Anna Paquin to star in ‘Black Wings Has My Angel’

Posted by Shadaliza On February - 11 - 20128 COMMENTS

Anna Paquin has signed up for ‘Black Wings Has My Angel’ that was recently picked up by Cargo Entertainment.

Alfonso Pineda Ulloa will direct from a script by Barry Gifford (Wild At Heart), Christopher Peditto and Ulloa based on Elliott Chaze’s noir novel from 1953.

The story is about an escaped convict and high-class call girl whose lives are changed by an armored car heist.

“We’ve received a great response to the script from the buyers” said Cargo president of distribution Mark Lindsay.

“It has it all; great writing, rich engaging characters and top-notch talent both in front and behind the camera,” added Marina Grasic, managing partner of Cargo.

The shoot will start in September for producers Christopher Peditto, Anthony Moody and Elijah Wood.



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8 Responses to “Anna Paquin to star in ‘Black Wings Has My Angel’”

  1. Carona says:

    good for you Anna I can`t wait to see you in all your projects soon . I wish her all the best of luck . I remember just yesterday when she won for the film The Piano great actress and film she definitely is the best at what she do . I love her acting she never disappoints . I am very happy for her and for her husband Stephen { vampire Bill ] they are a great couple


  2. Now this should be a really interesting film?


  3. Rowena says:

    This one sounds most interesting. Congratulations, Anna.


  4. Bills4me says:

    I’m sure Anna will be terrific in this. Looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out.


  5. KJA says:

    congrats to Anna! Looking forward to anything she is in


  6. typeoneg says:

    Very cool. Sounds like she’s getting more mature roles; I’m assuming she’s going to be playing the call girl.


  7. iamtrue2bill says:

    I am very happy to read about this. High priced call girl? Totally different role for Anna – great!

    I don’t recall this photo. Is it in our photo gallery? She looks lovely.


    Shadaliza Reply:

    It’s from the TB press conference last year.


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