tune in JUST to see Eric portrayed by one of the sexiest men I’ve ever laid eyes on . Period.


    Nan Reply:

    Agree with Sara and JoAnna! Tortured Eric is played perfectly by the gorgeous Alexander!


    maya Reply:

    exactlyyy….i would love to see eric n sookie in love…n eric’s affection for her :)


    Kaila Reply:

    I agree with all of you :) I cant wait to see their relationship continue, and after Eric got his memory back will be interesting to see how their relationship will be. Cant wait for the S6 :)


  17. Dana says:

    I think it is kind of cruel from producers the way they finished Season 5 and let us wait so long for Season 6 to come. In my opinion each time new Season is released it gets better. I cannot wait for Season 6 to come.


  18. Diana says:

    omg !! em really excited to see what will happen .. i just cant wait anymore .. plz keep updating ..


  19. Sawsie says:

    I just wish this show would try to follow anything from the books at all. The people that make this show should talk to the guys that make Game of Thrones. The books are so much better than this crap, and the actors are great so they could be pulling off actual story instead of this bloodbath crap alternative universe they made.


  20. Unda says:

    “neither Bill or Eric will be spending too much time pursuing Sookie Stackhouse in Season 6″

    Seriously? Why am I even watching anymore? Season 5 was such a letdown in that respect and it had virtually none of what I’d signed up for in Season 1. And now they’re just gonna continue making things crazier and crazier… I know the show can’t stay the same and it needs to progress but this feels more like regressing to me.


  21. Neika says:



  22. Nikki says:

    All things considered… I knew from the beginning Bill couldnt stay the same forever… S5 came as a shock. Didnt see that coming at all… so i just hope eventually things calm a little like they were in S1..not completely die just calm a little: )


  23. Karla says:

    I just hope, that Eric and Sookie go back together again, I think, I don’t wath this season if they don’t back together…


    belen Reply:

    siiii!!!!!!!! muero por ver a Eric otra vez con Sookie!!! voy a seguir viendo las temporadas solo por eso!!


  24. maya says:

    please show us some eric sookie romance…. :)


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