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Season 5 High Quality Photo of Anna Paquin as Sookie

Posted by Lynnpd On May - 6 - 2012

Another photo from Season 5 has been revealed of Anna Paquin as Sookie.  Be sure to check out all the high quality stills we have for the new season in our Photo Gallery.



Bill and Sookie On Top 10 Greatest Horrific Couples List

Posted by Lynnpd On February - 14 - 2012

Over at, they have compiled a list of the Top 10 Greatest Horrific Couples and True Blood’s Bill and Sookie are on the list.

There list of couples are those that were somehow uniquely intertwined within a film.

“True Blood” (2008)
Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse

The way they see it, “True Blood” is nothing more than Twilight for grown-ups. Personally, I think it’s so much more than that, but I won’t argue the point here.

As readers of Charlaine Harris’ The Sookie Stackhouse Novels know, things don’t always work out for the best for Sookie and Bill, but viewers of “True Blood,” especially the early seasons, can’t argue the red-hot chemistry this pair has on screen. It seems when Bill is around, the once awkward Sookie has immense trouble simply keeping her clothes on. Delivering one steamy scene after another, this on-screen couple (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) got wise and decided to tie the knot for real in a ceremony in 2010. If their home life is anything like we see in “True Blood,” I’m guess not a lot gets done around that house aside from a whole lot of “testing the springs in the coffin,” if you know what I mean (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Below is a trailer from Season 1, when it was all “magical.”  Remember?

‘Sookie’ Makes Top Baby Name for 2011

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 3 - 2012

The popularity of True Blood has made Sookie a household name. We’ve even heard Stephen Moyer comment that he has met people with dogs named Sookie, and he’s been asked to call to them for the owners because they want to hear him say the name. Now, he may be calling to children, too since Parenting Magazine has reported that for girls, Isabella (Italian, God’s oath) and Sookie (American, unknown) took the top spots in 2011.  

Parenting Magazine admits that this could be a carry-over of the vampire mania we’ve seen for the past few years thanks to Twilight and True Blood.  Uh, ya think? I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the name of Sookie is directly related to True Blood. Where else could the name Sookie have come from other than the show or the books?

Unfortunately, no top spot for boy names like Bill or Eric since parents instead favored Jacob (Hebrew, supplanter) and Max (Latin, short for Maximilian, Maxwell).



Sookie and Eric have hit the Bullseye!

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 4 - 2011

In the August 12, Entertainment Weekly Sookie and Eric have made the Bullseye which documents the pop culture news that was “right on target” this week.  As you can see below, Sookie and Eric are pictured with the caption that says: “True Blood’s Bon Temps woods are getting more action lately than Charlie Sheen’s house“.




Everyone Loves to say “Sookie!”

Posted by Lynnpd On July - 8 - 2011

In the video below, we see how much True Blood likes call to “Sookie”. No main character on television has a name that’s more fun to say out loud than True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse, and the show knows it: That’s why the writers drop it into nearly every line. At Vulture, they created this oddly hypnotizing Sookie Stackhouse supercut, which features the many, many times on the show that someone has drawled, hissed, or stumbled over Sookie’s name. Good thing nobody has a lisp!

Click on the image to see the video at


What is Sookie Stackhouse?

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 8 - 2010

What is Sookie?  We know that she is a telepath, but what are these new revelations we’ve seen that have been leaked in recent episodes of the show?  Cultural Mob puts the facts before you to help us figure out just what Sookie really is below:

The Facts (disclosed thus far in the series—no spoiler alert if you’re caught up):

  • Sookie has telepathic abilities.
  • Sookie can’t read the minds of vampires.
  • She can read the minds of some other supernatural creatures such as shifters and weres.
  • Bill and others seem to have been investigating Sookie’s lineage.
  • Vampires take a special interest in Sookie and seem to have an attraction to her.
  • When seriously threatened, Sookie can emit a light from her hand; this seems to stop those intending to harm her.
  • When unconscious and in the hospital in the most recent episode, Sookie had an ethereal dream or vision in which she met one Claudine.
  • Jason revealed that Sookie was born at home and had never been to the hospital prior to her most recent emergency.
  • Maryann Forrester was intrigued by Sookie’s nature, indicating that Sookie has an ability considered rare, even among supernatural beings.
  • After feeding on Sookie, Bill receives few negative effects from sun exposure. While he took a lot of blood, this may be an indication that her blood is somehow heartier than that of other humans.
  • The hospital was unable to determine Sookie’s blood type indicating that she ‘has no blood type.’
  • Sophie, Louisiana’s queen, has taken a special interest in Hadley—revealed to be Sookie’s cousin.

To learn what Sookie really is, go to Culture Mob and find out.

Video: Snoop Dogg’s “Oh Sookie”

Posted by Lynnpd On June - 17 - 2010

Looks like Snoop Dogg has a thang for our Sookie!


At the True Blood HBO Emmy After Party Special Stephen Moyer was asked about working with Anna Paquin, his real life fiancée, he told CNN’s Marquee Blog how much he loves getting to spend all of that extra time with her, but warned that it might not last for long.  Will there be trouble for Bill and Sookie in Season 3?

Stephen says:

“I love working with Anna–I don’t think we will be working together this season only because it’s very hard to make Bill and Sookie the couple just be Bill and Sookie the couple. Nobody wants to watch that forever–every single drama you’ve ever watched has that thing where now you’ve watched and now let’s put him over there and see how he works with her and how she works with him…so we’ll see!”

What do you think? Do you agree with Stephen?  And, if not who will they “get it on” with?

Voice your opinions below:


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Who will Sookie "get it on" with next season?

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Astrology of True Blood Characters – Bill & Sookie

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 22 - 2009

Earlier this week, I posted the astrological information for the three main actors in True Blood, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård. I thought it might be fun to also look at the horoscopes of the characters they play. I was able to find the birth dates listed in the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris for Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse. Below is their zodiac information. Wow, based on what I found, Bill and Sookie don’t seem to be well matched in terms of “Best Bed Mates”, but we all know that they are dynamite together on the show.  Dare I mention that Sookie, being a Cancer, is well matched with  the sign of Virgo that is Alexander Skarsgård‘s birth sign?  Unfortunately, since vampire Eric Northman is over 1,000 years old,  born in 1046 according to Wikipedia, and there doesn’t seem to be a specific date of birth for him, I was unable to provide his astrological information and therefore, we can’t know, astrologically speaking, whether or not he would be well suited for Sookie.

billcomptonBill Compton

Aries Zodiac Sign – Born: April 9, 1840

Fire Sign March 21 – April 20

Aries Zodiac Sign – Guide To Aries Lovers

There are no half measures with Aries; they are either right into a relationship or completely uninterested. Impulsive by nature they are super-quick when it comes to falling into sexual  lust. They tend to be romantic and need a lover who won’t drive them crazy because, when under  emotional pressure, Aries can let the rest of their lives fall apart.

To an Aries love and sex is as necessary as drinking and eating and they can become irritable,  argumentative and unwell where their sex life slows down. To often the Aries set sights on someone they know is not suitable for them and, while they might relish the resulting drama,  they soon become bored as indeed, they also do, with someone who is easy to be around.  Arians are exciting bed mates that are happy to take the lead and, are generally always ready  for more. They are turned on by spontaneous and novel sex and, the more outrageous, the better.  They tend toward sexy thrills and might have some very kinky fantasies. The Arian can be impatient and somewhat selfish. Their organism is the number one priority. They  like their own space, can be instantly turned off by an over- possessive lover and, upon the  withdrawal of sexual favors by a partner, swiftly turn their attention into the arms of another.

Aries erogenous areas centre on the head and face so; light finger attention to lips, cheeks and  hair is a sure way to generate an amorous reaction from an Aries partner.

Best Bed Mates for the Arian: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini & Aquarius.

Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Rating:

Sex Drive High
Fun Loving – High
Flirtatious – High
Jealous – Medium
Faithful – Medium
Adventurous – High
Romantic – High
Easily Aroused – High
Sensitive – Low
Possessive – Medium

Aries Zodiac Sign General Statistics:

Symbol – Ram
Lucky Numbers – 1 & 9
Color – Red
Attractive Trait – Courage
Birthstone – Diamond
Body Part Ruled – The Head
Element – Fire
Polarity – Male
Metal – Iron
Animals – Ram – Sheep
Ruling Planet – Mars
Trees – All Thorn
Key Phrase – I Am
Lucky Day – Tuesday

sookie Sookie Stackhouse

Cancer Zodiac Sign – Born: July 1, 1979

Water Sign June 22 – July 23

Cancer Zodiac Sign – Guide To Cancer Lovers

Cancer’s are fun lovers to be around – since their humor is sophisticated and knowledgeable in  the ways of humanity.  They love to laugh – both at themselves as well with others – they are good providers and seem  to have a magic touch where money is concerned.  A sensitive, romantic, soft and gentle lover who, when hurt through love, may take considerable  time to trust others. Once they feel confident however, the Cancerean can expose a wild side  that is surprising in their sexual resourcefulness.  They are loyal and imaginative lovers who delight in cuddling after love making – adore physical  displays of affection, romantic dinner dates and communications by way of phone, cards, letter  and emails etc. Since they can be moody, possessive, are often over-sensitive and require constant reassurance,  they are liable to react with some jealousy where their partner displays attention to an  attractive member of the opposite sex.  The male Cancerean can visualize himself as the white knight or a centre of attraction among a  host of beautiful women while she fantasizes as a beauty of famous disposition.

Best Bed Mates for the Cancer: Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer Taurus.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Rating:

Sex Drive – Medium
Fun Loving – Medium
Flirtatious – Low
Jealous – High
Faithful – High
Adventurous – Medium
Romantic – High
Easily Aroused – High
Sensitive – High
Possessive – Medium

Cancer Zodiac Sign General Statistics:

Symbol – The Crab
Lucky Numbers – 3 & 7
Color – Green/Silver
Attractive Trait  – Loyalty
Birthstone – Pearl
Body Part Ruled – Breast/Stomach
Element – Water
Polarity – Feminine
Metal – Silver
Animals – Shell Creatures
Ruling Planet – Moon
Trees – Rich in Sap
Key Phrase – I Feel
Lucky Day – Monday


In this article on Starpulse the female leads of Twilight, Buffy, Harry Potter and True Blood are compared. Our very own Sookie is described as Strong and Independent.

sookieEven though Luna (Harry Potter) is a shining example for young readers, a more mature example is still necessary. One can find her in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. Sookie is perhaps one of the strongest examples of a female character in literature, and one of a handful on television today. The HBO series “True Blood,” which closely follows the novels, gives Sookie’s character a fair, non-objectified, representation. Sookie is a quick witted, sharp Southern 20-something woman living in Bon Temps, Lousiana, in a world where vampires have been “outed.” While she becomes romantically involved with a vampire, she doesn’t follow his every desire and strikes out when vampires believe she is Bill Compton’s “human.” With lines like, “You cannot check me out like a library book!”, Sookie is her own woman and will protect her family and loved ones no matter what. “True Blood” also takes the novels a step further, fleshing out the character of Tara Thorton, Sookie’s best friend. By adding Tara as a strong supporting character, the show strengthens the representation of young women, as Tara matches Sookie’s wit and intelligence.

So while Bella and “Twilight” as a whole is not the best example of fiction or of female characters, it is at least somewhat more tolerable placed within the context of the narratives mentioned above. In a perfect world, Twilighters will grow up to read Sookie Stackhouse and learn that there is more to life than living purely for a vampire and the patriarchal path of the traditional female role.

Read the complete article : on Starpulse by Sarah Lafferty

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