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Blood Bytes: Favorite True Blood quotes – Episode 3.05 “Trouble”

Mary Jo (aka Skimom2) has provided her weekly list of the best True Blood quotes.

Yes, it seems that everyone is in or headed for ‘Trouble” in this episode. Tara with Franklin, Tommy with Joe Lee, Bill with Russell, Jason with Crystal, Sookie with Debbie, and now Sookie and Bill reunited with trouble following them as usual. It was a great episode filled with many humorous and “troublesome” lines….

Franklin to Tara– “Let me take you somewhere special for your last meal as a human.
There’s a Shoney’s in Vicksburg.
Tara to Franklin– “Oh, great!

Talbot to Tara– “Spicy! Who’s a pretty girl, your a pretty girl…..”

Talbot to Franklin– “You and your dusky little bloodbeast are totally at odds with my decor!”

Franklin to Tara– “Ignore him, he’s the cleaning lady!”

Talbot to Russell– “You’re not supposed to bring work home!”
Russell to Talbot (pointing at himself)– “Darling, King!”

Russell to Franklin- “The last time you had any real money you ended up with the slots in Beloxi slaughtering a church group of elderly woman.”
Franklin to Russell– “They wouldn’t let me have a turn!”

Franklin to Russell– “This one is spetacularly different. She’s such a fucking disaster, we could be twins! The attraction is electric!”

Russell to Franklin– ” Franklin, your a huge freak, but I like your work!”

Bill to Lorena– “You’ve played yourself into a corner you tiresome cow!”

Russell to Eric– I appreciate your courtesy, it’s very “old world”.
Talbot to Eric and Russell – Nobody has manners anymore, it was all so beautiful once”.

Talbot to Eric about Bill– “He’s not missing and he’s way to square to sell V”

Russell to Talbot– A King in front of them, and a Queen behind them and they’re talking about a human girl.
Talbot to Russell– “Men!”

Franklin to Tara– “Tara, watch how fast I type mother fucker!”

Jason- “I’m here to work”, Point me at the crime scene and let’s go get her”

Melinda to Joe Lee and Tommy– ” You all listen to Sam, he’s always got the good ideas!”

Terry to Sam– “I ain’t worried, I’ve never been so not worried. That’s what normal people do Sam. They fall in love, they make each other laugh, they move intogether, they raise kids, they get old
and fat together and it’s normal and it’s happening to me.”

Arlene to Sam when he congratulates her about Terry moving in – “I never thoughtit would happen again, and again, and again, and that other time, too!”

Sookie to Alcide– “Work with me Alcide, it gets easier!”

Tommy to Lafayette (while smoking cigars) – “I don’t care what they call it, it tastes like shit!”
Lafayette to Tommy– “Pussy!”

Crystal to Jason who doesn’t believe he’s a cop’ “Where’s your badge, where’s your gun, where’s your shirt?”

Hoyt’s date to Hoyt– ” I don’t eat much. I don’t want to get fat like my mama.”

Tommy to Jessica about Hoyt– ” He looked like he got bombed by radiation on his way to middle school.” That’s a giant 6th grade boy right there. He’s little league and your a smokin’ hot vampire in the majors.

Franklin to Tara– “Your afraid of me? That’s insane!”
Tara to Franlin- “but you tie me up?”
Franklin to Tara – “to keep you safe, what other reason could there be?”

Russell to Bill- “I think you’ve been playin trap the telepath!”

Lafayette to Jesus- “I can’t be lookin at folk with all that grease flyin around in the kitchen.”

Coot to Bill– “Your a little edgy batboy!”

Talbot to Lorena as she comes down the stairs to meet him and Eric– “Boys only!”

Tara to Franklin– We need to talk.
Franklin to Tara– Don’t say that. Whenever someone says that everything goes dark and I wake up surrounded by body parts.
Tara to Franklin– “You have to remember that I’m alive and I have needs, like food!”

Franklin to Tara– ” Let me take you somewhere special for your last meal. There’s a Shoney’s in Vicksburg.”
Tara to Franklin– ” Oh great!”