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Take the quiz: What True Blood Character are you?

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 29 - 2014

A new fun quiz over at asks the question “What True Blood Character are you?”

Take the quiz yourself and find out which character you are. And, don’t forget to leave us a comment below telling us which character you are!




Happy New Year 2014 From The Vault –!

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 30 - 2013

As the owners of The Vault we want to wish a


to the True Blood cast and crew and all the True Blood fans!

Shad and Lynn 


While we’re not happy to see the end, we are looking forward to reporting about the final season of our favorite TV show and sharing the news with all the True Blood fans.

As production on Season 7 begins in 2014, be sure to come here for all the True Blood news!


Posted by Lynnpd On December - 23 - 2013

The Vault wishes HAPPY HOLIDAYS

to the

True Blood cast and crew

and all the True Blood fans!

Shad and Lynn


Happy Halloween from The Vault!

Posted by Lynnpd On October - 31 - 2013

The Vault would like to wish all the Trubies out there a Happy Halloween!


Have a FANGTASTIC True Blood Halloween!

Posted by Lynnpd On October - 4 - 2013

Since this is a last gasp at having a True Blood Halloween while the show airs, we thought it would be fun to find some ways to celebrate the holiday in a True Blood way. Below are some great ideas to help you celebrate Halloween in True Blood Style.  Check out the ways we have found to “darken up” your Halloween fun below:

Dress up like Sookie Stackhouse or become a vampire with fangs

For Sookie Stackhouse, everyday feels like Halloween, so why not dress up like her for Halloween

What better way to show you’re ready to take on whatever fiends may find their way into your home on Halloween than to dress up as everyone’s favorite Southern Belle? HBO Global Licensing makes getting Sookie’s iconic Merlotte’s uniform easy with the True Blood “Inspired by Sookie” SetRetailing for $39.99, the shirt and apron are just like the ones worn by Sookie and the other waitresses of Merlotte’s. Finish off the look by sporting black short shorts and your favorite sneakers. As for hair and makeup, keep it simple. Rock a high pony and let your natural beauty shine trough. A “just bitten” drawn-on vampire bite mark is optional. You can also capture Jessica Hamby’s look by using the same costume and adding the True Blood Fangs.

00452243-295296_281 00264764-540844_281

Do your nails like a vampire would from

Nail art is all the rage these days. They have blown up all over the internet. Everywhere I look, all I see is NAILS, NAILS, NAILS! Check out this cool Halloween nail art or get the look on my toes.  The ones above are from Tumblr user Northern downpour.

tumblr_lb44hpfdxW1qac97vo1_500 Halloween-part-1


Or maybe you prefer decorating the house like Halloween. Check out these cute ways to decorate Punpkins:

Artistic Stenciled Pumpkins from Andy

Andy Swist over at has created some handy-dandy templates for some very special True Blood punkins. To use, just print and tape onto the gourd of your choice.  Just print ‘em out, tape ‘em to a punpkin, and carve away the shaded areas. Instant Bon Temps, right on your porch!right on your porch!

lafayette sookie
lips-1 logos

Painted Blood Vampire pumpkins from

“Bloody Vampire Painted Pumpkins is not for the faint of heart. Har har. It’s for those who like to live a little more on the dark side. I originally had the drip idea, but I thought fang marks would also make for a nice, spooky pumpkin (I was inspired by Twilight, but True Blood and Dexter fans might appreciate this one as well). One could also create a cool pumpkin by spattering on the paint with a toothbrush for a Dexter-like blood spray effect. The more blood the better, eh?

Bloody Pumpkins

What you need:

    • White pumpkins
    • Tulip 3-D Fashion Paint in Bright Red
    • cleaning wipes
    • construction nail

What you do:

    1. Use cleaning wipe or paper towel to clean off pumpkin and remove any dirt/debris.
    2. For drip pumpkin, squeeze 3-D Fashion Paint along the pumpkin ridges. Make some drips longer than other for a more random look. Also paint along stem. At bottoms of drips, squeeze a little more paint to look like the blood has coagulated.
    3. For fang marks pumpkin, use construction nail to dig 2 small holes into pumpkin about an inch and a half apart. Place tip of 3-D paint into hold you dug out and gently squeeze. Draw a line down from hole and create a bead of paint at end to suggest coagulation.


These are just a few ideas.  You can find more at the site links listed above. What are you doing to decorate for Halloween this year? 

Fan shows her True Blood love with Eric Northman tattoo

Posted by Lynnpd On September - 24 - 2013

Recently, we received the photo below from a fan named Cassie showing the latest tattoo she just got put on her arm. Wow, I’d say that was showing some True Blood (and Eric Northman) love. Best of luck with it Cassie, we know it will get lots of attention.

Read her short explanation about why she got the tattoo.

 Cassie says:

I have always been a huge fan of vampires in books and in film, so I decided to get a vampire sleeve of my favorite characters which includes Eric Northman. There is no other vampire out there quite like him with his unique personality and dark humor. I also think Alexander Skarsgård does an absolutely amazing job bringing Eric to life. I just got this tattooed on 9/19/13 and it took about 3 1/2 hours to complete. Ive also enclosed a better photo if needed.

Eric Tatto2

Being Glamoured by Sookie & Bill at The Sound of Music in London

Posted by Lynnpd On September - 11 - 2013

A New York photographer named Ricky wrote to me recently telling me her story about meeting Sookie & Bill (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) of True Blood in London last month.

She and I have corresponded several times since, and after viewing her web site, I can see that Ricky is really a talented photographer. She said that when she met the couple that it was the one time that she really wished she had checked the batteries in her camera before she left her hotel.

I asked her if she wanted to share her story with the True Blood fans and she agreed.

Below is her story of meeting the famous couple. I’m sure you can all relate to how frustrating it must have been for her to have such an exciting experience and yet be without the one tool that she is most comfortable with, her camera. Read below how she coped and still got the shot!

Last month, while standing in the line, at the refreshment stand during the intermission of “The Sound of Music” at Regent’s Park Open Air Theater in London, I noticed a familiar face. Is it…SOOKIE STACKHOUSE ? YES!

She (Anna Paquin) was chatting with another woman just a few steps from me; and I thought, how can this be true? Who would believe me that I have just seen a character from a TV show and book that I had been thinking about just an HOUR earlier. In fact, I’ve been thinking about Sookie and Bill the entire summer, neglecting lots of other projects and friends and family. For weeks, I was way too immersed in Sookie’s world: while hiking and listening to the Charlene Harris audio books and at night, watching True Blood on TV.

Now she is standing in front of me in London, how odd this feels!

I think to myself, I must say something, or take a photo.., but Oops, camera battery is dead. So, I fumble through my bag to find my iPad. It was better than nothing.

By the time I got out my iPad, Sookie was walking away, but I followed her, and gently tapped her shoulder and asked if I could take a picture. She said, “SURE.” Just at that exact moment Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) turned around and for a split second, they both were posing perfectly for my iPad.

After snapping the photo, I attempted to thank them, but I was speechless, or was I star struck? Well, regardless, I was frozen because I did not expect to see Bill the vampire turn around smiling politely. I thought I may as well have been a Bon Temps resident about to get bitten or glamoured, so I quickly ran away.

Back in my seat, all I could do was check my iPad again and again to see if this was true!? The play was now resuming, but I was not hearing anything, my mind was racing. I mentally told myself to focus on the play, but I could not. I really must have been glamoured by Bill!

Later, when I walked back to my hotel, I felt as if somehow I had created that moment for myself in my mind, and that it should teach me something about myself, but what? I’m still trying to figure that out.

I was so frustrated for not having a good camera with me; oh how I would love to photograph a real art portrait of this lovely and interesting couple….one day.

I’m happy to share this photo and my experience with other fans of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.


Please visit my website and follow me on Instagram.  

by Ricky Zehavi

True Blood Season 5 Puppet Recap

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 4 - 2013

This is a cute, if not hysterical, spoof recap of True Blood, Season 5. It reminds me of the Sesame Street parody from a few seasons ago, but this one is from Henson Alternative, Ketchup with Hot Dogs! Join the Hot Dogs as they recap and reenact the last season of HBO’s True Blood.
Check it out, its fun! Oh, and no hotdogs were harmed in the making of this recap.



source: The Nerdist Channel of YouTube

True Blood Dinner Party with Sci Fine Dining

Posted by Lynnpd On July - 25 - 2013

scifiriotThere is a new cooking show called Sci Fine Dining and their goal is to make Sci Fi food that looks authentic and tastes delicious.

In one of the recent Sci Fine Dining Episodes they throw a True Blood dinner party with a Cajun Shrimp Boil from season 1 and V shots. They also do their best to nerd out about all things True Blood with the guest Stephanie Thorpe.

Every Wednesday, SciFiRiot brings you new episodes of Sci-Fine Dining, where hosts Ed Robinson and Jodie Younse cook up delicious meals inspired by the greatest sci-fi of all time.

Check out the video from this episode here:


source:  SciFineDining


Have a True Blood Season 6 Musical Premiere Cocktail Party

Posted by Lynnpd On June - 13 - 2013

Why not have the perfect cocktail party in honor of True Blood’s Season 6 when it premieres this Sunday night. As our favorite show returns this weekend, we have a great idea for those wanting to party before or after the show.

There’s still time to go out and buy the book “True Blood Drinks and Bites” which is just full of fabulous True Blood inspired cocktails that you can make for your party. And, why not liven up the scene with some True Blood Music by playing the True Blood Original Music Volume 4 CD; which includes some of the songs to be featured in Season 6.

Whatever you decide to do for your True Blood Premiere party, we hope you have a great time and enjoy the fun!  Let us know what you’ll be doing in the comments below.


Check out a sample recipe from the book for Lumiere Sparklers:


Purchase the book and the CD at

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