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Photoshoots with Ryan Kwanten and Nelsan Ellis

Posted by Lynnpd On April - 8 - 2014

True Blood’s cast members Ryan Kwanten and Nelsan Ellis are seen below from recent photo shoots.  It’s nice to see several of the True Blood’s cast members on magazine covers and having their photos taken recently and, I have to say, we’re enjoying it.  Below are photos of Ryan Kwanten on the cover of Brand Magazine and Nelsan Ellis at a photoshoot.

Ryan Kwanten and Sara Canning on Brand Magazine February/March 2014.



source: Brand Magazine on Facebook
Nelsan Ellis photos from a recent photo shoot. We don’t yet know what photo shoot it’s for, but we’ll be looking for it when it comes out.

 Screenshot 2014-04-07 20.08.42


Screenshot 2014-03-14 11.21.53True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis’ film, “Get On Up – James Brown Biography” is now in post-production and is scheduled to be released August 1, 2014.
Nelsan plays the part of Bobby Byrd in the film. Byrd who played an integral and important part in the development of soul and funk music in association with James Brown.
Below is the first trailer for the film.

source: and

Nelsan+Ellis+Butler+Premieres+NYC+Part+2+_98xYt1YHeZlTrue Blood’s Nelsan Ellis has gotten the key part to play Bobby Byrd, James Brown’s longtime friend and musical collaborator in the upcoming film, Get On Up for Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Imagine’s Brian Grazer is producing with Jagged Films’ Mick Jagger. It’s a big role in the film behind Brown, who’s being played by Chadwick Boseman. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer also star.

Ellis is best known for playing Lafayette on the HBO vampire series True Blood.  He was last seen on screen playing Martin Luther King Jr. in Lee Daniels’ The Butler and his screen credits include The Express, The Soloist, Secretariat, and The Reluctant Fundamentalist. He is repped by ICM Partners and Brookside Artist Management.

Universal will start production November in Mississippi. The script is by Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth and Steven Baigelman, and Victoria Pearman and Erica Huggins are also producing.



Lafayette Makes Top 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters

Posted by Lynnpd On October - 9 - 2013

lafayetteHey boyfriend. Nelsan Ellis’ portrayal of True Blood’s favorite short order cook, Lafayette Reynolds has made the top 10 of The Backlot’s Greatest Gay TV Characters list.  Lafayette comes in at #10 on the list and we know that Nelsan Ellis is the reason.  His portrayal of the character is perfection!!! Ain’t that right, John?

Here’s what “The Back Lot” had to say about the character.

Even if it’s teeming with vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters, it can’t be easy being an openly gay man in the tiny Louisiana town of Bon Temps — especially one with an affection for flowery scarves, glittery nail polish, and drag-queen worthy lashes. But Lafayette won us over from day one with his proud insistence on living exactly the life he wants, bigots be damned. And pity the redneck homophobe who makes a “hamburger with AIDS” comment in Lafayette’s presence, because that burger will literally be thrown back in his face, with an extra helping of shade.

A fiercely protective and loyal mama bear in a gruff, take-charge papa bear package, Lafayette regularly enlivens True Blood with his hilariously phrased observations (“Arlene, these beans is colder than titties in a brass bra”). And he’s often the sole voice of reason, the one counseling Sookie and friends to try running away from danger rather than directly into its be-fanged face.

Season 3 finally saw Lafayette move from funny bit player to central character with his own multidimensional, highly emotional story arc. Because he found Jesus, a.k.a. his mother’s dreamy male nurse. Lafayette certainly recognized the momentousness of the occasion, marveling, “You’re a witch, who’s a nurse, and a dude? How did I get so lucky?” Fans swooned watching as the two fell deeply, passionately in love, only to sob over a tragic ending, when Lafayette, possessed by a powerful witch, stabbed his beloved to death. Talk about your bad breakups.

Yet even when relegated to a minor roll, as he’s been in the past few seasons, Lafayette can always be counted on for memorable lines and moments, demonstrating, say, that the secret to perfectly fried food is all in the shimmy. Do we hope the show’s upcoming final season will bring Lafayette the happy end — and major screen time — he deserves? Hooker, please. –SF


Nelsan Ellis Says True Blood is “going back to the core”

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 7 - 2013

Nelsan+Ellis+Butler+Premieres+NYC+Part+4+ysC8MeZjFeclPersonally, I cannot wait to see Nelsan Ellis playing Martin Luther King in the just released, “The Butler.”  I’m certain he will be just awesome.

Vulture ran into Nelsan at the premiere of Lee Daniels’ The Butler last night, and when asked about True Blood, he admitted that even he —a person who had read the script and shot it” — got mixed up between all the vampires, werewolves, faeries, Ifrits, and other supernaturals invading Bon Temps.

“Last season was a bit schizophrenic, with like fifteen storylines,” he said. “Even when I watched the show, I’d get confused as to what’s going on. There was a lot happening in 51 minutes.”

Hence the high body count this season (Terry, Nora, more to come); the show is shifting its focus back to its central cast members.

We’re going back to the core,” Ellis said. “I think this season set the stage to get back to the core.” Which can only mean more Lafayette, right? “Next season,” Ellis promised. But as flamboyant and outgoing as his True Blood character is, Ellis himself is pretty shy — too shy, in fact, to respond when his Butler costar Oprah Winfrey introduced herself on set. Winfrey told Ellis that he had big shoes to fill to play King, which he agreed with, having found the process “nerve wracking.” But Ellis froze and didn’t say anything back. “I was like, Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod,” he said, reenacting how he gasped to himself as she walked away. “I get nervous around people, especially celebrities. And I think Oprah is queen of the universe. I think she sits on the balcony of the heavens.” Sounds like a True Blood cameo is in order there.


True Blood’s Lafayette, Nelsan Ellis attends the premiere of Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler’ at Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. Nelsan plays the part of the great Martin Luther King in the film.



lafayetteThe man behind Lafayette, Nelsan Ellis has some aspirations for his character in True Blood Season 6 that we learn in the interview he did with See part of their interview with Nelsan Ellis below:

Despite his character’s appreciation for men, the actor behind Lafayette — Nelsan Ellis — would like the short-order cook to get a taste of something different. Namely, ladies.

“I would love to see Lafayette get a girlfriend!”

I think Lafayette is bisexual,” Ellis explained. “I don’t think the producers would be down for it, but wouldn’t it take the audience by storm?! Lipstick on his lips kissing a girl wearing lipstick, and he’s like, ‘This is my girl’?! They could be wearing matching bandannas. I think it would be awesome. Anyway, that’s my fantasy!”

And with new showrunner Brian Buckner at the helm now that Alan Ball has stepped down, anything is possible:

“We have a different boss so we have a different show,” Ellis said.

And besides love for Lafayette, there are still tons of ideas from the Sookie Stackhouse books that are just waiting to be explored on the HBO show.

“I’ve read eight of those books! I like them so much. They are so addictive!” Ellis enthused. “While my character was killed off early on in the books, I’m really grateful to the fans and that’s why I’m still here on the show.”

“I lead a blessed life,” Ellis added. “I’m just grateful for all of it.”


Nelsan Ellis as Martin Luther King

Nelsan Ellis as Martin Luther King

The trailer for the film “The Butler” has been released, starring Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey and our very own Nelsan Ellis as Martin Luther King.

I must say that I am very impressed by this trailer and I am looking forward to see this film, which is based on the true story of a black man who served as a butler for 8 presidents in the White House. The film will be released in the USA on October 18th.


Nelsan Ellis to Attend Denver Comic Con 2013

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 2 - 2013

timthumbTrue Blood’s Nelsan Ellis will appear at the Denver Comic Con 2013. The event will take place from May 31 to June 2 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

DENVER COMIC CON is a 3-day Fan Convention featuring the best in popular television shows, movies, Japanese Animation, CosPlay, Toys, Gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, and of course… comic books.



NelsanEllisWe all love Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette on True Blood, and we’ve seen him in feature films and have even seen him direct, “Hoodoo Love.” Did you know that he is also a playwright? He first got some serious attention for his play “Ugly” while studying at Julliard. Now, HBOGo is featuring his recent short, Page 36, which he wrote and directed.


The short film written and directed by Nelsan is about a father who, to save his ailing son from certain death, voluntarily sells himself into slavery through an underground corporation. After entering into a contract with the company, he learns of more sinister intentions that threaten the life of not only himself, but his family as well.

If you subscribe to HBO, then you can see it on HBOGo until the end of March.  Just click here and log in.


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