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True Blood Season 5 Fashion talk with costume designer Audrey Fisher

Posted by Shadaliza On September - 17 - 2012

Together with True Blood’s costume designer Audrey Fisher (@AudreyFish) we look back at some of the most remarkable costumes of season 5. What did the actors wear, who did they wear and why did they wear it?

Special thanks to Audrey Fisher for offering an insider look at the True Blood costumes and to Lisa for selecting the fashion picks.


From episode 5.07 and 5.08

Arlene the beautiful bride

Because Arlene had to be hugely pregnant on her wedding day, I needed to find a gown that would accommodate a big belly. I decided Arlene would go for a frothy romantic 70s look…and the popular empire waistline of that era that would help with the belly. We found this gown at a vintage shop, and because of the padded bra and belly, the alterations were minimal..and Arlene looked perfectly divine! – Audrey Fisher


Russell is back

I wanted to Russell to be back to his dangerous self, all cleaned up and ready to roll. So I chose a gorgeous black satin jacket by Sand which has beautiful red embroidered blooms scattered on it…and so the oxblood shirt matched those embroidered flowers. It seemed like an appropriately theatrical look for his resurrection. – Audrey Fisher


Tara works the pole

This wonderful vinyl ensemble comes straight from Hollywood Boulevard. We tried on lots of options, but this one was the best for her movement; she needed her arms, torso and legs exposed so she could work the pole, and it’s amazing to see Rutina’s beautiful body showcased in this look. I went for traditional black vinyl to create a strong contrast with Lettie Mae, who basically looks like an Easter Egg in comparison. – Audrey Fisher


Pam the queen of Fangtasia

This was an 80′s flashback look…We went with that amazing lioness hair, and Donna Mills makeup, and she’s sporting a vintage black leather Cavalli dress. Working with Kristin Bauer van Straten is dreamy…effortless, fun and inspiring! She’s the consummate professional, a total joy. And easy on the eyes! – Audrey Fisher


1900s Bill

I didn’t have time to custom build this costume, so I relied on rental pieces that we drastically altered. We did make the collar however, and I think it looks great. Stephen Moyer wears clothes so well, and innately understands how to move in period garments to make them seem totally right. – Audrey Fisher


Sam in plaid

Sam Trammell looks so incredible in blue plaid Western shirts…they are, of course, his character’s signature costume piece, but happily also totally flattering to his eyes, hair and physique! This is by Salt Valley, a brand from Urban Outfitters that I love and use all the time on the show. He’s wearing his trademark Merlotte buckle and Levis. So this is a totally iconic look…and yes he does look totally hot. – Audrey Fisher

True Blood Season 5 Fashion talk with costume designer Audrey Fisher

Posted by Shadaliza On September - 14 - 2012

Together with True Blood’s costume designer Audrey Fisher (@AudreyFish) we look back at some of the most remarkable costumes of season 5. What did the actors wear, who did they wear and why did they wear it?

Special thanks to Audrey Fisher for offering an insider look at the True Blood costumes and to Lisa for selecting the fashion picks.


From episode 5.06

Swoosh polo Roman

Alan Ball scripted this outfit: Golf clothes. Hilarious! So I just went for Power Golf Attire…Nike. Of course. And Chris is such a hunk, it was a pleasure to encase him in this tight, bright blue golf polo; then of course Nike high-concept fashion golf-pants (charcoal with a white windowpane, very elegant), and the new-fangled Nike version of old school golf saddle shoes. – Audrey Fisher


Faery Claude and Claudette

All the faeries are wearing such wonderful eclectic outfits, a real pastiche of rentals, vintage finds, and clothes and accessories from shops large and small all over LA, and it was such fun to design these looks! Claude is in a hot pink vintage vest rented from one of our local costume houses, along with some vintage and contemporary jewelry, and also vintage blue men’s slacks. I found the wonderful skinny sequined scarf at some store downtown. I love how it sparkles in the light. Claudette is wearing an adorable little red and hot pink striped Moroccan vest that was rented as well; a pink rose cocktail hat with luscious bought at a vintage shop; a mix of vintage and contemporary jewels; a sexy black bra; adorable little black satin tap pants with a little rose pattern from Jonquil; and of course sexy thigh high fishnets, high strappy heels and little mits! – Audrey Fisher


Salome in black

This is a stunning dress from Black Halo. Salome is always aware of her sexual power, so even this black dress has an incredibly seductive silhouette, and emphasizes all of Salome’s assets. I chose black because I felt Salome was showing deference and respect to Roman, who seems to be her lord and master…but dark plans are unfolding…and Salome is deeply religious, but also very political, vampire. – Audrey Fisher

True Blood Season 5 Fashion talk with costume designer Audrey Fisher

Posted by Shadaliza On September - 5 - 2012

Together with True Blood’s costume designer Audrey Fisher (@AudreyFish) we look back at some of the most remarkable costumes of season 5. What did the actors wear, who did they wear and why did they wear it?

Special thanks to Audrey Fisher for offering an insider look at the True Blood costumes and to Lisa for selecting the fashion picks.


From episode 5.05

Bartender Tara – strapless beaded corset

I started from the basic backstory that Pam is dressing Tara from out of her amazing closet. And maybe she pulled out a few choices and then let Tara pick; she didn’t let Tara just run amuck in there! Tara’s favorite color is purple, and she’s been stuck in this bloody coral tank, denim shirt and jeans for she went for something sexy, flashy and vampy! We made this in house, piecing together 2 different corsets, because I really wanted that specific length and line. And we had to make one for Rutina’s stuntwoman too, of course! I think she looks fierce, and I really wanted a jaw-dropping costume for this first moment of Baby Vampness. – Audrey Fisher

Salome – Deep Blue/Purple fitted dress, plunging neckline

I wanted to use very rich jewel tones on Salome, to hearken back to her royal history, and also because Valentina looked so lovely in those tones. This curvy, feminine dress, which has a 1940s meets 1980s vibe, fit her like a glove, and the pop of color was perfect in the muted world of the AHQ; she looks powerful, seductive, perfect. Like a smart, luscious trophy wife with a will of steel and an agenda. This is a French Connection dress, which is inspired by a Black Halo dress; Black Halo is in turn inspired (I think) by the amazing couture designer Roland Mouret. – Audrey Fisher

Jessica – Cheetah print pants, t-shirt and fitted jacket

I wanted Jessica to really play with sassy hot vampy looks this season, so this is her Rocker Look. Also I needed to give her (and her stuntwoman) coverage for the very aggressive fight that she gets into with Tara. I went with a brown leather jacket from Zara; Tara was in black leather and so I went softer for Jess. The T. Rex rocker tee is from Urban Outfitters. And the amazing leopard print jeans are from Robin’s Jeans…they fit her perfectly and have a lot of stretch for all that action. And then of course she wore some hot pink suede high-heeled booties, cuz Jess is such a girly girl at heart. And it’s fun to have a girl fight in heels. – Audrey Fisher


True Blood Season 5 Fashion talk with costume designer Audrey Fisher

Posted by Shadaliza On September - 3 - 2012

Together with True Blood’s costume designer Audrey Fisher (@AudreyFish) we look back at some of the most remarkable costumes of season 5. What did the actors wear, who did they wear and why did they wear it?

Special thanks to Audrey Fisher for offering an insider look at the True Blood costumes and to Lisa for selecting the fashion picks.


From episode 5.03

Salome the seductress dressed in black lace

“I designed this dress, and it was built by our seamstresses. It is a black lace embellished with bugle beads, with long sleeves and a full train. Salome is wearing a black silk corset and slip underneath…I thought it looked stunning against the industrial set.” – Audrey Fisher


Jessica looking peachy

“This dress is Bebe. The script descibed a “band aid of a dress,” so I went with this fleshy peach color, and tried to find the tiniest dress I could. I think the color and the style both work to make Jessica seem sweet, sexy and vulnerable when she becomes unhinged by the delicious fairy smell of Claude.” – Audrey Fisher

Did you see that cute Pink Crowned Heart t-shirt that Jessica was wearing in the True Blood Finale? It’s from Lucky 13 and available in their online shop.

True Blood Jessica t-shirt

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Five Fangtastic Favorites for True Blood season Five…with One being the highest Favorite.

The following fashion choices are based on the comments that have been posted by fans on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s an overall judgment from social medias out there as well as a personal view too.

Audrey Fisher is True Blood’s costume Designer.

How wonderful was the fashion during the last three episodes of season Five of True Blood. The selection was abundant with texture and color and two characters in particular showing their presence twice in two episodes.


True blood
Episode 5:10 – Rosalyn
A new look for a new Authority, how stunning is counselor Rosalyn in royal blue chiffon with plunging V neckline, the jewelry and gorgeous sweeping hair reflective of the power within.

Episode 5:11 – The Elder
I love this dress, the shimmer and shine so pretty in the light. The gathering at the bust gives the dress flight and movement during this particular scene. I am sure you agree that the hair, makeup and jewelry were absolutely amazing.

Episode 5:12 – Lafayette
Color and Lashes on a totally new level, Lafayette is coming back from the depths of despair and letting loose with Rosy Peach Lace and beads, Sunshine Yellow Du Rag and luscious lips ready for anything, including delicious cocktails! Yum.



True Blood

Episode 5:10 – Tara
Tara looks absolutely stunning in black with a crop jacket that has amazing texture and color, metal madness with matching jewelry and attitude brilliant work with this outfit.

Episode 5:11 – Nora
The world she once knew is changing around her and this rich burgundy slant dress with peep slot arms is both elegant and alluring.

Episode 5:12 – Sookie
Sookie is beautiful in this dress, a beautiful beaded bolero gorgeous flowing hair and natural toned lips.



True Blood

Episode 5:10 – Maurella
The dress says it all, pregnant Maurella has a beautiful bump and a stunning glow within this spaghetti strap bohemian style dress, matching jewelry and flowing hair.

Episode 5:11 – Tara
Leopard Print pants, black top, charcoal two toned jacket, off the shoulder hair tied up in a ponytail, amazing.

Episode 5:12 – Maurella
Free flowing to the knee dress with amazing boho print, crush free texture material, elegant for pregnancy and to add to the effect cowgirl boots, Incredible!



True Blood

Episode 5:10 – Tara
How cool is Tara in this electric blue vinyl jacket, sexy tight black bustier and tight pants to match. An amazing transformation for an amazing character that was once wearing cut off jean shorts and colorless tops, Tara is moving on up!

Episode 5:11 – Pam
Pam has incredible taste in fashion and this dress is no exception to the rule, belt type accents with a diamond neckline, tight waistline and vinyl gloves…divine!

Episode 5:12 – Salome
The ritual is about to commence and Salome has adorned herself in a long flowing white Goddess Gown, a slit at the back and one on the neckline elegance in its purest form.



True Blood

Episode 5:10 – Pam
Pam suits any color on any given day but today she wears White Leather profound beauty in studded sophistication.

Episode 5:11 – Pam
Gorgeous deep burgundy, form fitting, black strapped backing and high waist dress with long black chiffon gloves. The hair amazing in style and performance…I love the cute flick in the front.

Episode 5:12 – Salome
Salome is featured in a free flowing, strapless purple dress that equates to that of a Deity in luxurious living and purpose.

Fangtastic Fashion Favorites – True Blood Episode 5.09

Posted by Lisa Eden On August - 16 - 2012

Five Fangtastic Favorites for True Blood season Five…with One being the highest Favorite.

The following fashion choices are based on the comments that have been posted by fans on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s an overall judgment from social medias out there as well as a personal view too.

Audrey Fisher is True Blood’s costume Designer.

A little late this week, The Vault’s staff is trying to enjoy a little vacation as well.

What were your favorite outfits of episode 5.09? Post about it in the comments.


#5 Sookie

How great is the kitten printed attire that Sookie has in this season of True Blood? First it was the lemon printed sweat suit that we saw Vampire Pam borrow and now this great number in purple.  Love it!


#4 Claudeen

How gorgeous is Claudeen in this amazing Faery outfit?  I enjoy everything the Fae girls and guys wear its colorful and entertaining.  The jewelry matches the look with sparkle layers under a black and white robe so sassy!


#3 A new Sheriff

The authorities are changing it up and the drinks are on the new Sheriff of area five.  Antarctic blue eyes and deadly locks that entice the new Sheriff has enough confidence to throw Pam to the ground and sport a racy attire of tight leather pants, black pinstripe shirt and jacket.  A different approach to the job than that of Mr Northman.


#2 Nora

Convinced that her whole existence is within a small vial of blood believed to have come from Lilith, Nora sits in meditation by the shrine.   During a visit from Eric we see Nora in a gorgeous floor touching, waist hugging purple dress with a gathered neckline and leg slits on her left and right legs.  Remarkably romantic and captivating I look forward to seeing Nora in the next episode.


#1 Pam

True Blood is scarce and Pam is keeping an eye out on those wanting a little more action than is legally allowed, under the old Authority.  The new authority have appointed a new Sheriff and Pam is dressed in a hot red corset open oval neckline, long lace sleeves and crimped hair.  A look worthy to hold the number one spot I hope she can do it again next week!

I had been to see a panel on Friday at Comic Con titled Designing for the Undead which consisted of costume designers guild members Chrisi Karvonides (costume designer, American Horror Story, Carnivale), Audrey Fisher (costume designer, True Blood), and Alexander Welker (costume designer, Grimm) and costume illustrator Imogene Chayes (True Blood, American Horror Story) who talked about creating all those costumes for the great paranormal television characters we know and love.

At the Comic-Con Media, Culture and Design Panel- Friday, July 13, 2012.


Watch the video I took while attending the panel at Comic Con.

I had already contacted Audrey Fisher about doing an interview and after the panel, I went up to her to set a time to talk together. I met with her at her hotel on Sunday, July 15 in the morning and it was a delightful interview. I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but I found her to be, just like everyone else on True Blood, extremely giving and kind. I enjoyed our talk together and was very flattered that she asked me to her room where I could meet her friends and where she could give me some photos to use for The Vault’s charity efforts.


Below is my interview with the lovely Audrey Fisher.


How did you get into the business?
I was just sitting and talking with someone on Friday, at the signing before our panel and I realized that I have been doing this for 20 years. I designed my first show in NY in 1992.

Audrey with some of her True Blood designs on display.


Did you go to school for this or was it something you just fell into?
I went to theater school and that’s why I was in New York. I went to NYU, Tisch in the department of performance studies which is this very esoteric major that sort of mixes sociology, theology, and performance, theater studies and everything all mixed together. It’s a very brainy program and a lot of theory and not a lot of theater making. So what happened is that I thought I wanted to be a dramaturge, a German term, or the Germans developed it. It’s sort of like the person in a theater production is kind of like the editor; that’s what I thought I wanted to be.

A dramaturge or dramaturg is a professional position within a theatre or opera company that deals mainly with research and development of plays or operas. Its modern-day function was originated by the innovations of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, an 18th-century German playwright, philosopher, and theorist about theatre.

Obviously it’s an even more specialized field and really, theater in America is very different from theater in Germany. So, I was going to this very erudite program but while I was there, I started needing to do things with my hands and I’ve always done costumes on the side. One of my colleagues was a German woman, and a director, and she did a production of Medea and she saw these crazy hats I was making in an art class and she asked me to do the costumes. It totally made sense because my mom and I used to make things in the garage and I was always sewing and making stuff for my dolls and we were always putting on little shows, so there was this tradition in my family of making things and making costumes, so it felt completely natural and I started doing it then and fell for it, hard.


How did you get the job on True Blood?
That was the most amazing situation. I had been working by then for over a dozen years in the industry, doing costuming. I started in New York in ‘92 and I did a bunch of small theater pieces there and then I went to Europe and did a couple of operas and some theater. Then, I came back to New York and did some bigger productions there and then I moved back to LA and became a resident design assistant at the Taper.  I started doing various jobs there where I met Merlina Root, she was doing a show at the Taper. She is the designer of “That 70’s Show” and “Twenty Good Years” and “3rd Rock from the Sun.” So I assisted her in theater and she said what are you doing in theater, you should come and work in TV, and I said OK and I hadn’t even thought of it. She hired me on “That 80’s Show,” and I assistant designed with her.  Then, she hired me onto “That 70’s Show” and during that show when we were wrapping, Danny Glicker came and wanted to buy the stock for the movie, “We Are Marshall.” He and I totally hit it off and he hired me to be his assistant designer on that movie, “We Are Marshall.”  At that time, Danny’s career was taking off and Alan Ball asked him to do “Towelhead” and then asked him to do True Blood. So Danny was the first designer for True Blood,’ he designed the first two episodes. Then, we had the writer’s strike and Danny suggested I take over because he was going to go on to do the movie, “Milk” and no one knew what was going to happen.  So, he basically said to Alan and the Producers, “Audrey loves the show, knows the show, I trust her implicitly, she’s great, so what if she took over.” I never thought of it, it’s like a dream when an assistant sort of gets kicked upstairs like that. Now, it’s my baby. The minute I got it I thought, Oh My God, this is my big moment.

Different Sookie Looks

What’s fun about your job?
Everything is fun about it. I am kind of hyper and love everything we have to handle every day. I love the multi-tasking, and I love the pace. Sometimes when I wake up and I’m really tired, and I say to myself, I just can’t, then I remember what I have to do today. Hmmm, I have a fitting with Alexander Skarsgård, I have to outfit a bunch of faeries and then, I have to deal with this huge blood rig and then, I have to see Anna for a fitting, so I say, OK, I’m getting up now. So, even on my worst day, I remember this incredible thing that I get to do and I get paid for it.


Suzuki Ingerslev, True Blood’s set designer, told me that she doesn’t have the incredible pace that you have to deal with; is this true?
It makes sense when you look at the amount of bodies and details on the bodies vs. the production design. They have a set and all the beautiful details, but they have one set and it’s a numbers game. I have to deal with physical people; underwear and socks, and rings, and earrings.  And then there are ear allergies and wool allergies and, “I don’t like this neckline” and “I look terrible in this color” and “I like this brand of underwear.” There are just so many details and with production design it doesn’t have that element, so that just adds a lot of time to my docket.


I liked when you said Kristin was your Barbie Doll.
She is. She is physically a dream in terms of putting clothes on her body. That’s pretty extraordinary with the cast; they’re all so extraordinary, they are amazing.

Kristin Bauer van Straten as Audrey’s Barbie Doll


How much advance notice do you have to find items, like finding the Wal-Mart outfit and the onesies for Jason, etc?
The jammies were a total build; we made those from scratch since they just don’t exist.

And they were a huge hit.
Yes, and Angela Robinson wrote that, she wrote “he man onesie” and I was like OK, because I can’t like just call the “He man onesie store” and order it in a man size, we just made it up. Those are challenges that the writers sort of toss up that I’m happy to be able to satisfy.

It just depends, what I try to do is sort of hoard items and if I’m out shopping and I see things I like, I just buy it, I buy six of it.  Then, I have it ready to go and a lot of times, that works out. Because I’m always thinking about the color palettes and the silhouettes and scanning out in the world. Even now,when I’m out in the world it’s so hard for me to shut off the shopping because I’m think, “oh, that will be great for this and that would be great for that,” so, I’m constantly thinking that way.

In the beginning of the season it’s best because we get like two scripts and then we get a bunch of synopsis so we try to front load and we see stuff that’s coming up and we can prep for it.

Kristin Bauer van Straten in Wal-Mart Sweatsuit

Ryan Kwanten in HeMan Onesie

Do you get synopsis for the whole season?
No, usually we get 2 – 3 scripts and a couple of synopsis at a time. However, you can’t work too far ahead on a synopsis because things change, so you don’t put too much effort into it. But that’s when my relationship with the writer’s room comes in handy because I can say, “Is this going to stay?”


Have you had that happen where something has been changed radically at the last minute?
I can’t think of something where it’s been that radical, but things have fallen away that we’ve started to prep for, but we’ve sort of hit a balance now where we don’t ever go too far ahead because we don’t want to waste money and time; we don’t have it to waste, so we try to keep it tight.


What costumes in season 5 required the most from you?
Oh, the Faery Club because we had to dress all of them. The same thing with 1905, the whore house, but the faery club took a long time for us to get to the articulation of the design.

By the time we got it we only had two weeks to manufacture all the costumes before it was on camera, so it was really high pressure and went into overdrive. We hired a whole second team of seamstresses, assistant designers, shoppers. PA’s and costumers, so we had a whole secondary costume shop working. We had to fit a 100 people and we had to get two changes on most of them because we knew we wouldn’t have those resources again. We knew we needed to bang it out so we’d be ready for future scenes that we didn’t know about. We wanted to make sure that each faery had a closet that we could rely on so we would know for example, she has another bra, she has another crown, she already has another selection of jewelry so that for the next time around we could pull out something and wouldn’t be stuck.

The Faery Club

It’s amazing too because that scene wasn’t really that long even though a very important scenes.
I think for every department it’s a heartbreak when we don’t have the camera lovingly dwell on each thing, but of course there’s so much packed into each episode, they have to edit so tightly so, those long lingering shots, the wide shots, often end up on the cutting room floor because they have to get to the action. And, people want to see the actors close up and their reactions. I actually was very satisfied with how much we saw the faeries this season.


And Hadley looks so cute in that scene with the little crown on her head.
She’s so adorable and cute.

Hadley – Lindsey Haun


How’s the budget? Do you have to work with little or do you think you have enough to do what you need to do?
That’s one thing about having started from the beginning you can look back. I recently was sorting through some files and found my season 1 files and noticed that the budget has doubled. I was laughing. My first episode that I designed of Season 1, episode 3, the cast list wasn’t long and the budget is half of what it is now. I took it into my supervisor, who is sort of like the project manager, and we laughed so hard because now the cast list is like 20 principles and 20 day players, so we laughed about that.

I’m not interested in wasting money or spending a lot for doing something I could do for less. It’s always a balance between time and money; that’s it. It’s just a continuum. I simply can’t afford very expensive designs, for example, I can’t shop at Saks Fifth Avenue all the time. I can do so occasionally though, if I find something on sale for say, Pam.


But, also it is Bon Temps?
I do have that interesting split and I think that the reason I could be on budget is because half the people’s [costumes], I can get out of Good Will, out of Kohl’s or JC Penney’s which we have done over the years, but then, where I spend the money is on Chris Meloni and Anna. This season, Anna had to have a lot of different options as her pregnancy advanced. As she got bigger, there was a lot of work we had to do to make sure she was comfortable, a lot of different sizes of everything, a lot of different choices. I had to reserve my main funds for the top ten [cast members] and of course, the vampires. Especially this season  their clothes were very high end so I had to make sure I had the money for that.

But, still I do a lot of tricks. A lot of the dresses that I find are knock offs of designer stuff, like the purple dress that Salome just wore. That beautiful curvy dress, that’s a knock off of a very expensive designer actually, Roland Mouret and then, Black Halo knocked him off and then, French Connection knocked Black Halo off. So, it looks like a very expensive designer dress, but it’s actually French Connection, which I think was maybe under $200. That’s how I can do it because things are knocked off so quickly now, allowing me to give the impression of a very luxurious costume when in fact it’s affordable for the budget.

We kind of thought that True Blood would go on for another year. I personally would like it to go on forever, but yesterday, at the True Blood Panel, Alan said that it could go on for many years, so I presume you’ll be there until the end. What would you like to do when it does end?
I’m just starting to think about it and the future. Obviously season 6 is happening and I’m there, but for me the key is the interesting and amazing scripts. I’d love to travel, go on location, and do a film. The thing I think would be hard for me would be to do something that is really bare bones because that requires so much work on the designers part, it’s like sweat equity. I think that would be hard to do because I’m used to a really logical and efficient way of working. Therefore, I would have to find something that was logical and efficient because I don’t think I could go back to stuff that’s so poorly funded that you’re not really spending the money you really need to make it look right. And that doesn’t have to be a lot, but I feel like I want to work on productions that are smart, savvy and then have an incredible script.


Do you have any aspirations to go back to the stage?
You know the thing about the stage is that I haven’t been able to afford to go back because, at least the productions I used to do, the pay is really low.


Well, that’s fine because we like you in TV and, HBO specifically. It seems they are very supportive, is that true?
Yes, it’s an incredible company, especially when I’m here (Comic con), and I see the way that they support me as a designer representing the show vs. colleagues from other shows. For example, they produced this incredible handout with a sketch of Jessica. I hired a sketch artist, my sketch artist Imogene, and they tiled together some stills and it’s this beautiful 8-1/2 x 11″ and it has True Blood on it and I signed it and Deborah Ann also signed it.

Below is the photo Audrey talks about above. She gave me a small pile from her inventory for use in our fundraising. I so enjoyed talking with her and learning more about the costume designer’s job and the process.  I have the utmost respect for the designers and those who work on this show making it even a better experience.

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

Fangtastic Fashion Favorites – True Blood Episode 5.08

Posted by Lisa Eden On August - 5 - 2012

Five Fangtastic Favorites for True Blood season Five…with One being the highest Favorite.

The following fashion choices are based on the comments that have been posted by fans on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s an overall judgment from social medias out there as well as a personal view too.

Audrey Fisher is True Blood’s costume Designer.

What were your favorite outfits of episode 5.08? Post about it in the comments.


#5 Jessica

Dancing seductively and with passion Jessica is looking hot and Fangtasia worthy. A tight black mini dress, mesh gloves, black boots and rock style hair Jessica is a vamp set for the a fun night.

True Blood Jessica


#4 Sam

Determined on finding the culprit that is shooting the Supes in Bon Temps, Sam stands poised in the corner observing Sheriff Andy Bellefleur question a suspect.  The lighting on Sam’s skin was amazing in this scene and that belt buckle was metal worthy with jeans and a plaid top to match he looks cowboy yum.

True Blood Sam


# 3 Pam

Oriental Queen Pam sits on her throne overlooking her minions and her progeny.  How fabulous can one get? with chop stick hair wrapped up in a bun and a diamond neckline, black mini and fishnets more delicious than Udon noodles! Amazing.

True Blood Pam


# 2 Tara

China town is let loose in Fangtasia and Tara looks amazing in her oriental red and black dress with black corset and stunning arm gloves. Lovely to see Pam’s influence is striking a cord with Tara behind the bar.

True Blood Tara


# 1 1910 Bill

Absolutely stunning.

1900’s Bill Compton in a suit and vest with burgundy cravat absolutely gorgeous. Such a sullen face for a terrible circumstance that lays with his child, but such a stunning outfit.

True Blood Bill


Kristin Bauer reveals story behind impressive Pam hairdo

Posted by Shadaliza On July - 31 - 2012

In an interview with Elle Kristin Bauer talks about the impression hairdo she sported in episode 5.07.

Wasn’t that astounding? It was a real story because the costume designer Audrey Fisher dressed me in that vintage black Roberto Cavalli leather dress. And we thought, “What hair could possibly do justice to this incredible outfit?” So we Googled “Roberto Cavalli,” and we saw that crimped hair style, which is probably from the ’90s or something. I emailed the hair stylist, and she pulled out a crimping hair tool.
The hair styling department thought I was nuts! They told me it would take too long to do, but I told them I thought it would be worth it. They considered using a wig, and I advised them not to. I knew we would be asked about it. It took an hour and a half to do. I loved it. Out of the entire season, that hair was the first time that the guys on set and the crew were interested in me again! I was a sex-amator.

Read the complete interview at Elle.


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