Anna Paquin to Joins cast of XMen – Days of Future Past

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 26 - 201310 COMMENTS

Anna PaquinAccording to a tweet by director Bryan Singer, True Blood’s Anna Paquin is confirmed to reprise her role of “Rogue” in the sequel to the X-Men reboot, “X-Men – Days of Future Past.”


See the tweet below:


Congratulations to Anna!


source: @BryanSinger on


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10 Responses to “Anna Paquin to Joins cast of XMen – Days of Future Past”

  1. Rowena says:

    Wonderful news! Big congratulations to Anna.


  2. Vicki says:



  3. callonmebill says:

    I’m very happy for Anna and looking forward to seening her again as “Rouge” in the X-men franchise.


  4. Liz86000 says:

    That’s great!!! I wish she would have some scenes with Hugh Jackman, I loved those two! Is he in the movie as well?


    Rina Reply:

    Yes. Can’t have an X-Men movie w/o Wolverine.


  5. Kja says:

    Awesome and congrats to Anna!


  6. AphroditeMF says:

    This is fantastic news! X-Men:Days of Future Past actually sounds like it could be the most geek-tastic movie ever made. For those who don’t know, it involves the X-Men of the future (Rogue, Wolverine etc.) living in a dystopian world where mutants are hunted by giant robots and incarcerated. The 1960s X-Men (including sex god Michael Fassbender as Magneto) are warned about this possible future… Cue time travel/alternate universe craziness!

    What’s also interesting is that in the X-Men comics, Magneto and Rogue have been romantically involved, since he is impervious to her powers.


  7. Lynnpd says:

    I’m very happy for Anna about her reprisal of Rogue, I remember her well in the part.

    I wonder how she is going to fit this into her busy True Blood schedule. According to IMDBpro, the film is in pre-production with a release in July 2014. Could her part be a small one, perhaps? And, since Sookie is blonde and Rogue is not, I wonder how they will do that. Will she wear a brown wig? It would be odd to have to wear a wig to get back to you own real hair color. Anybody have any thoughts on this?


    MC Reply:

    I read the XMDFP is going to star filmming in April, so probably in will last until july, that makes me belive that she is going to have a small/medium part in the future story with the rest of the “old” X-men. I don’t think Rogue is going to travel in time.

    Nowadays I heard her saying in numerous interviews she wanted to play Rogue again but only as an action character, and while promoting The Last Stand she was a bit disapointed ’cause she didn’t have to many things to do (which was true, when I left the teather I was very upset with the way Brett Ratner treated poor Anna and James Marsden characters). Plus Bryan was planning to give her Mrs Marvel powers in his X-Men 3. This makes me think that is highly possible that this time we’re going to have a great Rogue with some kick ass scenes, and if we’re lucky with Wolverine. Anna and Hugh have tons of chemistry ;) I don’t understand why they didn’t work together in other projects.

    As for her hair I’m going to put my money in a wing. In the other movies she dyed the streaks and her hair was so damaged with the peroxide that broke. With a color change it will be even worse.

    I very excited with this, I always loved her as Rogue and after all the problems she had with her last movies is going to be great to watch her in a theater again. Now I’m crossing my finger for Black Wings has my Angel, if it happens 2014 is going to be an epic year for her.

    Those were my thoughts. Do you agree or disagree?


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