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True Blood Comic To Become Ongoing Monthly In Spring 2012

Posted by Shadaliza On October - 27 - 2011

True Blood, the mega-hit vampire TV series, will be making the transition from miniseries to ongoing monthly from IDW Publishing this spring, according to a joint press release from the publisher and HBO, which broadcasts the program. For the last couple of years, one of IDW’s best-selling titles has been True Blood. Based on the popular HBO series which is, in turn, based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, the comics follow the adventures of the same batch of Bon Temps-based, supernatural characters introduced in the Harris novels, while each of the three iterations seem to have their own continuity (though obviously similarities between the continuities run deep).

With three miniseries already completed or underway, IDW’s True Blood comics have been a financial boon for the company and a mainstream success outside of the direct market, with a big presence at Barnes & Noble and other brick-and-mortar retailers as well as online book clubs. With a hardcore fanbase that’s been clamoring for a steady stream of new content to get them through the drought brought about by the end of the TV seasons, IDW has decided now is the time to step up and offer an ongoing, monthly True Blood series.

The comics are a great way to continue telling True Blood stories off screen,” said Alan Ball, who created the HBO series, in the press release. “With this new ongoing series, Truebies will be able to find a new comic in stores every month. We’ll also have even more room to create in-depth drama and further explore the world of Bon Temps.

The first miniseries, All Together Now, was widely critically panned but the hardcover collection reached the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels thanks in no small part to the aforementioned push by Barnes & Noble, who displayed the collection at the central displays at their 700 stores’s entryways when it was first released. The second miniseries, Tainted Love, was co-written by Captain America and Bucky co-writer Marc Andreyko, famous for his strong female lead in the fan-favorite Manhunter series, and was substantially more well-received by the comics community. Both are available in collected editions at bookstores or digitally through the Apple iTunes and iBooks shops. The third miniseries, The French Quarter, is ongoing and will be released in collected edition in March 2012, according to the press release.

No creative team is named in the press release, although one hopes Andreyko is on the short list.


“Truebies now have two great stories to enjoy, both of which offer new adventures for the Bon Temps crew.” – Alan Ball

IDW Publishing, in conjunction with HBO, is pleased to announce the launch of the second hardcover True Blood comic collection, TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE, available in comic and book stores throughout North America on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. This compilation of all six issues from the second series of the mega-hit comics offers an all-new story co-written by True Blood star Michael McMillian and comics fan-favorite Marc Andreyko. The collection features bonus content, including a cover gallery.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the continued success of the comics and are excited that the release of the comic collection will make the series even more accessible to fans,” stated show creator Alan Ball. “Truebies now have two great stories to enjoy, both of which offer new adventures for the Bon Temps crew.

Following on the success of the New York Times best-selling first comic collection, TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW, this second edition channels the same erotically-charged romance, wry humor, intriguing mystery and suspense the show has become known for into a brand new story that treats readers to new insights of their favorite characters. In TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE, Jessica is exposed to contaminated bottles of Tru Blood, causing the lovely vampire to go berserk. It’s up to Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the Bon Temps gang to figure out who (or what) is behind the bad Blood. Plus, Reverend Newlin is back and as always in the world of True Blood, things are not as they seem.

“Not only is Steve Newlin back, but TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE sees the first comic appearance of many fan-favorite characters from the show,” said McMillian, who plays Fellowship of the Sun leader Reverend Steve Newlin on the show. “Marc and I worked hard to make our story arc feel like a mini-season of True Blood. Hopefully it will help viewers with their withdrawal while they wait for the next season.”

Developed with show creator Alan Ball, actor McMillian and Andreyko crafted this twisted tale. Joining McMillian and Andreyko is artist Joe Corroney, who brings this latest head-turning series to life. Superstar artist J. Scott Campbell provides the cover.

The comic book is available at Amazon for $15.50.

It is also available at these other locations.

TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE ($24.99, 160 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code JUL11 0370; ISBN 978-1-61377-019-1.
TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE ($11.99) is available in Apple’s iBook Store.
TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW ($24.99, 160 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code DEC10 0370; ISBN 978-1-60010-868-6.
The entire TRUE BLOOD COMICS COLLECTION is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch through the Apple App Store.


Photos from True Blood: The French Quarter Volume 1

Posted by Lynnpd On September - 15 - 2011

True Blood’s new comic: Will Eric & Bill uncover the identity of a vampire serial killer?

Be among the first to collect True Blood: The French Quarter #1 comic book today at the HBO Shop:

source: HBO True Blood on

Do you love the True Blood Comic Books as much as we do?

Volume 2 Tainted Love with hardcover is now available for pre-order in the HBO Shop. And it’s co-written by True Blood’s very own Michael McMillian aka Rev. Steve Newlin.

Story synopsis: Hoyt, the human boyfriend of Jessica, tries to do a good deed… and it doesn’t go unpunished! Hoyt notices that Jessica has been staring at a poster for a local prom night, which leads him to romantically scheme to throw a surprise one for her at Merlotte’s (with the help of friends Sookie, Sam and Tara). Unfortunately, things go awry when Jessica drinks a bit too much of the punch, which just happens to be part of a tainted batch of Tru Blood! Now out of control on a rampage into the night, Hoyt, Bill and Jason do their best to help their friend. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette try to help Jessica a little differently, by seeking out Eric, and the local sheriff! It’s a thrill ride beyond compare as they fight to bring Jessica back to the safety of Bon Temps stretches dangerously close to dawn.

Place your order in the HBO Shop.

HBO publishes new photos from True Blood Comic Tainted Love 6

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 16 - 2011

The new True Blood Comic is out and Jessica’s condition takes a turn for the worse in the new Tainted Love comic book #6.

The comic book is available now at the


source: True Blood Facebook page

True Blood’s Reverend Newlin, Michael McMillian is interviewed while at last weekend’s Comic Con 2011. There, he hinted at what may have happened to his character Steve Newlin. We can’t wait for Steve and the Fellowship to make their return!






Over at the Inside True Blood Blog they got an interview with Michael McMillian about the new issue of the comic book that is about to be released.  Yea, and this issue actually includes Michael’s alter ego, the one and only Rev. Newlin from True Blood.  Below is part of Gianna Sobel’s interview with Michael:

Comic-Con is hitting San Diego this week, and the festivities are dripping in ‘True Blood.’ Over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you an all-new trailer, cast Q&As, and much more. But to kick things off in the proper frame, we talked to Michael McMillian (who in addition to playing The Rev. Steve Newlin on the show, writes the official ‘True Blood’ comic book) and our own InsideTrueBlood blogger Gianna Sobol (who works as story editor on the books) about ‘Tainted Love’ – the issue of the comic that is about to be released as an extras-packed Legacy Edition at Comic-Con.

Gianna, you’ve been wearing a lot of hats lately – can you describe what you do as story editor for the comics?

Gianna Sobol: I get outlines and then scripts, and I give notes, trying to help to keep in line with the show.

Michael McMillian: She tells us what sucks.

GS: I tell him what’s terrible about all of his work, and then I rewrite the whole thing. And then we just put his name on it. No – I think I’m kind of the ‘True Blood’ consultant, to keep the characters and world on track.

Was there anything you’ve had to cut out because it ran up against the show?

MM: Without spoiling anything from Season 4, there were actually a couple things that Marc [Andreyko] and I had put in there that Gianna told us might actually be happening in the show. So there were a few ideas we had to rewrite so we wouldn’t step on the tail of the show.

GS: Then there would just be little things, like one scene where Jessica’s mom was yelling at her, and I stepped in to say, “You know, Jessica’s dad is really the yeller, and her mom’s kind of the silent type …” Little changes like that. I think the show is so big – and there’s so much lore and detail – what makes the comic book so cool is that it builds that world even more.

Read the rest of this interview by going to:

New Six issue Comic book: True Blood: The French Quarter

Posted by Lynnpd On May - 19 - 2011

IDW Publishing and HBO revealed their plans for a sequel to the best-selling ”All Together Now” miniseries that first brought the series from the screen to the comics world.

Titled “True Blood: The French Quarter,” the new, six-issue series hits shelves in August and will follow Sookie and vampire Eric Northman as they travel to New Orleans in order to track down a killer whom Eric and his maker, Godric, thought they killed centuries ago. With Eric and Sookie paired up, you can bet Bill Compton’s not far behind, but he’ll have his hands full investigating a local Hep-D outbreak. Pam and Lafayette will also play big roles in the series, according to the publisher.

True Blood: The French Quarter” will bring back “All Together Now” writers Mariah Huehner and David Tischman, as well as artist David Messina, who will be joined by Claudia Balboni on the series. Messina and Correney will provide cover art for the series.

The first issue of the limited series will hit shelves in August.
Below is artist Joe Corroney’s cover for “True Blood: The French Quarter” below.



True Blood Comic “Tainted Love” additional covers

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 28 - 2011

We already posted the cover of the new second True Blood comic, “Tainted Love” #1 here, but there are additional editions, 2 through 5 covers, below.

The second True Blood story-arc ramps up with the discovery of the contaminated bottles of blood!

The latest in the series is #5, the last photo.

To purchase one of these comic books, click here.

The Buzz: True Blood Comic Book Signing Event in Hollywood

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 8 - 2011

On, February 26, 2011, several of the True Blood cast members attended a book signing at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove. HBO’s “The Buzz” was there for the event including Sam Trammell, Deborah Ann Woll and Rutina Wesley.

In the video, watch as the True Blood cast signs copies of their new comic book. And don’t forget the new season of True Blood will premiere this summer only on HBO.

Unfortunately, this video is not viewable in other countries.

For more information, go to

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