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Billsbabes Day 2013 is off to a great start, but we have much more to come. Our next item up for auction is this True Blood Season 2 poster of Bill. This is the 11″ x 17″ size and perfect for framing.

Season 2 had some great promotional posters that the fans adored and this poster is even better because Stephen Moyer personally signed it as is shown in the photo below.

All proceeds from the auction of this poster will go to Billsbabes Day 2013 in support of the Stephen Moyer Kids Theater Fund at the Brentwood Theatre.

Check out the listing on eBay and place your bid to help the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre fund by clicking here: True Blood Season 2 EBay Auction to place your bid! Not only will you get a great signed item as a keepsake, but you will be helping out a great cause.


Look What’s Coming up for Auction for Billsbabes Day

Posted by Lynnpd On April - 14 - 2013

The Billsbabes are an extremely artistic bunch who can be very creative in finding new ways to present Stephen Moyer in new and beautifully crafted ways. Later this week, the drawings below will be presented in new auctions at our Bid ‘n Buy Charity Shop to benefit the Stephen Moyer Theater Kids Fund at the Brentwood Theatre. The original drawings shown below where created by two very gifted artists, Bea and AnimaEterna who have been kind enough to donate their work for our Billsbabes Day fundraiser.

These first two beautifully crafted drawings of Stephen as Bill Compton were created by Bea who’s work can be seen here.


And this lovely drawing of Stephen swimming at Venice Beach was done by Anima Aeterna who has her work displayed here.


Be sure to check back later this week for these auctions and, in the meantime, check out the current crocheted items for sale at the shop by clicking on the button below.



And, for more info about Billsbabes Day 2013 visit the dedicated page.

Stephen Moyer sends his thanks for the baby and birthday wishes

Posted by Shadaliza On October - 13 - 2012

The card to congratulate Anna and Stephen with the birth of their twins has been sent to them and should arrive any day now. The card was signed by loyal fans who all made a donation to Facing the World in honor of the newborns, together we donated 918 BPS (1475 USD). Big thanks to all who participated.

We wrote to Stephen telling him to be on the look out for the card and how much was raised for the organization that is so close to his heart, and we received the following message from him:

Thank you as ever for everything you do.
The baby shower donations, the birthday wishes, the everything..
It is all much appreciated.
Sending you all my love.
Moya x

These are images of the outside and inside of the congrats card.

Ringcon fan experience by Kristin Wurst aka krissyma

Posted by Lynnpd On October - 16 - 2011

Kristin Wurst is a guess reporter for The Vault and a member our forum.  She attended the Ringcon Convention in Germany this past weekend and below  is her report of the event.

Since I am a True Blood fan I had dreamt about meeting some of the fabulous actors from my favorite TV show. I live in Germany and all the Cons in US and Great Britain so far away. And, I also heard about many of the Cons are big with thousands of fans making for overcrowded autograph sessions and you don’t really get to meet the stars. Ringcon in Germany is different. When I was told that I thought: ‘Are you kidding’? Why different?

But I should start about the history of Ringcon. Ten years ago Ringcon has started for the fandom of Lords of the Rings only. It changed over the years to a multiple fantasy convention and many other fandoms were added like Harry Potter, Blood Ties, Xena, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and finally True Blood this year.

When I learned that Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Allen Hyde and Mariana Klaveno would attend, I got my Gold Ticket and, even finally a press card. However, what a bummer it was that Mariana Klaveno’s attendance was later cancelled.

When I arrived Friday morning I had to hurry to get my tickets and attend the press conference. First it seemed Allan would appear for the Press, but suddenly his name plate was taken off without an explanation. Anyway it was a funny and informative press conference with some actors of Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Xena and Lord of the Rings.

Afterwards, I went to my hotel room but I didn’t waste time and quickly returned to the lobby of the hotel. The Maritim Hotel in Bonn is a great place for a convention. Screens informed us about panels, workshops, photo sessions, fan activities, exhibitions and lectures and many more. Sometimes it was hard to decide what to attend. The first important thing I learned was that nothing is certain except change. And there were lots of changes in the schedule. At this time I met a fellow Billsbabe Anne aka “AlwaysBill.” It was her third time at Ringcon and she was a good teacher and guide through my first day.

On Friday afternoon I decided to do my first photo session with a True Blood star – Allan Hyde. We waited about 45 minutes in line. I was very excited and nervous and then we rushed in and the photo was taken and, without a blink, you were out again. I guess I forgot to breathe at this time.

Allan is such a cute and funny guy. I looked forward to seeing him later during his panel and I was not disappointed. Allan entered the stage and performed some lines of the song ‘Bad Things’ for us. What a blast. He answered some questions from the fans and told the story how he got the casting call from Allan Ball. Two months before he finished high school, he left Denmark to begin his role as Godric. Allan Hyde never earned his high school degree, but it doesn’t look like Allan regrets it. He loves living in LA, but he also likes to be back in Europe. He was asked which supernatural he would like to be if he could choose, and he answered ‘a shapeshifter – especially to be the fly on the wall’. Allan Hyde surprised as with song lines of a popular German band ‘Die Prinzen’ – in perfect German! He joked around and 45 Minutes went by quickly.

Because of the variety of fandom many fans attended the Con in costumes of their favorite actors and TV show. We walked around and had a glimpse to the traders of all the little things fans need to be happy.

Late at night the fans was invited to join a Ball. The theme was ‘Fantasy Night’ and I saw a lot of people in wonderful costumes. However, I had to quit because I had gotten up at 5am in the morning, and I was done.

The second day (Saturday) started with a first surprise at breakfast. Two tables next to me Patrick Brennan of Twilight was enjoying his breakfast. This was not the first time I said to myself, “it was a good decision to come to Ringcon.” But, it gets better. When I went to take my camera and other stuff to my room, I had a short peek of my favorite shapeshifter on my hotel floor. Guess who! Sam Trammell was there! Now I was really excited. After 10am Sam’s panel took place. In all of the panels I sat in the sixth row and had a good overview to the stage. Sam entered the stage and the fans cheered, as in all True Blood panels. Sam is a decent and friendly guy. I love him as Sam Merlotte also as Sam Trammell! He talked about filming and how funny it is. Especially about one sex scene with Rutina Wesley in a former season. Six o’clock in the morning on set, having a coffee, talking to Rutina and then suddenly someone said: ‘Ok, take your clothes off. We are filming a sex scene now.’ Sam was really funny and we laughed a lot. He answered another question ‘What changed his life more, True Blood or the birth of his twins? ‘Of course, the twins’ he answered and he was joking about getting up at night and it was nice to see how proud he is of his two boys. After the panel, we had a photo session with Sam and then I was a proud owner of two pics with True Blood actors.

I heard rumor that Nelsan Ellis hadn’t arrived yet and I was afraid he didn’t come. The autograph session took place at 2pm and when Anne and I entered the huge hall we saw Allan and Sam but no Nelsan. At this time, I read on twitter he was picked up at the airport two hours ago. Great!

A little story in the story: A few weeks ago we had a Billsbabe Day on Several Billsbabes raised money for the ‘Facing the Atlantic’ charity. A Swedish Billsbabe Sara aka Parise knitted socks and donated the money to FTA. Anne had the idea Sara should knit socks for Sam’s twins and send them to her in Germany. So they did – we had a nice gift bag with some things in it but most important the cute socks in colors of True Blood! We went to his table and Anne told Sam the story of these baby socks and Sam was very pleased and surprised. I took photos and Sam was really kind and talked with us for about five minutes. Anne got a special ‘Thank you’ autograph for Sara. What a nice guy!


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A few weeks ago, our own Billsbabe, TypeONeg, attended a book signing by Charlaine Harris in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the launch of her most recent Sookie Stackhouse book, “Dead Reckoning”. Below is her account of the evening.

It’s been unseasonably cool here in SE Michigan, temps dropping into the low 50′s, as the Dead Reckoning book tour made its final stop in Ann Arbor.  Charlaine Harris joked that, with her new book coming out in late Spring, ”I thought, ‘Great; the weather will be warm’.”  At least we didn’t greet her with snow, like Denver.

I arrived about an hour before the 7:30 pm start time, and snagged an aisle seat about 5 rows back.  The main floor of the Michigan Theater, a popular local venue for films and concerts, was nearly full, unusual for a mere book signing.  The crowd reminded me a bit of Paleyfest; young to middle-aged, largely female, lively and boisterous at times, with most likely as many book followers as True Blood fans.

Affable and charmingly Southern, Charlaine made some brief remarks, telling how her career as the author of the moderately successful Harper Connelly and Lily Bard mystery series took off big-time when she found a publisher willing to take a chance on the Sookie Stackhouse mix of small-town Southern gothic and sex.  She said that she has plans for only one or two more books in the series, wanting to leave it on a “high note.”

Then the Q & A started; about a dozen of us quickly lined up for the microphone.  When my turn came, I asked something I’m certain she’s heard before, namely:  who was her favorite character on the show who didn’t appear, or played only a minor part, in the books?  Without hesitation, she said, “Jessica.”  We both agreed Deborah Ann was lovely, and did a wonderful job with the part.  As I had expected, an Alexander Skarsgård fan in the crowd tried to pin Charlaine down as to whether she was “Team Bill or Team Eric?”  She deftly side-stepped the question, noting that, while each one had his good points, they were both un-dead, so “not her type”.  She talked about the up-coming “Sookie Companion”, due out in August, which sounds like a must-have for fans of the books and the show. Also of interest to me, she mentioned that she receives advance or preview copies of the show (lucky woman!).  Although asked, she absolutely wouldn’t say anything about the upcoming season of the show, except that it involved “witches”.  Duh!

Charlaine Harris with TypeOneg at Ann Arbor book signing


After the Q & A, we all hustled out to the lobby to get our books signed.  The line wound up and down the balcony staircase, and took about 45 minutes to get through.  I was the only one wearing a “Billsbabe” shirt (at least that I noticed); I did see two women wearing HBO’s “Bon Temps” t-shirts get Charlaine to sign their shirts.  The whole thing was over by a little after 9:00 pm, and I headed over to Starbucks for a decaf latte.  Overall, it was a fun, if not overly informative evening.

Vault Exclusive: True Blood PaleyFest 2011 the full scoop!

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 10 - 2011

Last Saturday night, I experienced my second True Blood PaleyFest event. I attended the True Blood panel discussion in 2009 which was a blast, but what a difference two years have made.

In 2009, the Paleyfest was held at the Arclight Theater Cinerama Dome in April during the filming of Season 2, and we had only seen Season 1 at that time. While True Blood was a successful show then, it was still brand spanking new and somewhat in the background of the media’s attention. However, our group of Billsbabes were die hard fans of the show even then and couldn’t wait to finally get to see the cast in the flesh on the stage. At that event all of us were in the third row and wearing Billsbabe shirts. One of us even got to ask a question and then we were all asked to stand up. That event was not only a fun and wonderful time, but it was also my first time ever in Los Angeles and the first time that many of us had ever met.

Fast forward to March 2011; True Blood is a huge hit and what a phenomenon it has now become. I live in the LA area now and was lucky therefore to be able to join the other Billsbabes and go once again to see the cast on stage. I was glad that this time there were over 16 of the cast members included. It was great to see them all since True Blood is truly an “ensemble” show and dependent on all of it’s cast members.

Our group, of “Billsbabes” numbered 10 and although we couldn’t all sit together inside the theater this time, we stood in line together most of the day having lots of fun meeting fellow other Truebies. When we first arrived, early in the morning, not many other fans had showed up at this point, so our place in the line was primo. I walked the line several times during the day and was able to catch a couple of interviews from fans as seen below in this video:

As the day progressed, our excitement grew, and when it got closer to 6pm, when we were to be let into the theater, we were totally ready for it to begin. As we entered, we immediately all ran to find the best seats. Some of us were in the front orchestra section and others were in the rear orchestra. We would have loved to sit together, but the tickets sold out very quickly and it just wasn’t possible. Most of us wore Billsbabes shirts so we did give a good showing from our group throughout the audience.

The show started late, but certainly didn’t disappoint. After the normal introductions from Paley, Alan Ball was introduced and he presented a compilation clip of the first three seasons and a bonus scene from Season 4. He mentioned that the scene was not sound mixed or in it’s final stage, but we all enjoyed seeing it none the less. The brief scene from Season 4, centered on Pam (Kristin Bauer) and a reunited Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) confronting a group of protesters picketing Fangtasia. Here it is below:

After that, moderator, TV Guide’s editor-in-chief Debra Birnbaum, came on board and she asked for cheers for Team Bill, Team Alcide and Team Eric. The cheers from the audience was decidedly in favor of Eric, but the cheers for Bill and Alcide were also quite loud.

Each of the 17 cast members and Alan Ball were individually introduced. They included Kevin Alejandro, “Jesus Velasquez”, Marshall Allman, “Tommy Mickens”, Chris Bauer, “Andy Bellefleur“ Kristin Bauer van Straten, “Pam De Beaufort“ Nelsan Ellis, “Lafayette Reynolds” Ryan Kwanten, “Jason Stackhouse” Todd Lowe, “Terry Bellefleur” Joe Manganiello, “Alcide Herveaux” Stephen Moyer, “Bill Compton” Anna Paquin, “Sookie Stackhouse” Jim Parrack, “Hoyt Fortenberry” Carrie Preston, “Arlene Fowler” Alexander Skarsgard, “Eric Northman” Sam Trammell, “Sam Merlotte” Rutina Wesley, “Tara Thornton” Deborah Ann Woll, “Jessica Hamby” and Alan Ball, Creator / Executive Producer. That stage was really crowded, but it was so nice to see all of the cast members highlighted for their fine work on the show.

All the cast were delightful and very animated in their responses. It was a really “funny” show and we were all transfixed by the interesting comments and questions. I enjoyed every minute of it. You can see video of the entire panel discussion, but clicking here.

One of the funny moments was when the moderator asked each of the cast about their fan experiences and Chris Bauer told a really funny story. While on vacation in Mexico, he thought a fan had recognized him and was coming up to him to talk about his role in True Blood when in reality it was someone who just wanted to tell him that he had bird “poo” on his shoulder. Nelsan Ellis talked about a fan wanting him to sign her “boobage”, as he put it. These are just a few of the many endearing, as well as funny moments, in the show.

One very cute moment was when Stephen Moyer was asked for the umpteenth time to say “Sookie”. He was able to put a new spin on it making us all laugh. In this video below, we see how he said “Sookie” to Anna and her reaction is priceless:

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård seem to be really good buddies:

Notice the affection expressed between them
when they meet on stage, awwwww!  Definitely soul mates.
photo above as seen on

Steve makes a grumpy sad face when Alex talks
about Eric losing his memory in the upcoming season.

We also got some really good tidbits about the filming and as well as some Season 4 scoopage:

  • Alan Ball confirmed that Gary Cole and Fiona Shaw will guest star, and that there will be more new characters introduced including some witches, some shifters, a new werewolf, “a couple of humans and a child.”
  • Sookie has always been independent, but the way she reacts to things will be different in season 4. Evidently her faerie trip will change her in some profound ways.
  • When asked about Bill’s betrayal of Sookie and how that affects their soulmate status, Alan Ball had some interesting comments. First of all, he mentioned that Sookie “perceives” it as betrayal and it will be difficult to come back from it, and he wishes they had 17 seasons to explore everything. So do I!
  • Alex talked about Eric getting amnesia and that we’ll see a different Eric this season. He won’t be the human-hating violent vampire we’ve seen before, and may even be shocked/disappointed at the things he has done.
  • Alan also made a very sweet comment about it being difficult to view Bill and Sookie as anything but soul mates since that’s what they are in real life.
  • Bill and Queen Sophie-Anne have a bite-off to begin season 4. There will be a third participant in the fight, but who? When asked if it was someone on stage, Alan Ball answered something like “in a way.”
  • Stephen Moyer was asked if he was interested in directing and although he probably won’t be directing an episode in season 4, he hopefully will someday.
  • Deborah Ann Woll said that while Hoyt and Jessica ended season 3 happy and in love, it probably won’t stay that way. Per Alan, characters are only allowed to be happy for a day.
  • Stephen referred to the sex/rape scene with Lorena in Season 3, and that he had issues figuring out why Bill would go there. After speaking with Alan about it, he figured out that it was the only power he had over her – “she can fuck him over, but he can fuck her.”
  • Props for Stephen to coining the awesome term “fuckpuppet” (which supposedly Mariana has now).
  • Anna remained mum on what might happen with Sookie and Eric in season 4, and was also asked to compare Alcide with the vamps in her life. She said that Alcide can be out and about during the day, and he’s very warm. However, he has his own baggage – namely Debbie Pelt, a psycho ex who wants to take Sookie down.
  • Marshall thinks Tommy should adopt Terry and Arlene’s demon baby. I’m not sure he’d be a good influence, but it might be fun to watch and see.
  • Bill and Sookie aren’t the only soul mates in town – Eric and Lafayette might be giving them a run for their money!

After the show ended, the mad “crush” to the stage began, and what a crush it was.  I did a full story about the crush at the stage, which includes the famous “Saga of the Naughty Billsbabe Thong“, and can seen by clicking here.

Below are a few random photos from the night that include some at the stage. Many, many more photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.

[flagallery gid=36 name="Gallery"]

After the stage crush, when we managed to get out with our lives, and believe me I mean, “get out with our lives”, we all went outside and headed around the corner where the limos were parked.  We were hoping to get what we didn’t get at the stage crush since often some of the cast sign autographs and take pictures on their way to the limos. We had heard that Marshall Allman came outside after, but we missed him. We were able to see Stephen and Anna, since they both stayed for quite awhile signing and posing for photos, as shown in the video below. Kristin Bauer also came out and signed for the fans.

You can see several of our group including Kell, who got a birthday wish from Anna, Dina, Tutu, ThelLou, Filmchick3 and me in the video below. Most of our group got their pictures and autographs and I even got another hug. Be sure to look for my special “Billsbabe Weekend” post which is coming soon to

It was a wonderful night, and the cast and all those at Paley were awesome. Since the theater was completely full, I want to praise all for making it so organized. The crush of the stage was a bit much, but I am glad that the fans had that opportunity to get really close to the stars.  And, the cast of True Blood has to be the best and most wonderful group of people there is. I have met most of them personally, and I have nothing but praise for their generosity and spirit.  It was very apparent, and as Stephen said, “there is a lot of love there”.

Thanks to all who donated information for this post, including ThelLou for helping me to recall the Season 4 scoopage, and for her video of Stephen and Anna. Thanks to for their images and to for the wonderful animated photo above. Also thanks to all the Billsbabes who donated photos, especially Filmchick3. And finally, a big thank you to Sarah and Susan for doing the fan interviews. If I neglected to mention you, it wasn’t intentional, so please email me and I’ll be sure to add you as a contributor.

Fan experience: Paley Fest 2011 was freakin’ awesome!

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 7 - 2011

Below is an account from one of the Billsbabes who attended the PaleyFest 2011 on Saturday night, March 5, 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. We all know her as “ThelLou” who makes all the wonderful videos in the Fan Creations section on Here’s her story:

If I had to describe “True Blood” at PaleyFest in a word? I’d have to use two – FREAKING AWESOME!! Wow, what a day. It started early when we were locked out of the apartment unexpectedly, but thankfully the day improved from there. We arrived at the beautiful Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills a little later than planned, but we were still early enough to get a great place in line with other diehard fans.

I have to say, waiting in line with a bunch of Billsbabes (and yes, we even socialized with the Eric folks and everyone was fabulously nice) was a pretty darn great way to spend a Saturday! We had beautiful weather – sunny, but just a little cool in the shade. We camped out on blankets and folding chairs, took turns picking up food and taking potty breaks, and of course had plenty of time to discuss our favorite show, “True Blood.”

Time flew by, and before we knew it, dusk was upon us, the theatre was lit beautifully, and it was time to be allowed inside for the event! There was so much excitement in the air, we just knew a wonderful time was going to be had by all. Lynn, Marshaa, Anita and I all managed to get third-row center seats, which was pretty kick-ass. We had a great view of the entire stage! After a quick introduction by a Paley rep, we got to see a nice little show recap including all of the main characters – Sookie screams a lot, Bill doesn’t play well with other vampires, Jason…is Jason, and we love him for it. It was a very nice clip package that I hope will be available at the HBO site soon if it isn’t already.

We also got a sneak peek clip for season 4. It wasn’t very spoilery at all, but I will say we got to see Pam, Jessica and Hoyt doing their thing – the Pam one-liners are definitely still zinging left and right just as they always have!

View from rear orchestra of PaleyFest (I had third row front orchestra)

The moderator for the panel was from TV Guide, and before we knew it all of our favorite TB stars were taking the stage! All of the main actors were there, as well as many of the supporting players, plus even the man himself, Alan Ball. I think if you’re a fan of the show, you had to be pleased with how many came out to support their fave job/show.

The panel was so much fun. This cast has chemistry and camaraderie in spades – they all seem to love each other, and everyone wants to work with everyone else! A fun question for all was about memorable fan encounters.

Joe M. was asked to lick a fan since werewolf saliva has healing powers. Thankfully, security saved him from that request

Chris Bauer was excited that a fan approached him, but it turns out the stranger only wanted to point out the bird poop on him.

Todd Lowe was asked to help a friend move, solely because the friend thought Terry’s pick-up truck in the show belonged to Todd. Todd did help him, though sadly without the aid of said truck.

Jim Parrack was asked to school a recent parolee on the finer points of being like Hoyt Fortenberry.

Sam and Rutina were both asked to be bitten by fans. Rutina claims they allowed the bites to happen, but Sam has blocked it out and has no recollection. He just took her word for it.

Alex once received a request in the mail to marry a woman’s daughter. I’m pretty sure he turned her down, but then he flashed a ring so who knows?

Stephen mentioned again all of the dogs he’s encountered named Sookie. He’s also been asked to call various wives/girlfriends on the phone with the hopeful result of getting their significant others “so laid.” Apparently this works well, and could be a side business should he decide to give up this whole acting thing.

Anna thinks it is cute that women approach her pretending to want her autograph, when what they really want to do is meet her husband. I’m pretty sure Mr. Moyer blushed at this, and it was a very cute moment.

Alan echoed Stephen’s comment, and said he’s been thanked so many times for improving sex lives around the world via the sexiness of “True Blood.”

After some audience questions, the panel quickly ended and the mad rush to the stage began. I think we’re all a little skinnier and taller now that we’ve been squashed into oblivion, and I got very well acquainted with a gentleman who gave me a forced lap dance when the crowd got to be way too overwhelming. Sir, I’m pretty sure you owe me at least dinner and drinks, or I owe you some singles down the waistband, so give me a call if you’d like to pursue that.

Stephen signing autographs on stage for the fans.

But you know what? It was so. worth. it. Not only did I get to have Stephen sign his lovely Details magazine cover, but he took a pic with me! What an absolute sweetheart of a man, and so attentive to the fans. He walked up and down the stage to sign for as many people as possible. Quite a few of the actors stayed a long while, and when we finally got out of the mad throng, the only signers remaining on stage were Stephen, Sam, Alex and Joe. Not only are they our resident hotties, they love the fans, too! What total sweethearts, all of them.

I bought a TB Paley poster on my way out to grab some much-needed oxygen, and then we were off to the back of the building to see if we could get more pics of our fave stars departing. I heard that several of the cast came out back to sign for fans including Marshall Allman, Kristin Bauer, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. Yes, I was lucky enough to see Stephen and Anna again! The stars of the show are the best at taking care of the fans – how awesome is that? They kept signing and taking pictures even though they were constantly encouraged by reps and security to leave. Even though I had already taken the time to meet with Stephen inside, I decided to give him a little more attention and take another pic with him. He thanked me profusely for flying across the country to attend the event. Stephen said the TB fans are absolutely the best. I also got a pic with Anna and had them both sign last season’s Bill/Sookie TVG cover. Niiiiiice!

Photos of me with Steve and Anna

Sadly, once Stephen and Anna left the night was officially over. What an experience! I can’t thank all of the stars, the Billsbabes and especially Lynn enough for such a wonderful time. I’d love to do it again next year!

Eyecon – It Totally Rocks!

Posted by The Vault On November - 23 - 2010

By Janet (ABNegative)

I know I’m running a bit late with this write-up about my wonderful weekend at Eyecon during the first weekend of November, but hey, gimme a break. I’m a gimp. And a lazy one at that.

I know I’m running a bit late with this write-up about my wonderful weekend at Eyecon during the first weekend of November, but hey, gimme a break. I’m a gimp. And a lazy one at that.

To begin with, why is it called Eyecon? Beats the heck outta me, but whatever it’s called, I do know one thing. It’s F U N! I had the most wonderful time. And I wasn’t the only one. All my fellow Billsbabes had just as much fun as I did. It’s been a really long time since I felt so relaxed and ready for some fun, just for me.

Early on Friday morning, I hopped into my trusty, but very dusty red Jeep and drove down and met up with my good friend and fellow Billsbabes Nina. We cruised on down the highway ala Thelma and Louise (minus shooting a guy at a juke joint. We couldn’t agree on which one of us would actually get poked by a drunk and which one would do the shootin’, so we just decided to forget it) until we reached Orlando, Fl. Orlando is often the desired destination for all things fun in the sun and this weekend was no exception. We arrived and checked into the beautiful Florida Hotel and Conference Center, and before long we were banging on the door of our ringleader, aka The Bag Lady. I’m sure she’s been known by other names, but hey, this is going to be a “G” rated post, so I won’t repeat those. We had to wait in the hallway until she found her shirt and put it on and I don’t know what was up with that, but I believe in going for the gusto and I’m not here to judge.

As much fun as it was meeting the fantastic actors from True Blood, I have to say that it was more exciting to finally get to meet, face to face, some of my fellow Billsbabes that I’ve been talking with either online or by phone. I was positively giddy with excitement! I was giddy with other stuff too, but we won’t go into that.

Later that evening Nina and I, along with Michael, Renee, Margaret, Anjanette and Ruth, made our way downstairs to the Meet and Greet Cocktail Party. Those cocktails were a little hard to come by, but after downing one Marguerita that my bud Renee volunteered to stand in line for (pigeons had started roosting on her head, thinking she was a statue), it wasn’t long before the main event started. In through the doors arrived our highly anticipated guests, minus Joe Manganiello. Sam Trammell, Allan Hyde, Kristen Bauer van Straten and her incredibly handsome husband Abri arrived to squeals and applause. Photos weren’t permitted, so you ain’t gonna be seeing any from that. There were a lot of people there jostling and shoving in order to see their favorite stars, so we didn’t stay a real long time. We decided to make our own fun, so we soon hit the road in search of thrills and chills at Planet Hollywood at Disney After Dark. Oh, and I was about to forget that we had a surprise visitor show up unexpectedly. He was a long legged, big footed fellow and he was totally diggin’ his homies at Planet Hollywood. We could hardly keep the honeys off him.

Saturday morning, after a splendid breakfast and one of the best omelets I’ve ever eaten, we got all dolled up and ready for the Q & A with Joe Manganiello. As you can imagine, the screams and “oh yeahs” were so loud and plentiful that I’m sure we scared off every dog in a 50 mile radius. In case you hadn’t noticed., Joe is quite the nice looking feller. He began by telling us a bit about himself and his background, such as how he got into acting, what he’s thinking about doing now other than playing Alcide and what it was like to work on True Blood. He graciously answered tons of questions from the audience. We were told ahead of time that we couldn’t ask him to remove his shirt, so that sorta rendered me as mute as a mob witness and I just couldn’t think of a thing to ask him after that horrible disappointment. It seemed like he’d only been talking a few minutes, then it was over. There were a lot of sad, sad faces in that audience. But we had to soldier on.

And soldier on we did with the adorably cute Allan Hyde. He’s such an amazing actor. There wasn’t a single trace of Godric, other than the soft spoken voice and manner, about him. He’s funny, outgoing and full of Denmark charm and has absolutely the sweetest smile! I’m thinking he probably left there thinking there are some strange womenfolk there in the land of Mickey and Donald. And from what I hear, the birds gave him a cute little giftie while visiting Disneyworld later that weekend. He answered tons of questions about himself and just charmed the eyeliner off all of us.

After breaking for some much needed sustenance (I’m lying through my teeth here, cause I could go without 3 squares for about 3 months and still be totin’ a load) we got ready for the Pictures and Autographs. And what fun it was! It was so great to be able to meet and talk with Sam, Pam, Allan and Joe. Sam is just the bees knees! Those blue eyes of his could sure make a good Christian woman think about sin.

There wasn’t much time after this activity until the Banquet was scheduled to begin. We barely had time for more than a quick swipe and a piddle before we had to make our way down to the banquet area and get lined up. I, along with Nina, had the great luck to be seated with the beautiful Kristen and her smokin’ hawt husband Abri. Ladies, you want to see a beautiful couple, then look no further. She’s just as beautiful as she appears on screen. But that’s where the resemblance to Pam stops. She’s just the sweetest, friendliest thing! And that husband of hers has an accent that could make wooden ice cubes melt and totally cause an eargasm. You can see the love those two have for each other. It was downright humbling. And for an old cynic like me, I’m surprised it didn’t make me nauseous. We had a wonderful time talking with them and getting to know a few things about them and their life during dinner. I was just about too excited to eat. Notice I said “just about”. Nothing ever gets me that excited. And that’s a shame, cause quite frankly the food was a little suspect. Kinda rough going for the taste buds. Hell, I think I saw the dinner plates trying to escape through the back door so they wouldn’t be charged as an accessory after the fact. But hey, we didn’t come there to eat. We came to have fun and fun we did!

The Fangbangers Ball. That name just about says it all. Costumes were not required and yours truly didn’t dress up in any costume other than my usual traveling clothes, but there were some really original and fantastic costumes there. I saw more Lady Gaga’s than a MTV marathon. I saw Eric, Queen Sophie, lots of Sookie’s, a Laffie or two and enough vampires to drain the entire convention center before dawn. Everyone sure looked like they were having a great time. I’m not too steady on my feet and the Good Lord didn’t see fit to bless me with rhythm or coordination, so I just sat and watched the young folks slinging a hoof and enjoying the music and atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve stayed up that late since the last time I had to find somebody to post bail. (Just kidding!)

ABNegative with Abri van Straten

Sunday morning arrived much too soon and although we were sad about it being our last day of fun and stalking, there was also the excitement of knowing we would soon be treated to the Q & A from Kristen aka Pam Our Favorite Vampire. She was so entertaining and fun to listen to! She told the greatest stories of being on the set with Alex S. (I’m not smart enough to spell his last name), Denis O’Hare and other cast members. She had us all in stitches! I tell ya, the girl missed her calling, she’d make a great stand up comedian. After she had finished entertaining us, there was still more awesomeness to follow. Her handsome and talented husband Abri treated us to a wonderful concert. He is such a talented young man. And he ain’t hard to look at either. His CD, Sunlight and Shadows has become one of my favorite pieces of ear candy. It’s just downright amazing.

Can I get a “hell yeah!” for Mr. Sam Trammell? He totally lives up to all the hype. His Q & A was such a treat for us all. I’ve already reported on my thoughts about meeting him, so I won’t prolong this long-winded post any further. I know you all are relieved.

And I need to give a holla out to the event owner, Kenny. He is such a sweetie! A sweeter, nicer young man you couldn’t meet. He really made us all feel welcomed and made sure we were taken care of. Thanks Kenny. Actually, the entire staff was super to one and all. I know they must have been dog-butt dragging tired by Sunday night, but you wouldn’t know it. Thanks to you all!

Sadly, before long it was time to get our things together, say our good-byes and get ready to make the drive home. With long, sad faces we hugged each other as we repeated over and over how much fun we’d had, how great it was to finally meet each other and how we just couldn’t wait until the next opportunity to do this again. It was a great weekend and if you ever get the opportunity to attend Eyecon, then do yourself a favor and GO!

source: A Vamp For All Seasons

Boston Super Megafest with Kristin Bauer – Fan experience

Posted by The Vault On November - 22 - 2010

Billsbabes Luvinbill and Romagirl attended the Boston Super Megafest Sunday, November 21 and below are photos and comments about their day that they have shared with The Vault:

written by Luvinbill

I went to Boston Super Megafest on Nov. 21st and met Kristin Bauer along with fellow billsbabe, Romagirl!

Kristin is very lovely, and kind. I was able to speak to her for a few minutes and I told her that one of the story-lines I would like to see for her is Pam’s turning. She told me she would love more flashbacks.

She has family in New England and will be returning to the area for the holidays. I also asked her to bring her husband next time! She signed my DVDs and my “glamoured by Pam” mouse pad!

Here are my pics:

Luvinbill with Kristin Bauer at Boston Super Megafest

Billsbabes Romagirl and Luvinbill with signed True Blood items

written by Romagirl

Sunday was a lovely day for me. It was great to finally meet Luvinbill, whom I have spoken to several times on the phone.

Kristin was so very nice and genuine. She autographed a TB napkin that I won from TheVault, as a matter of fact.

Romagirl with Kristin Bauer at Boston Super Megafest

Earlier this month, we posted about a meeting of some of the Billsbabes in New York City. They weren’t the only Billsbabes joining up, another group met in Las Vegas at the same time. They share their experience below.

While some of the Billsbabes were enjoying themselves in New York City, there was other action going on in Las Vegas.

Pictured above, left to right – Anjanette, Icanseerussia and Camelot

Originally scheduled this month, the now cancelled Twicon convention did not stop four Billsbabes from winding up in the city of Las Vegas where the event was to have taken place.

Billsbabes Camelot, Anjanette, Icanseerussia and CJCBennett decided to paint this town True Blood red anyway. Their little party didn’t stop at one afternoon, but continued for the better part of the week. So take that Twicon!

It was the first meeting for them and a great time was had! CJ spent most of her time at the gambling halls and other local attractions such as Hoover Dam, while Anj, Cam and Ican spent the majority of their time at the pool getting to know each other, trying to keep from meeting the sun, staying cool with frozen concoctions and doing experiments to see how fast plastic drink glasses melt when the temperature reaches over 100 degrees.

The three babes were also seen cavorting at the Excalibur with some hot Australian hunks to keep them from missing their True Blood stars and friends.

The coming together of Billsbabes from across the country solidifies the relationship that was started by the popular vampire series True Blood, created by Alan Ball. Here’s to many more meetings for the babes!!

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