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rogueFinally, we seem to have some confirmation about Anna Paquin’s appearance in the next installment of the X-Men Movies: , X-Men: Days of Future Past.  It appears that she will be in the film after all.  While we don’t see her in the latest trailer below, her name is on the credits (see the screencap below):

In December, director Bryan Singer told  Entertainment Weekly that the Anna “won’t appear” in the superhero sequel after the only action sequence involving her character Rogue had to be cut from the film. Singer explained that in the editing process, he discovered the sequence was “extraneous” to the story. “Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in,” Singer said. “Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

That sequence may not have survived, but it turns out, Rogue has. After noticing Paquin’s name was conspicuously present in the credits following the newest trailer for the film released late Tuesday, a rep for 20th Century Fox has confirmed to BuzzFeed that Paquin is back in the film. “Essentially, [it’s] a cameo,” the rep said.

xmen-anna credit

With a storyline that jumps from the near future to 1970s America, X-Men: Days of Future Past is the most ambitious movie in the 14-year-old, now seven-film franchise, incorporating actors from the original film trilogy like Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry, as well as Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence from the 2011 prequel X-Men: First Class. With so many characters to service in a feature-length running time, it is understandable that Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand) would have difficulty working every single X-Men character into the film. In Paquin’s case, apparently, they were ultimately able to conjure the screen time.

The promo is below, unfortunately we don’t see Rogue in the video except for the credits.



It was reported that Anna Paquin’s character of “Rogue” had been cut from the upcoming film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, recently rumors have been flying about indicating that it may have only been her major scene that was cut and she still might appear in the film.

We remember that some months ago Bryan Singer mentioned she was going to be in the movie in some way.  Also, since she’s credited in all the trailers they have been releasing in the last few days and and, there are promotional photos of her, we suggest that the rumors of her appearance in the film just may be true.  However, feel free to come to your own conclusion.

Below is a picture from the new X-Men: Days of Future Past; featuring Anna Paquin’s Rogue, Wolverine, Beast and Bishop. Many are now speculating that Anna will be seen in the film.

annainxmen x-men days of future past

The film is set for release on May 23rd, so we’ll certainly know by then.  

Keep thinking positive thoughts Anna fans!

source of photo:

Thanks to Mar for keeping us up to date!

In a recent trip to New Zealand with his play “An Iliad” Denis O’Hare was interviewed by  about his one man play and his latest projects such as his role  in the award winning film, Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Anna Paquin, Denis O'Hare and Stephen Moyer

Back in October, when Stephen Moyer attended the premiere of CASM’s film, Free Ride at the HIFF (Hamptons International Film Festival), he reported about the other projects that his production company, CASM is working on. One he mentioned, was a film CASM was going to produce for Denis O’Hare, from the script Denis wrote about his sister’s suicide. During this interviewer, Denis was also asked about other work and he spoke about the project Stephen had mentioned at HIFF saying that right now they are, “working on a deal.

AB: I’m interested in your own projects as a writer. You mentioned you approached Hoffman about one?

DO: It’s a movie I’m making with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who have a production company. I met them on True Blood. I wrote a movie about my sister’s suicide. It’s a weird road movie where my family and I had to go and figure out why she killed herself. We had to collect her life, pack up her life from this rental apartment she had in Missouri. Anna and Stephen loved the script and so we’re working out a deal right now where Stephen would direct. I would be in it. I wanted Philip for one of the parts. I think I’ll try to go to Paul Giamatti who’s a friend of mine and who I love and think is a great actor. We hope to make it next year. We’re just trying to figure out financing; who’s going to make it and all that. It’s a double whammy. I get to make a film I want to make, and I get to work with my friends who I love, Stephen and Anna.

As he explains, the company is still seeking funding for the project, so there isn’t yet any indication about it’s future yet, but stay tuned because we’ll be sure to post more information here as we learn more.

Read the entire interview here:

Anna Paquin photo used on X-men Film’s Promotion

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 26 - 2014

True Blood’s Anna Paquin may have been been cut from the new X-Men movie, X-Men: Days Of Future Past altogether, but she is still being used for promo material.

Below is an image showing Anna on a “Pringles” box. Does this mean we can still expect Rogue to make an appearance?

anna on pringles box for xmen


Anna Paquin nominated for a PRISM Award

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 9 - 2014

prismawardsThe Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) has announced the nominees for the 18th Annual PRISM Awards and Anna Paquin has been nominated for her performance in the WIG’s internet production of “Susanna.”

The PRISM Awards honor TV, movie, music, online, and comic book entertainment that accurately depicts drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues. The Nomination Review Committee of over 80 representatives of both the entertainment industry and health field, selected nominees from nearly 400 productions submitted, according to Brian Dyak, President and CEO of EIC

This is the first year online programming is being recognized and it looks like WIGS has taken all the nominations.

Performance in an Internet Program 

  • Jennifer Beals, Lauren
  • Troian Bellisario, Lauren
  • Maggie Grace, Susanna
  • Anna Paquin, Susanna

Winners will be announced during a ceremony on April 22, 2014 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. For more information on the ceremony and tribute program, please visit our website. The 18th Annual PRISM Showcase is set to be nationally televised in September as part of National Recovery Month through flagship airing partner FX Network, as well as other cable networks, broadcast stations, video on demand, and web streaming.


Below are two videos on “Getty Images” from Oscar night with Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.

Click on the images to see the videos.

This video shows Anna and Stephen walking the red carpet at the Vanity Fair After Oscar Party.


And, below is another video with a brief interview with the couple where they discuss why they attend the Elton John Aids Foundation Party every year and what their favorites are from this year’s Oscar nominations:



Anna Paquin Mentioned in X-Men Set Visit Interviews

Posted by Lynnpd On February - 20 - 2014

Anna Paquin in the character of Rogue on the Empire Magazine coverCollider has just published about their visit to the set of the new X-Men film, “Days of Future Past.” Anna Paquin as the character, “Rogue” is mentioned several times.  The rumors are still alive that Anna’s part hasn’t been cut from the film, but so far the only confirmation  we have been able to confirm is that we will get to see her on the DVD.

You may remember, we first reported that Anna’s appearance in the film had been cut from the final version, and then later, when the series of character magazine cover were released, and there was one of Anna, raising lots of speculation that the character would be restored to the film and definitely on the DVD.

Now, here’s more talk about her from the Collider’s set visit. Since they don’t talk about her in the ‘past tense’ in these snippets, there still could be hope for her being in the theatrical release, but we still don’t know for sure. Stay tuned as we will report it, if things change.

Director, Bryan Singer has a very cute quote about Anna’s personality through the years.

INGER: Like with the actors? Like their habits?

SINGER: Yeah there are some things. There’s nothing I try to avoid with them because we want to try new things and do things we haven’t done before, we don’t just want to repeat scenes from X-Men 1 and 2. But there’s definitely a short hand…..Personalities hadn’t changed at all, personalities toward me haven’t changed at all, particularly Anna Paquin who teases me. Like when she was 17/18 on those early films, I was her verbal punching bag, and then I would torture her by blowing off horns and firing guns sound effects in the middle of scenes and stuff. Now she’s like a thirty year old mother and she’s going at me, so it’s the same thing…

And, in the interview with Producer Simon Kinberg:

We heard there were a lot of time constraints with certain actors, like Halle Berry was only available for two days, or Anna Paquin for a week, is that something that you knew going into writing the script, or was that last minute adjustments?

KINBERG: …And then, once the schedules and the contracts got done, and I knew what I’d have, especially Anna and Halle for, I did adjust the script for their schedules. But not much for Anna ….

Well, it’s a good sign that they don’t talk about Anna in the past tense, fingers crossed.


Sookie & Bill star in Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by Lynnpd On February - 2 - 2014

Recently we posted photos of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin who were off to shoot a commercial for Time Warner Cable.  Tonight, during the US Football’s big game, “The Super Bowl” their commercial aired. Anna and Stephen played their True Blood characters, Sookie & Bill. You can watch the commercial below:



Anna Paquin’s Rogue may still be in the New X-Men Movie

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 30 - 2014

rogueIt looks like the rumors might be true that Anna Paquin will indeed be in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past. When the cover of Anna on Empire magazine came out earlier this week, the rumors that she might still be in the film went crazy.

In fact, the most popular response to the X-Men: Days Of Future Past cover reveals on Twitter was, “OMG!” Only slightly less popular was, “Wait, how come Rogue gets an Empire cover when she’s not in the movie any more?” Inside the issue - on shelves now - director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg shine a little more light on the situation.

Read an excerpt below:

It was one real sequence in the movie,” explains Kinberg. “We felt like it was taking tension out of the main story drive.

This is the sole scene Singer revealed he had cut from the film during the editing process a month ago, much to the chagrin of fans who wanted to see more of Anna Paquin’s touchy mutant, especially as she is apparently a survivor of the Sentinel apocalypse along with Ian McKellen’s Magneto, Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and the rest.

It does not mean that we won’t see her in the film,” Singer adds, enigmatically. “Also, I hope to make the sequence available on the DVD as she was quite wonderful in it. She is an important part of the X-Men family. I ‘m very pleased she will remain as one of Empire’s anniversary covers.

The most important thing to note there is that, “it does not mean that we won’t see her in the film.” Presumably, even with Rogue’s key scene removed, the character will have a background role of some capacity.

Read the entire article by going to:

True Blood stars to attend 2014 Elton John Oscar Viewing Party

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 28 - 2014

Mark your calendars True Blood Fans! Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Ryan Kwanten will attend the 2014 The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) 22nd annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at West Hollywood Park in Los Angeles.

Below are photos of the trio when they attended last year’s event:

Ryan Kwanten at 2013 Elton John Oscar Viewing Party Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin at 2013 Elton John Oscars Viewing Party

Sir Elton John and David Furnish will host the gala event sponsored by the Foundation’s generous corporate friends Chopard, Neuro Drinks and Wells Fargo. Chef Gordon Ramsay will once again prepare the sumptuous dinner for Party guests to enjoy while watching a live telecast of the 86th Academy Awards. Following dinner and an exciting live auction, a special musical guest will take the stage to perform, and DJ Johnny Dynell will spin tunes for guests to dance the night away.

The Foundation’s Academy Awards Viewing Party is the most highly visible and successful fund-raising event in Hollywood on Oscar night. Over the past 22 years, this annual event has raised nearly $40 million, thanks to the generosity of EJAF’s supporters. These funds help the Foundation to support a wide range of initiatives, including direct treatment, care, and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS in marginalized communities, such as among young gay black men; providing injection drug users with clean needles to prevent HIV infection and transmission; and sexual health education for young people in America who are most at risk.
Audi and MAC Viva Glam have partnered with EJAF as the evening’s generous Co-Sponsors. The Foundation is especially grateful to the City of West Hollywood for continued collaboration with EJAF on shared goals. American Airlines is EJAF’s official sponsoring airline.

This year’s event co-chairs are Bill and Tani Austin, Johnny and Edwina Barbis, Joseph W. Blount, Jim Carrey, Chris Colfer, John Demsey, Judi Dench, Greg Gorman, Tim Hanlon and Anthony Klatt, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, Diana Jenkins, Quincy Jones, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Billie Jean King and Ilana Kloss, Heidi Klum, Ryan Kwanten, Fred Latsko, Shelley Lazar, Sandra Lee, Jared Leto, Andra Liemandt, Eric and Janet McCormack, Joseph A. McMillan, Jr., Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Katy Perry, Tyler Perry, Pablo and Nathalie Salame, Caroline Scheufele, Bryan Singer, Sharon Stone, Steve Tisch, Steven Tyler, and John Waters.


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