Anna Paquin in the running to play William Tell’s Missus

Posted by Shadaliza On May - 7 - 20119 COMMENTS

Anna Paquin is in negotiations to play the wife of the Swiss folk hero William Tell. Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) is taking aim to portray the iconic archer. Fraser is in negotiations to star in what is being called William Tell: 3D, with German star Til Schweiger playing Habsburg king Hermann Gessler and Nick Hurran directing.

According to the legend William Tell is forced to shoot an apple on the top of his son’s head after not wanting to bow in front of the king’s statue. When the monarch inquires why Tell had two arrows in his quiver, the archer replied the other arrow was for the king in case he missed the apple. The ensuing events led to an uprising, eventually causing the formation of state of Switzerland.

Production is scheduled to start this fall in Romania and Switzerland.

Source: Hollywood Reporter – Photo credit Wireimage



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9 Responses to “Anna Paquin in the running to play William Tell’s Missus”

  1. Mel says:

    Those are great news, I use to love William’s legend when I was a child. I’m so happy to see that Anna is having great movie projects.


  2. Rowena says:

    Crossing my fingers for Anna. These sorts of films are right up my alley. I’m hoping she gets the role.


  3. willkill4Bill says:

    Sounds like it could be interesting. I have not seen a film about William Tell in a really long time.


    Toni Reply:

    Til Schweiger is very handsome, I wouldnt care if he plays the apple, I’d go.


  4. iamtrue2bill says:

    I am pretty ignorant of the Wm. Tell story, except for the apple shooting event. I would love to see a good film on the historical perspective. Very interesting. It would be great to see Anna in a major movie again.
    Shooting this fall? Uh, I hope that’s early fall.


  5. Anna is totally deserving of the role … she is such a fantastic actress!


  6. AphroditeMF says:

    William Tell is a great story, this could be an excellent project for Anna. I just hope that Brendan Fraser is able to drop all that excess weight he’s put on before they start production, haha!


    Mel Reply:

    He was seen hitting the gym for a couple of months, now we know why ;-)


  7. Cherie (DeSange) Durst says:



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