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More Clips from Anna Paquin’s “Free Ride”

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 12 - 2013

A week ago we posted the first clip from Anna Paquin’s upcoming film, “Free Ride.”  Now we have another clip from the the Phase 4 Films release to wet your appetites.


Inspired by Shana Betz’s own mother, “Free Ride” takes place in the 1970s and stars Anna Paquin as Christina, a mother of two who relocates her family from Ohio to Florida in search of a better life. She gets a job working as a maid in a wealthy neighborhood, but when Christina is offered the opportunity to come home with a much bigger paycheck, she finds herself employed by a local drug cartel.

Apparently at some point, one of her daughters becomes aware of her new gig because this clip features Liana Liberato’s MJ discovering some shady business going down in their barn. Check it out for yourself below.  The film is scheduled for release in New York, Los Angeles and on Video On Demand (VOD) on January 10th, 2014.


In this clip, Christina has just gotten her foot in the door at the Bossman’s shady operation. Being promoted from cleaning houses to handling actual deals, she is given a Drug Smuggling 101 crash course by Sandy on the docks. As Paquin plays her, Christina’s sweet, unassuming charm will soon prove both useful and dangerous for her career.


Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin share True Blood Season 7 Themes

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 9 - 2013



True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were interviewed by E recently about the upcoming premiere of their film “Free Ride.” During that talk they also reveal some tidbits about True Blood Season 7 in the video below. They talk about how True Blood kicked off the TV vampire craze and what we can expect in Season 7. Anna doesn’t yet know much the new season, but since Stephen will be directing the first episode, he shared the following:

  • He’s read the first three (3) episodes and he reckons he is probably the only one of the cast who has read the first three.
  • Season 7 will begin where Season 6 left off with what looks like the beginning of a battle. So, it would be fair to assume that that has to be resolved.
  • There’s a vampire disease, HepV and that is going to play a large part in this season.
  • Bill and Sam got together and came up with the idea that each human should have another vampire as protection so that’s another theme that will follow throughout.

Stephen mentioned in an earlier interview that he had to report to the set today at 6am to start production on episode 1 of True Blood, so we’re off and running for the new season folks! Watch the video to hear all of this:


Free Ride of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer released on January 10

Posted by Shadaliza On December - 7 - 2013

free-ride-anna-paquin-630-fullAnna Paquin and Stephen Moyer took time to continue the promotion of their film “Free Ride” before flying back to L.A. The couple did a couple of interviews and attended the “Free Ride” press day and photo call.

Free Ride will be released theatrically in New York and Los Angeles on January 10, 2014, and will also be available to watch on that date via various Video On Demand providers.










@andrewfreund tweeted this photo:
Just had a candid chat with #AnnaPaquin and #StephenMoyer about #TrueBlood, the marijuana trade #SoundofMusic and more! #nyc

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 2.19.27 PM



@radiotag tweeted:
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer stopped by to promote their film, “Free Ride” in theaters January 10th!




Photos from the press day:


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Exclusive Clip From “Free Ride” starring Anna Paquin

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 5 - 2013

ps4_freeride_posterBelow is a clip from Anna Paquin’s upcoming film “Free Ride,” produced by her and hubby Stephen Moyer and their production company, CASM:

In search of a better life for her family and desperate to escape her tumultuous relationship, Christina (Anna Paquin) hastily moves to Florida and enters the dangerous world of the high-stakes underground drug scene. She quickly learns that dealing drugs at the height of South Florida’s smuggling heyday has its price. As law enforcement closes in on Christina and her drug operation, she must find a way to salvage the life she has desperately worked to repair before it all comes crashing down.

“Free Ride” has a theatrical release date in NY, LA and a Video On Demand release date of January 10, 2014.


Trailer of Anna Paquin’s Free Ride released

Posted by Shadaliza On December - 3 - 2013

First look at the debut film of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s production company. Anna Paquin stars as a mother of two young children who happens to be become a drug runner. Judging from the trailer Free Ride is a pretty intense film, check it out for yourself.



New Poster and more info on Anna Paquin’s “Free Ride”

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 28 - 2013

Anna Paquin’s upcoming film “Free Ride” produced by her and Stephen Moyer’s company, CASM is scheduled to be released by Phase4Films in theaters January, 2014 according to the latest press information. Below is the new poster for the film featuring Anna.


Below is informatoin about the film:



Free Ride Screening with Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer at Ringling

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 25 - 2013

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, writer/director Shana Betz and producers Cerise and Mark Larkin screen their new film, Free Ride, at Ringling College of Art & Design last Saturday.

Free Ride, as all Stephen Moyer True Blood fans know, is the film from his production company, CASM, which was written and directed by Shana Betz  and starring Anna as a mother of two young children who happens to be a drug runner.


Based on Betz’s own life—she was the youngest of her drug-runner mother’s two daughters—the film was shot entirely in Sarasota County with tremendous help from both Ringling College and the local community. Though the story is set in the 1970s in Fort Lauderdale, where Betz grew up, she and her team found Sarasota to be the perfect location because, she says, of “how well it’s been preserved.”

And after a meeting with actor Stephen Moyer, who suggested Anna for the lead role, things really started to come together, especially after Paquin, Moyer and producers Cerise and Mark Larkin were introduced to Future of Films co-founder and Ringling Digital Filmmaking Studio Lab partner David Shapiro.

We were introduced to David by Anna’s manager,” remembers Cerise Larkin. “And within minutes, David was asking how he could help our film and introducing us to [Ringling College president] Larry Thompson. Within a couple of days, we’d been provided with so much.”

The kicker: Moyer and Betz met in early September 2012; they quickly realized they’d need to be finished filming by Nov. 24, because Paquin and Moyer (who worked on the film as a producer) had to start filming True Blood on Nov. 28.

So with an almost unheard-of three weeks’ prep time, just 24 days to shoot and a tiny budget, the team descended on Sarasota and set to work. And the support they got from Ringling College and the community far exceeded their expectations.

“We came here and people were like, ‘What can we give you? How can we help you?’” says Paquin. “It was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Thank you!’”

“It was almost innocent, in a way,” adds Moyer. “When you first start in this business, all people want to do is be a part of it. And as any of us can attest, it’s not that simple—people put obstacles in your way. But here, it was all about opening doors in a way that would never happen anywhere else.”

Paquin also notes that the way the film was made reflects the movie’s story itself. “There’s something beautiful about the fact that we’re telling a story about a mother who was doing as much as she could with as little as possible,” she explains. “That’s the way we shot the film. There’s a sort of symmetry to that.”

Read the rest of this article at

Stephen+Moyer+Tom+Ford+Cocktails+Support+Project+5hoXlHLAyT6lStephen Moyer and Anna Paquin will be heading down to Florida again to go to the school that helped them make their CASM production of “Free Ride.

Ringling College of Art and Design today announced that actors and producers Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are returning to the College’s Digital Filmmaking Studio Lab on November 23rd to screen ‘Free Ride’, the couple’s new film shot entirely in Sarasota.

“Ringling College has a very unique and creative approach to art education,” said Anna Paquin. “Ringling’s support during the production of ‘Free Ride’ is something we will always be grateful for. We are very much looking forward to returning to find new ways to collaborate with them and to screen ‘Free Ride.’”

‘Free Ride’ was shot entirely in Sarasota and is the first film from Anna Paquin and husband Stephen Moyer’s production company, CASM Films, which they set up with Producers Cerise Hallam Larkin and Mark Larkin. Phase 4 Films has picked up all U.S. and Canadian rights to the Shana Betz-directed crime thriller based upon Betz’s life story. In the film, Anna portrays a single mother who moves to Florida with her daughters in search of a better life and gets pulled into the drug-trade business.

‘Free Ride’ also stars Cam Gigandet, Drea de Matteo, Liana Liberato, Jeff Hephner, Brit Morgan and Ava Acres. Producers are Cerise Hallam Larkin, Anna Paquin and Susan Dynner; the executive producers are Mark Larkin and Stephen Moyer.

“Anna and Stephen’s return to Ringling comes at an auspicious time as we gain traction with our efforts to attract entertainment production to our region,” stated Ringling College president Dr. Larry R. Thompson. “Having our students involved in the production of ‘Free Ride’ while shooting on our campus and Sarasota Museum of Art locations was experiential education of the highest order. We welcome Anna and Stephen back to Sarasota and look forward to exploring further production opportunities with them.”

“It brings us great pleasure to bring Anna and Stephen back to the Digital Filmmaking Studio Lab following the successful launch of ‘Free Ride’ on the festival circuit,” said David Shapiro, director of the Digital Filmmaking Studio Lab and Future of Films co-founder. “Collaborative film projects bring great benefit to Ringling students and also to our community and we will continue to work to develop true collaborations with leading filmmakers.”

Read more about their appearance by going to:

Below are a few more glimpses of Anna Paquin reprising her role of Rogue in a behind-the-scenes video from the new installment from the X-Men series: “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” The film is expected to be released in May, 2014.

The two screencaps were taken from the video showing Anna. The first screencap, although appears in the video, is of Anna from X-Men 2000, but since it did appear in the video, we’ve included it. The second screencap is a scene from the new film. Look for her in the beginning of the video:



Click on the image below to watch the video:


This screen is a flashback from X-Men 2000, but it did appear in the video.

First Glimpses of Anna Paquin as Rogue in new X-Men Movie

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 1 - 2013

Below is the first trailer and images released of True Blood’s Anna Paquin in her upcoming film, “X-Men-Days of Future Past.” There isn’t too much information available yet about what we can expect from Rogue in this installment of the saga, but she is expected to be a pivitol character.

Let’s hope more is revealed before the films scheduled release on May 23, 2014.



Trailer for the film:


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