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Strange Times – Observations on True Blood Season 6 so far

Posted by Telina E. Knight On July - 4 - 2013

Guest Writer editorialWe are now three episodes into season six and most of our burning questions still remain unanswered. I do, however, have my own theories on what will happen in the coming episodes.


More thoughts on “Who Will Bite The Dust”
We all know that one of our beloved main characters will bite the dust this season. Many are convinced its Eric while others believe Lafayette will finally meet the same fate his character did in the books. If I’m choosing between the two, my money’s on Lafayette, simply because it’s no secret that Eric is probably the most popular fan favorite on the show.

That being said, after watching “You’re No Good”, I’m convinced that a character I had never really considered to be in danger before could meet his demise this season and that’s Jason. It’s obvious that Sook’s loving big brother is ill and seems to only be getting worse. From the spoilers I’ve seen for episode four, Sookie and Jason’s faery grandfather don’t seem to keen on helping his grandson, since Jason missed out on the Fae gene.

Jason has survived multiple were-panther attacks, an overdose on V, and Steve Newlin among other obstacles, but he has always bounced right back, until now. Not only is Jason physically ill, his mental state hasn’t been all that great either. Could it be that all the tragedy and danger that have followed the Stackhouse siblings are finally catching up to them, Jason being the one taking the brute?

He is, after all, merely mortal whilst his half-fae sister still has the vamps, weres, and royal faEry kin to help her out. Then again, Jessica may still be carrying a torch for Jason and help him out with her blood, if he will allow it.

Niall and Sookie help Jason

Another character I believe may possibly be in danger of meeting her maker is Pam. In the last couple of seasons, Pam has been taking desperate measures to keep Eric to herself but her attempts have instead pushed him away. Or so it seems, bottom line is Pam will do anything and I do mean ANYTHING to keep her maker safe and if that means the true death for her, well so be it.

Pam is probably one of my top five favorite characters and Kristen Bauer Van Straten does a fabulous job portraying her but her character has grown away from the sassy, bad-ass vamp we knew in first three seasons. She has gone from smart and witty to clingy and a little crazy.

I do applaud the Tara/Pam pairing, though I don’t see it lasting too long. Tara is also one whose fate is up in the air. There seems to be a pattern with Tara, every time she is saved from a terrible thing, something similar ends up happening to her anyway.

Tara thought Lafayette was the body in the back of Andy’s car in the season two premiere but he reappeared after being held captive in Eric’s dungeon then in the season two finale Jason kills Tara’s new love, Eggs, because he thought Eggs was trying to kill Andy Bellefleur. Then, Tara narrowly escapes being made vampire by the demented Franklin Mott in season three, only to be turned by Pam in season five to avoid dying from a gunshot wound to the head courtesy of Debbie Pelt. So, wouldn’t it only make sense if Tara finally met the true death? After all, you can only escape it so many times before it finally catches you. At this point in the season, it seems that almost everyone except Sookie is fair game.

New Fae’s in Town


Speaking of the fae, there are two new faes in town, one being Ben Flynn, the ruggedly handsome stranger Sookie helps out in episode 2 (The Sun). Ben has now returned to assist Sookie’s faery grandfather, Niall Brigant in keeping Sookie safe from the yet to really be seen Warlow, the progeny of Lilith, who was promised Sookie would be his by her several times great-grandfather John Stackhouse.

Ben Flynn

Ben just kind of appeared out of nowhere and we don’t really know much about him, yet, other than he knows a little more about the Fae than Sookie does and he and the Sook can “feel” each other, something neither could do with any other fae. Maybe they are supposed to be soul mates?

Many Trubies are thinking that Ben is some kind of bad guy, maybe somehow connected to Warlow, but I disagree with that. I think he is totally a good guy and while I am TEAM ERIC, it is a little refreshing seeing Sookie having a chance to be with her own kind, someone that truly gets how she feels. Maybe Ben and Sookie are destined to have lots of half-fae babies to restore the bloodline destroyed by Warlow? Or maybe he is just someone to make Eric jealous so he will come to his senses and take Sookie and his vamp family of Pam, Tara, and Nora out of Louisiana and away from all the danger.


Why not leave the State?


I am really wondering why all the Louisiana vamps haven’t left the state already. I mean, if Louisiana is the only state invoking these Jim Crow Laws for Vamps, why not just go to another state? You got Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas all within a couple hours distance, so it’s not like it would take awhile to get to a safer territory.

Nora, Eric, Pam and Tara

Maybe set up camp at Russell Edgington’s old place in Jackson or head back to Dallas to seek help from Isabelle, Godric’s former second? But no, our favorite vamps choose to stay in the land of the un-free and walk right into danger. Guess we wouldn’t have much of a season of they didn’t.


The new Billith
I still can’t decide if I like the new Billith or not. Frankly, old Bill was kind of uptight and bland. Maybe it’s time to give the Confederate soldier the True Death once and for all so Stephen Moyer can spend more time directing and making babies with his wife.

Bill Compton

Guess we will just have to stay tuned to find out what will happen next…and to ensure there’s a seventh season…

Telina E. Knight

Telina E. Knight

Telina is a 26 year old mom, free-lance writer and blogger and a dedicated Trubie. She is currently working on her first novel and a new blog.
Telina E. Knight

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Who will get the True Death in True Blood Season 6?

Posted by Laura Dengrove On June - 16 - 2013

guestwriterbuttonSpoiler Alert!

Rumors have been running rapid lately, rumors of one of our beloved characters getting the final stake. Yes we all know by now that True Blood is filled with shocking deaths, but it still hurts to know in advance that we will be losing one of our main characters so quickly this season. With only ten short episodes we are left asking ourselves, who will it be?

Who will die and who will be safe? Well I am here to give a rundown on the pros and cons for each character (besides Sookie) and to try and foresee who may or may not die. Let’s get started!

Eric, Sookie and Bill in Season 4

10. Eric Northman- Now I know some of the main rumors going around are that our lovable Viking may be the one to get the True Death, but I want everyone to take a collective sigh of relief for I am almost a hundred percent sure that this is false. I cannot confirm anything, for this is purely my opinion, but photos have been taken recently of Alex (Eric) shooting for the final episodes of the season. Another thing for Eric is that he is a huge fan favorite plus he is still in the running for Sookie’s heart so it is doubtful he will be the one to die.

9. Bill Compton- With the new and all mighty powers he has developed since drinking the Lilith cool aid it is doubtful he will die as well. Unless they kill him and he comes back again, again, again, and again. Only time will tell what has become of Bill, or what will become of him, but it is almost certain he will not be the one to die.

8. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort- Another fan favorite, but with all the human wars and Billith business going on she may be on the hit list. Rest assured my Truebies, I doubt she is in trouble. Besides if they killed her off we would never know when to ‘get back on that pole’.

7. Jason Stackhouse- A Sookie’s biggest support system and her loving brother I do not think he will die. He could be a surprise death but fans would not be please at all and Sookie may go completely crazy, so I think he is safe…for now.

6. Sam Merlotte- With the cliffhanger leaving Luna better off dead, and Sam surviving the Authority takeover, Sam seems in the clear right now.
5. Alcide Herveaux- With his new status as pack master, and major sex symbol, doubtful he will be the one to die.

4. Jessica Hamby- The new vampire princess seems safe with Bill on her side, but she could be in major danger if she tries to protect her godly Maker.

3. Tara Thornton- Newbie vampire Tara may be in trouble. With some fan support dying for her a bit, the writers may not have a problem killing her, once and for all. It would be unlikely though since she now has a relationship with Pam and still is close to Sookie and the crew. Her death, however, would mark a surprise in the show. She has been there since the beginning and with her new “family” it may be the best time for the writers to pull the rug out from under us.

2. Arlene/Terry/Andy/Holly (The Merlottes Crew)- This group will most likely end in a death or two. Arlene, Terry, and Holly have faded from fan favor so the writers may off them, but Andy may be in the clear.

1. Lafayette Reynolds- With all the rumors running around, this is the one that seems to pop up the most and even though I, like many fans, do not want to admit it he may be the one to go. Lafayette has been a fan favorite since day one, heck his character was even written to stay on the show after his book self died, and he has developed close relationships with everyone on the show, even Eric. If he was to die it would be the biggest surprise and the biggest death in True Blood since Gran and Godric. It would hurt just about every character and it may be the shock that True Blood needs, but it still hurts to talk about. I hope I am wrong about his death, I hope it is just my number two on this list to suffer, but alas I fear the worse.

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it, until proven wrong of course. So here is to another great season of True Blood and let’s hope all of our favorite characters are safe!

Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove is a young journalist/critic on all things film and television. Full time student and writer.

The evolution of Eric and Sookie. Will they finally get together?

Posted by Laura Dengrove On June - 9 - 2013

Guest writer editorialWell it’s that time of year again, the time of year where sex, blood, mayhem, and well more sex fills the air and the beginning of a new True Blood season. The time of year where ship wars begin to start.
Rather you are ‘Team Bill’, ‘Team Alcide’, ‘Team Sam’, or well my ship ‘Team Eric’, the fights just never cease to end. Well in this article I’m here to talk about Team Eric and if we will ever get to see him and Sookie back together, in more ways than one. They started off as just, well allies I suppose. With heated looks across the room, and dreams that stemmed from one drop of blood, the romance just grew from there.
One of my favorite scenes, where I believe the love started, was the death of Godric. Eric’s grief over the loss of his Maker seemed to show Sookie that Eric wasn’t the boogeyman she believed him to be. Godric made her promise to look after him, and while in the moment she wasn’t sure she could, she tried to look after him. The dreams she had after the blood she took from Eric, after he tricked into sucking out a bullet that was lodged into his chest, made her feelings for him grow. The dreams weren’t one sided though. In season three, Eric shared those dreams. He fantasized about her during work and always felt protective over her, even if he didn’t admit it.
When season four came around we were introduced to amnesia Eric who became this way after a nasty run in with a witch named Marnie/Antonia. He was innocent, kind, and unhardened by the troubles he went through in is very long life. He fell in love with Sookie and Sookie fell for him. She couldn’t resist him for very long and they made love shortly after he began living with her during his time under the witch’s curse. With all the witch problems going on and Marnie becoming more powerful, Sookie cured Eric’s amnesia after he tried to kill Bill. After getting his memories back he realized he was still in love with Sookie and told her things didn’t have to change between them. Sookie’s heart, however, was still torn between Eric and Bill. In the end she chose neither and tried to live a normal life, without her vampire lovers.
When season five came along, we barely had any scenes to quench our thirst for more Sookie and Eric. Until the end, where Billith rose and he seemed to put our star crossed lovers together once more. So where does this leave Eric and Sookie? The answer to that is uncertain. Even though it seems like this would be the best time for the writers to finally give the Eric and Sookie fans what they want and get the characters together, they still appear to be fixated on having Bill and Sookie together.
In a recent article with the new show runner, Brian Buckner, he said that Sookie and Bill would always be the center of the show but may not always be together and that Sookie will find someone she may have more in common with aka Ben the new fairy in town. Well I for one am a bit upset by this. As an avid Sookie and Eric fan I believe the chemistry between them is electric. I believe they may be soul mates and that they should be together, and soon. They are both two troubled characters haunted by their past and in a weird way complement each other. The relationship is full of lust and love and I do hope they find a way back to each other.
Until then there is always fan fiction and who knows, maybe I am wrong. Maybe in the end Sookie and Eric will be with each other at some point this season. From one shipper to another, I’ll keep hope and keep my ship alive and we shall see what True Blood has in store for them this season! (New season starts June 16, 2013 on HBO)


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove is a young journalist/critic on all things film and television. Full time student and writer.

Ten things to do in Bon Temps before the world ends

Posted by AphroditeMF On December - 18 - 2012

As you may have heard, the calendar of the ancient South American Mayans ends on 21st December, so there’s speculation that this is the day that the world is going to end. If that were the case, then where better to spend the countdown to the apocalypse than Bon Temps? Here are some shenanigans that you could get up to before the end of days…

Welcome to Bon Temps


1. Head to Bon Temps’ premiere bar and eatery, Merlotte’s. As proprietor Sam Merlotte has pointed out, a lot of people get murdered there, so it’s a good thing for him that the town doesn’t have too many bar options. You can sample Merlotte’s old style Southern cooking, courtesy of head chef Lafayette, and sous chef Terry Bellefleur. While you’re enjoying your cheeseburger with AIDS, why not have a beer with Hoyt’s road crew? And the flat screen TVs make this bar a great place to watch rolling news coverage of the coming apocalypse.

2. Go and hang out at resident Vampire King William Compton’s classy antebellum mansion. Please note: you might want to give him a spongebath if he’s in Billith mode. If you’re a gamer, then how about playing some Wii and X-Box 360 with him and Jessica (he favours Wii Golf, while she does a mean Cherry Bomb on Rock Band). Or if you ask nicely, King Bill might show you his jazz piano. And when the end of the world does come, he’s got a handy nuclear bunker beneath his home that you could hide out in.

3. Head over to Lafayette’s place. The end of the world is nigh, so now is the perfect time to try a V trip for the first time. Or if the ultimate psychedelic experience is not your bag, you could just smoke a bong and try on some of his frocks.

4. If you’re on the guestlist (i.e. not a vampire), you could find yourself in secret fairy strip joint Hot Wings. A lapdance from a fairy is one you’ll never forget! If they take a shine to you, you could find yourself in the fairy realm, which will prove handy should a planet collide with the Earth.

5. Check out one of the barbeques that the local werewolf pack holds. While there you can eat some meat (don’t worry, they only eat their dead relatives raw), play fetch with adorable werewolf cub Emma, and hopefully see some young alpha wolves wrestling. If you get drunk, Alcide will be happy to carry you home.




6. It’s been a while since Bon Temps had its last Maenad orgy, and surely one to celebrate the apocalypse will be the party to end all parties. There will be epic fruit, endless pot, and if you’re really lucky, the glorious sight of a tree made out of rotting meat. A word of warning though: make sure everyone’s left their black contact lenses at home this time.

7. Take a short drive to neighbouring town Shreveport, home to the South’s number one Vampire nightclub, Fangtasia. There’s industrial metal on the jukebox, poledancers, and plenty of opportunities to lose your fangbanging cherry. While here, if you’re easy on the eye, proprietor and local vampire sheriff Eric Northman might take a shine to you and let you sit on his knee on his throne. Hell, maybe he’ll let you swing his Viking sword too.

8. Hook up with Eric’s sardonic vampire lieutenant Pam. Raid her closet (it did Tara no end of favours), have a TruBlood cocktail, and bitch about Sookie’s precious fairy vagina. She might even let you check out her fluffy pink coffin.

9. Be sure to visit the Bon Temps cemetery, a historical burial ground dating back to before the Civil War. It’s also an excellent location in which to indulge in some very muddy graveyard sex.

10. When the hijinx get out of hand, get yourself arrested by Bon Temps’ finest. You’re bound to enjoy getting handcuffed by Jason in his cop uniform. If you aren’t too much of a troublemaker, he might do some handstand push-ups to keep you entertained while you’re in your cell.

Natalie co-hosts God Hates Fangs podcast with her husband. She is currently working on a trilogy of sci-fi vampire novels.

Sean Harry’s Starfury events have been running for many years now and the third annual Vampire Ball was hosting True Blood’s regular guests Allan Hyde who plays Godric and Mariana Klaveno who plays Lorena. Mariana had cancelled two years previously and I was on honeymoon the previous year so was looking forward to meeting her for the first time as well as Allan who was very funny at the first Vampire Ball.

The venue this year was the Renaissance hotel next to Heathrow airport which makes it easier to get to for con goers outside of the UK. I arrived late evening on the Friday night and bought regular tickets on the door. After checking into my hotel room it was straight down for the opening ceremony in the main hall. Sean Harry opened the con and introduced the guests. His banter with the crowd was great and he joked about the lack of Twilight guests at his cons. Juliet Landau and James Masters were the big names to keep the legions of Buffy fans happy this year.

Mariana Klaveno was the first True Blood guest introduced and she joked that she had kicked Allan Hyde in his privates backstage. Allan came out minutes later doubled up pretending that actually happened. Allan was sporting a beard which I had not seen before so looked a bit older than the last time I had seen him. Mariana had her hair dyed blond.

After the opening ceremony there was a meet and greet for gold ticket holders that I would be missing out on this time. Following this there was a party themed on Sunningdale from Buffy. I went dressed in my Captain Hammer T-shirt with black gauntlets. I met up with Truebie friends I had made at previous cons and we sat at a table together. The party went on late into the night. There were a few people in Merlotte waitress costumes including a bloke in drag as Sookie which was hilarious. 

Mariana KlavenoAllan Hyde


After breakfast the next morning my first True Blood related activity was the photo shoot at midday with Allan and Mariana. I dressed in my Andy Bellefleur sherif costume for this and Allan and Mariana aprreciated the effort I had made with the costume. A little while later in the afternoon they gave the first of their two guest talks together. The talk started a little late as Allan is a big Chelsea fan and had been watching them beat Arsenal on the TV!

Allan and Mariana joked about Godric’s Obi-Wan style comeback as figure in shining white light. When asked what other True Blood character they would like to play, Allan said Lorena and Mariana said Lafayette. Their favourite True Blood episodes were Godric’s death scene and Lorena torturing Bill. Allan talked about how he played someone much older by studying videos of old people and doing less which made him look more wise. If they could appear in other shows, Allan said he would like to be in the Walking Dead and Marianna said she would like to be in Game of Thrones. Allan said he would like to be a chef if he wasn’t an actor. He recounted a funny story of making Bolognese sauce all day for a friend and his friends flatmate making one out of a jar that his flat mates thought was better! Mariana spoke about the infamous head twist scene when she was making love to Bill and how they had to take a dummy life cast of her torso. They would leave it on set naked and she asked them to cover it up so they put a bra on it!

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True Blood season six: What’s in store for Bill Compton?

Posted by AphroditeMF On August - 31 - 2012

Season five of True Blood has concluded with its most jaw-dropping cliffhanger ever.  While many fans were greatly distressed by Bill Compton’s explosive death and resurrection in the finale, I was enthralled by this turn of events.  Bill is going to be smack-bang at the centre of next season’s storyline, and is the subject of intense speculation and attention right now.  Also, this will be an excellent plot to showcase Stephen Moyer’s versatility as an actor, and represents a huge game-changer for the show.

Here are my thoughts on Bill Compton version 2.0…

Bill Compton True Blood


Bill is not simply Lilith in Bill’s skin – he is still himself, with his own memories and experiences.  This has been confirmed already by Alan Ball.  So this is not, as some fans have been saying, a rip-off of the Locke/Man in Black storyline from Lost (massive Lost spoiler: Locke died, and the evil spirit of The Man in Black took on his form).  The fact that Sookie and Eric both saw him implies that he is a physical being, not a spirit entity as Lilith was.  I doubt that Lilith is going to be inhabiting his body and occasionally taking controlling him, since they’ve done the spirit possession thing to death with Lafayette.  It’s possible that Bill will continue to have visions of Lilith, but my feeling is that we’ve seen the last of her and her epic ladygarden.  Lilith’s quest was to find a host, and now that she has accomplished that, her powers have become manifested in Bill.  My feeling is that Bill will still have free-will, and will have control over his own actions, for better or for worse.

Since he has been “reborn”, then it is plausible that he will suffer from the same uncontrollable urges as a newly made vampire does, and will be wild and impulsive.  Throughout season five, he became increasingly psychotic, as a result of ingesting Lilith’s blood and being brainwashed by the Sanguinista cult, to the extent that he lost all the love and empathy that he’d once had, even towards Jessica and Sookie.  Now that he is reborn, whether or not he remains a completely cold-blooded psychopath remains to be seen.

A lot of fans have been asking if Bill will be naked, covered in blood, and emitting a horrendous primal scream noise all season.  Somehow, as much as I would like to see an entire season of Naked Bill, I doubt that he’s going to remain in the state we saw him in immediately following his resurrection.  To have him being an entirely feral would be a waste of Stephen Moyer’s acting skills, so I think that he will be lucid, just more vicious than he once was.


Bill Compton True BloodPowers

Obviously he has become supercharged in some way – so will he have some previously unseen superpowers?  What will he be capable of?  Superior strength and speed to all vampires is a given, as is extremely potent blood, and very possibly the ability to enthrall vampires who drink his blood.  Probably he’ll acquire the ability to fly, and maybe some advanced glamouring technique.  Maybe he will be able to glamour a mass audience via television?  Or glamour other vampires and supernatural beings?  The writers’ imaginations pose the only limit to what Bill might now be capable of.  Perhaps he’s immune to staking, and can daywalk?  He might even have some crazy sci-fi abilities such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, shape-shifting, telepathic projection, time travel, prescience, resurrection of the dead… you name it!

A feeling I have is that Bill will see Lorena, in the same way that Eric and Nora saw Godric.  And if Bill sees Lorena egging him on to be evil, maybe it will make him think twice.



Now that Bill is some sort of vampire demigod, what sort of shenanigans is he going to get up to?  The Sanguinistas were keen to bolster their numbers by turning new vampires, so perhaps Bill will get some new progenies?  Will he set out to gain new followers, presenting himself as the new vampire messiah, or embark on a lone mission of anarchy?  Maybe Steve Newlin and Nigel the baby eater could be his first disciples?  Bill was an adept politician, so perhaps he will continue to try to manipulate the media, while covertly carrying out his dastardly deeds.

On the other hand, since he had a brief realization in between downing the blood, and meeting the true death, perhaps the reborn Bill will question his new role and will resist the prophecy within the Vampire Bible.

What I’m really wondering is whether Bill could be the Antichrist.  It’s been mentioned in the show that “end days” are coming, and Salome spoke of Lilith’s return heralding The Rapture.  What if events are spiralling towards a cataclysmic event, and Bill is the harbinger of evil?  If that is the case, then another being would have to be the second coming of Christ.  Sookie, perhaps?  Or is this all a bit too much like Lost/Carnivale/The Stand?!


Bill Compton True BloodThe Long Game

My feeling is that, while Bill will initially appear to be inherently evil, slowly he will come to his senses.  He’s fought long and hard for his humanity in the past, after all.  I know that many fans feel that Bill’s role next season is to eventually defeat Warlow, and I am in agreement.  They’ve already done the “Bill and Eric outwit an ancient vampire” thing with Russell, but now Bill has been empowered it will be interesting to see a face-off between two ultra-powerful undead beings.

I think that the fairies will have an important role to play in Bill’s eventual fate.  There is way more to the vampire/fairy mythology than we have seen so far in the show.  My feeling is that their origins are somehow entwined.  It was significant that Salome was so appalled by fairies, and said that Lilith regards them as an abomination.  And let’s not forget – Bill now has four half-fairy great-great-great-great-great granddaughters.  Bill has to eventually be revealed as Andy and Terry’s ancestor, and I think the existence of his living human bloodline will come into play.

I feel that the end-game in True Blood is for Bill to turn human
.  One reason for this is that Russell implied in season three that the fairies have the ability to resurrect dead vampires.  So maybe season six could end with Bill being killed again (perhaps by suicide), and then being resurrected again by Sookie, but this time as a human.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?  The only way he can have a future with Sookie is to become human, but by becoming human he ruins his chances with her, because then she’d be able to read his mind.  And how terrible would it be for him to be gifted these infinite god-powers only to have them removed, and to have to learn to live as an ordinary mortal?  However, it’s been revealed that Sookie’s powers are finite – she and Bill could end up living as an ordinary human couple after all.  I still think that their conversation in season three, where they dreamed of a life together where neither was a supernatural being, was somehow prophetic.


Whatever direction the writers choose to take Bill’s character, it’s sure to be a mind-bending journey that his character will embark on!

Natalie co-hosts God Hates Fangs podcast with her husband. She is currently working on a trilogy of sci-fi vampire novels.

Past weekend was the very last True Blood Bitten event in Northampton, UK. Jason Smith aka Andy Bellefleur was there again with his lovely wife Katie and he reports how Truebies party in the UK.

This was the third True Blood convention organised by Massive Events. The big name guest this year was Nelsan Ellis who plays Lafayette. Denis O’Hare who plays Russell Edgington had to be replaced due to being in a play on Broadway which clashed with the convention. Nelsan was to be joined by Lauren Bowles who plays Holly, Lindsay Pulsipher who plays Crystal and Tara Buck who plays Ginger. I was a little sad going into this con as it was announced the week before that this would be the last True Blood Bitten convention that Massive Events would host. I resolved that I would make the most of the weekend and have a great time. Was looking forward to meeting the Bitten crew and cosplaying a variety of True Blood characters over the course of the weekend.

I decided to take the Friday off work this year so I could arrive early and not be so rushed as in previous years. After meeting up with Truebie friends for lunch, checking in to the hotel and registering for the con, I changed into my Sheriff Bellefleur costume that I would be wearing for the party that night and made my way to the convention hall. Everyone was excited that the Bitten con was going to start again. The first shock announcement was that Nelsan had missed his flight from the USA as he had been filming overnight and it had overrun. Massive Events promised he would be there the following morning for photos and autographs and even said they would do a second meet and greet wine reception the following night for gold ticket holders as Nelsan would miss the one that was taking place straight after the opening ceremony. Then we got to meet Tara, Lindsay and Lauren for the first time which got the crowd going. The ladies said they had been enjoying the sights of Northampton and had found a shoe museum to look round!

After the brief introduction at the opening ceremony it was on to the first of two wine receptions with the guests. Lauren (who plays Andy Bellfleur’s girlfriend) said she was very taken with my costume! It was her second convention, the first being a horror convention in Baltimore. Lindsay was wearing some amazing blue high hell shoes that the Truebie ladies in my group loved. She had been to an autograph signing with Joe Manganiello, so it was her first proper con too! Tara looked lovely too.


After the wine reception was the first of the parties, this one being themed round the Halloween party at Merlotte’s in Season 3. Everyone had made great efforts on costumes this year. At 10pm almost everyone made their way outside to the front of the hotel for the first of three group shots of all the convention goers. The party went on quite late and Sheriff Andy was very popular for photos.

I made it to breakfast this next morning dressed as Andy Bellefleur for the first photoshoot starting at 10am. Nelsan had arrived at the hotel shortly beforehand and everyone was excited about that. I also took my Talbot crystal jar down for the photo shoots. First photo shoot was with Lauren followed by Nelsan (who pulled Talbot’s lid off to look inside!) and then Lindsay and then Tara. The queues for autographs were not too bad so it wasn’t long before I had all four signatures added to my Andy Bellefleur arm cast. There was a short break during which I got changed into regular con cloths for the group photo with all four guests and my wife Katie.

The first group talk was a solo one from Lindsay. She was asked what it was like kissing and biting Ryan and about the infamous rape scene which she said was the most awkward scene she had to film. She said biting him was very chocolatey as that’s what they use in the fake blood! She said the funniest thing was the reverse camera shot on Ryan from her point of view when Ryan was tied to the bed which had one of the cameraman bouncing up and on him for a long time and filming his reaction. She would like to come back on the show and try and beat the crap out of Jessica!

The next solo talk was from Tara. She was asked about her trade mark scream and said “It just came out”, which made the audience laugh. She said the best/funniest Ginger moment was riding the coffin. She would love to appear on Game of Thrones and would dress up to go to a convention about it.

The last talk of the afternoon was from Lauren and Nelsan. When asked what his favourite word was he said “cooker”, which was a pun on everyone expecting him to say “hookah”. Lauren said her favourite quote was “bitch can burn”. When asked if he ever took any of Lafayette’s costumes, Nelsan said he took his earrings and shoes on occasion, “but not the other stuff”. Nelsan also said that in real life he sucks at cooking! When asked how long the show could run for Nelsan said he thought it was time to let Lafayette go as he felt he was getting typecast. In later talk he said he would play Lafayette for as long as his character was wanted in the show. Nelsan was also a big Game Of Thrones fan and would love to work on the show. Then in one of the funniest moments of the whole weekend, Nelsan spoilered the character Tara in season 5. We had been told to be careful about mentioning season 5 and the biggest gaff had come from Nelsan. Hilarious!

Following the talk was the auction for True Blood memorabilia signed by the guests. As this was the last Bitten they auctioned off all the previous memorabilia from the first two Bitten conventions as well. My friend won the Chinese meal with all 4 guests that evening so I was well excited for her! Then there was the second wine reception for gold ticket members where we got to meet Nelsan as well as the other ladies from the previous wine reception.

The evening party was Fangtasia as it had been in previous years. This was when the Truebie ladies got to wear sexy vampire costumes and they really went for it! I cosplayed Vampire Eddie which I did at the first Bitten and then took Talbot round in his crystal jar. His fan base was bigger than mine! There was another group shot in the lobby at 10pm followed by a band playing in the main party room. Everyone had a great time and the party went one quite late. Some of the guests came down and mingled with fans in the lobby outside the main hall which was great. Nelsan was doing shots with some of his fans which went down well, except for the following morning!

I had a lie in on the last morning as I already had all my photo shoots and autographs. Nelsan was late down due to jet lag and the shots from the night before. I don’t think anyone minded! The first afternoon talk was from Lindsay and Tara. When asked who the best looking True Blood actor was, Tara said Joe Manganiello, “No makeup required, no clothes required!”. Lauren did a solo talk next and then it was onto the quiz.

The quiz involved all four guests and two volunteer fans in questions, dictionary and acting scenes about True Blood. Fan Melissa was teamed with Lindsay and Tara in a team called “bitches”. Fan Roxanne was teamed with Lauren and Nelsan in a team called “hookahs”. The “bitches” eventually won by a point in another very funny quiz!

Following the quiz was Nelsan’s solo talk. His Aunty had called his cousin “hookah” so he had used it when improvising lines and it had stuck. He played trumpet and tuba at high school and would love to play Richard III if he got the chance. The funniest scene he was in was when a 300lb naked dude was running round a meat tree and he fell over. Nobody could stop laughing after that! He also said that a body double was used for the demon make up as it took 6 hours to put on and 3 hours to take off.

Last up was the final guest talk featuring all four guests followed by the closing ceremony. This was the funniest talk of the weekend. Lauren’s comments were hilarious. The whole talk had very adult material discussed in it which I can’t mention here. You just had to be there! Following the talk was the closing ceremony where we were told about the possibility of Massive Events running some kind of vampire themed country ball in the summer of 2013. There were no details as it was just an idea at the drawing board.


The last party was a slumber party themed round fellowship of the sun in the lobby outside of the main hall. I went as Steve Newlin in his trademark brown sweater and took Talbot along so we could all eat the vodka jelly that was inside.
There was a final group shot of all the party attendees. Later the guests came down again and joined fans in the main hotel bar after the party had finished.

It was another great weekend con organised by Massive Events. Will be interesting to see what they come up with next or if anyone else can fill the large True Blood shaped hole in the UK convention scene!


Shadaliza loves the Internet, film and TV shows, writing, running websites and charity fundraising; she has found the perfect combo in the fansites to express her creativity and passion. Shadaliza is Dutch, but has lived in Italy for many years and works as Marketing Executive for an Internet hosting company.

I am intrigued by Nigel Beckford, the badly burnt vampire with a taste for tiny humans who now has joined the new Authority council.

Nigel is played by Henri Lubatti, an experienced actor with a very long list of TV credits, he is best known for his role of Ilija Korjenic on Sleeper Cell.

This is the casting call that Lubatti responded to:

[NIGEL] 30s to 40s. A grotesque-looking vampire prisoner, he’s been scarred, burned and deformed — punishment for his predilection for eating babies. 5 lines, 1 scene.

Those 5 lines and 1 scene have already turned into a growing appearance in 4 episodes and probably more to come.

Nigel Beckford was once a nurse practitioner in a maternity ward, but instead of delivering babies, he would eat them. He was arrested by the Authority and held prisoner in the cells beneath their New Orleans headquarters. In episode 5.08 Nigel mentions that he hadn’t eaten a child in over a decade, which would mean that he was imprisoned all that time. Why would Roman have kept him alive? A baby eating low life like Nigel would have no value whatsoever so why not execute him instantly and free the world from a pedovamp?

Another thing that’s puzzling about Nigel is his appearance. His face and hands are completely burnt and he is not healing. If he was burnt before he was turned into a vampire, the scars would remain with him always, but someone with those looks would not get hired as a nurse in a maternity ward. The burns must have been caused by frequent exposure to the UV light in the cell where he was being held and malnutrition kept him from healing properly. Remember how Bill didn’t heal anymore because of the blood loss when Lorena tortured him. Now that Nigel is drinking human blood again, I see no reason why he shouldn’t start healing, but there are no signs of that yet.

How does Nigel fit into the story? What is his purpose? Why is even there?
I am open to all suggestions of which the wildest would be that Nigel is Warlow the vampire who killed the parents of Sookie and Jason.

In last week’s episode we learned the identity of the hate group members with the Obama masks who go around shooting shifters. But who is their leader who goes by the mysterious, yet threatening name Dragon? Dragon is clearly the one pulling the strings, sending Joe Bob to the hospital where Luna is, most likely to finish the job and the hate group members fear and respect him or her.

But who could this Dragon be? Everything happens for a reason on True Blood. It was surprising to see retired sheriff Bud Dearborn again, when Andy visits his house looking for advice about how to handle the killings. Bud is grumpy and absolutely not interested in helping out; he has a male performance enhancement product to try out, a hot tub at exactly the right temperature and a woman who is not his wife to enjoy it all with. We know that Bud is not keen on vampires, so probably he doesn’t care for other sups much as well. But did the former sheriff go from lawman to ruthless killer?

There is another character, that we only saw for a very brief moment, that could be the Dragon. The woman who told Bud that the hot tub was ready and he called her “sweetie”. A term of endearment I first thought, but a little digging brought up some interesting info. And here a SPOILER ALERT would be appropriate.

Although True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books have taken two very different roads, they both have the character Sweetie in common. According to IMDB her full name is Sweetie Des Arts, portrayed by actress Jennifer Hasty. Sweetie first made an appearance in the True Blood pilot as “woman with fries” and so she makes her return in episode 5.07 and again in 5.09 (according to IMDB).

A casting call was sent out for the character for episode 5.07 so it was not premeditated that Hasty would play her again.

[SWEETIE] Female, Caucasian. About 30, she is a large woman who’s having a noontime romance with an older married man. RECURRING.

The book fans might remember the name Sweetie Des Arts as she is an important character in Deas As A Doornail. Sweetie was a former stripper and cook at Merlotte’s.  This is in short what happens in the book:

Sookie is shot while leaving the library, presumably because she associates with shifters. Ballistics says that her bullet matches the bullets of all the others who were shot, except Sam’s. Later, Sookie is in an alley with Sam (in his dog form) trying to find the killer, when Sweetie Des Arts, Merlotte’s cook, comes at her with a gun. Sweetie explains that she was bitten by a werewolf, and has become part shifter. As an act of revenge, she now kills any shifter she comes in contact with. Tray Dawson, a werewolf who was sent to protect Sookie by Calvin Norris, is shot in this confrontation, and Sweetie is shot and killed by Andy Bellefleur, when he arrives on the scene.

Since True Blood has deviated so far from the original source material there is no way of predicting what role Sweetie will play on the show or how her story will unfold. All I can say is that we haven’t seen the last of Sweetie and I seriously doubt she is a sweetie at all.

The Legend of Lilith: She’s more than a character on True Blood

Posted by Kelly Valentine On June - 24 - 2012

Season 5 Episode 2 (“The Authority Always Wins”.)
Roman, the founder of The Authority places a drop of his blood on the tongues of each vampire on the council while reciting a prayer that the show translates as: The blood of Lilith. The first, the last, the Eternal. We are born of Lilith, who was created in God’s image. The first, the last, the Eternal. We swear fealty to the blood and to the Progenitor. The first, the last, the Eternal. Lord and Lilith, Father and Mother, protect as was we protect you. From this day until the hour of the true death. And in the Lord and Lilith’s name we say: Vampyr.” The prayer talks of Lilith who is believed to be mother of all vampires.

Lilith (1892) by John Collier

The legend of Lilith began when rabbis first noticed there were 2 accounts of the creation of woman in the book of Genesis that contradict each other.  Genesis 1 says God created man and woman at the same time, whereas Genesis 2 says he created woman from man. Although she is not mentioned directly in the bible Lilith is referenced as a screech owl, a night creature. However, she is talked about in some Jewish text and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Jewish mythology states that Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam. This caused problems in their relationship. Lilith refused to take a subservient position to Adam, since she came from the same place he did. She left Adam and did not return to the Garden of Eden.  God sent three angles to retrieve her but she refused to go back. God then created Eve who was subservient to Adam.  As stated in Genesis 2:21-22 Eve was made of Adam’s rib. “So the Lord God caused man to fall into a deep sleep. While the man slept, the Lord God took out one of the man’s ribs and closed the opening. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib, and he brought her to man.”

Angered by her mistreatment, Lilith vowed to weaken and kill all little children, babies and newborns. She was believed to have powers that can only be warded off by the mystical means of an amulet. Over the centuries Lilith has become known as a succubus demon. She was said to have sex with men while they slept, stealing their semen and giving birth to demon offspring. Rabbis warned men never to sleep alone so they won’t fall victim to Lilith. Some interpretations of Lilith say that she flies around at night howling her hatred of mankind and vowing vengeance.

It’s not a far stretch to see how this story can be interpreted as Lilith being the first vampire. She has essentially been called a flying demon that kills the innocent and has it out for all mankind. A woman so powerful, she could only be warded off with an amulet. These amulets would be made of gold or silver. Could this be the link between silver and its ability to keep humans safe from vampires?

When Cain was cast out by God, it is thought that he encountered Lilith among the wastelands where she had made her home. In their coupling, she taught him the power of consuming blood. This myth certainly indicates that Lilith and Cain had traits of what are thought to be vampires. Since Lilith did not consume of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life, as Eve did, many believe she isn’t subject to death. Legends of the first vampires and their blood lust with the possibility of immortality could have come from these early myths.

I was excited to learn that we will be meeting Lilith this season on True Blood. It is rumored that this is the casting call for Lilith

[LIL] Female, early to late 20s, Caucasian. She’s supermodel beautiful. Strong and ethereal. No lines in the first episode. Recurring. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED. For episode 5.07.

In an interview by Valentina Cervi was asked about Lilith’s appearance on True Blood and if she was everything her character Salome imagined she’d be. “She is the mother of everybody and people will see that in a different way. Vampires will perceive her in a different way. When Lilith appears, she’s everything that we all think she is. She’s this beautiful, seducing, motherly goddess, and then a lot of things are going to happen. I can’t reveal too much, but it’s not what it seems, and even we will be very surprised. You believe in something and then suddenly things change, then you find yourself in a crisis, but it’s great fun.” Vampires believe she is a goddess and mother of their kind. The Authority trusts, follows and believes what is written in the Vampire bible. Will she be everything they believe her to be? I can’t wait to see how her character will affect the show.

True Blood isn’t Lilith’s first appearance in pop culture. She has been a character on TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. Lilith appeared in a well know film “30 Days of Night: Dark Days” as the leading antagonist. She can also be found in comic books and music. Probably the most notable appearance of Lilith is a music festival that bears her name. Founded by Sarah McLachlan in 1997, Lilith Fair featured some of the largest women in music during it’s time.


Kelly Valentine discovered True Blood during S4, but quickly caught up on seasons 1-3 and her favorite sups are the vampires. She works with special needs children in an elementary school in Maryland. Her passions are photography and writing.



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