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True Blood: The End Game

Posted by AphroditeMF On March - 7 - 2014

MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING: Contains vague spoilers about the conclusions of Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Sopranos, Twin Peaks, Twilight, Dexter, and The Southern Vampire Mystery Novels!


The end of True Blood is nigh! After seven seasons of bloodshed, boinking, beasts and boobies we will finally learn the eventual fates of all the characters we have grown to love so dearly, and all those who have consistently annoyed the hellfire out of us. Taking into account the ways in which popular shows have met their makers in years gone by, here’s a look at some of the directions that True Blood take, should the writers be stuck for inspiration.


The “Lost” Ending

Sookie is the chosen one who has to sacrifice herself in order to avert the apocalypse, going head to head in a battle with the personification of pure evil, who has tricked Arlene into killing herself and taken over her body. Half the cast perish in the ensuing chaos. But it’s ok, because they all meet up in the afterlife, where they are wearing much better clothes and can finally connect with their true loves. Many questions are left unanswered, but fortunately the show’s makers will kindly make a minisode that explains all the loose threads like what happened to Jason’s werepanther babies, and how Lafayette and Jesus drove to Mexico so quickly.



The “Buffy” Ending

It turns out that the reason there’s so much supernatural freakishness going on in Bon Temps is that the entire town is actually built on a gate to Hell. Sookie and her Scooby gang have to fight off demons, and Eric bravely sacrifices himself because of his love for Sookie. Most of the citizens of Bon Temps escape, but the town eventually implodes when the Hellgate closes, leaving the mother of all sink holes. The subsequent escapades of Sookie and the surviving members of her gang are told in comic book form.


The “Sopranos” Ending

Half the cast perish in a war with gangster vampires. It seems that the war is over, and Sookie is having a pleasant meal in Bellefleur’s with her closest friends and family (that didn’t die). Everything is just lovely (apart from Arlene being in a coma) and Sookie puts Don’t Stop Believing by Journey on the jukebox. Just as Jason walks through the door, Sookie looks at him and…. It cuts to black. So nobody knows what the heck happened. Is she dead? Did she get shot by a rogue gangster vampire or something? Thus, the fan arguments debating the true nature of the ending ensue and continue ad infinitum.


The “Twin Peaks” Ending

The sexually depraved demon that’s been possessing people and making them commit atrocious murders of high school prom queens drags Sookie into a weird dimension where there’s a giant and a dwarf speaking riddles and lots of red curtains. She escapes, but then the demon possesses her!! The whole plot is so phenomenally bizarre that a kinky prequel movie is required to explain to everyone exactly what the heck was going on. The movie is so rubbish that some of the cast members don’t even bother to show up and so are replaced by actors who look nothing like them.



The “Twilight” Ending

Sookie becomes a vampire and marries Bill/Eric. They have a lovely vampire baby daughter who Alcide falls in love with immediately, even though that’s obviously really creepy. There are evil Authority-esque vampires who want the baby for some reason that nobody really cares about, and the good-looking cool vampires defeat the evil baby-snatching vampires with their badass fighting skills. Sookie’s dad makes an epic comeback with the moustache to end all moustaches.


The “Dexter” Ending

There’s a pointless serial killer that no viewer actually gives a toss about; Jason dies in ridiculous circumstances; Sookie blames herself and fakes her own death in an implausible way. She abandons everyone she cares about to go and live in isolation as a lumberjack. Nobody else’s stories are resolved.


The Cliffhanger Ending

No, not the superbly nuanced, thought-provoking and poignant Sylvester Stallone movie “Cliffhanger” – that would mean True Blood ending with Sookie escaping from an exploding helicopter. I’m talking about those shows which were cancelled before they reached their conclusion, leaving viewers with a frustrating non-ending to endlessly ponder and write fanfiction about. Questions are left unanswered, characters’ stories are unresolved, fates are unknown, and viewers are screaming “WHYYYYYYYY??” See: Carnivale, Deadwood, and weep at the inhumanity of the networks for giving these incredible shows the chop. Or, see: Heroes, Flashforward, The Event and thank the gods of TV that True Blood never got this bad.




The Slash Fiction Ending

Bill and Eric say, “You know what? Fuck Sookie!” and have manly vampire sex.


The Fangirl Ending

Sookie ends up living happily ever after with Bill/Eric/Sam/Alcide. There is prolonged full-frontal male nudity involved.


The Book Ending

After breaking up with Eric and being kidnapped by Steve Newlin (yes, unlikely in the show universe) Sookie renounces the vampire world and starts dating reliable ol’ Sam. Everyone has babies.


What do you think? How should True Blood end?



Natalie co-hosts God Hates Fangs podcast with her husband. She is currently working on a trilogy of sci-fi vampire novels.

Two Trubie Sisters Hit the Free Ride World Premiere at HIFF

Posted by Rachel Seiler and Rebecca Fox On October - 28 - 2013

Two Trubie Sisters Hit the Free Ride World Premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival, October 11th 2013.


Act I

Heading to the Hamptons

Each year in mid-October, film buffs from near and far descend upon the famed East End of Long Island for the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF), and this year was the first that we were amongst them.

Ask most people what comes to mind when one mentions the Hamptons, they’ll likely say, “Sand! Surf! Sun drenched summer beaches! Celebrities! Swanky parties! Alliteration! (OK, that one was me)”. It’s that for us, too―but it’s also something a bit different. You see, we have lived on Long Island for most of our lives, so this glittering stretch from Southampton to Amagansett is for us part the playground of the stars that it is in the popular imagination, and part the quaint, mostly unchanging collection of villages and hamlets we watched fly by from the back seat on countless family trips to Montauk when we were kids. So, because we’re local-ish the Hamptons feel familiar but also a bit like rarefied space to us. For that reason, even though we live only an hour or so away, we’ve really never spent any time there as adults―that is, until Free Ride starring Anna Paquin and produced by CASM Films, the company she founded with Stephen Moyer made its way onto the HIFF slate of programming and gave us a reason to head East!

As soon as we found out Free Ride would have its World Premiere not at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival but at the HIFF on October 11th right in our own backyard, we scooped up our tickets. Knowing that it would take some time for us to drive from up-Island, as the region west of Riverhead is (sometimes affectionately, sometimes derisively) known, to the UA East Hampton Cinema where Free Ride would screen at 9:15PM and that we wanted to get there in time for the red carpet arrivals, we hit the road early. Our heart rates kicked up a bit with nervous excitement and anticipation as we came around the bend on Route 27, the main artery into the Hamptons, and rolled past the gracious white and green awninged porch of The Maidstone, the HIFF’s charming headquarters.

Driving by Guild Hall and past a sea of people on the street wearing laminates, we knew we had entered ground zero of the festival for real. We parked on a lovely tree lined street a few blocks from the theater at about 7PM and were eager to get to the venue and scope the scene. However, first things first. Remember when the character Cher from the 90’s teen movie Clueless, said “I don’t rely on mirrors so I always take Polaroid’s.”? In this spirit, we took a selfie in the car to make sure we were ready not just to see, but also to be seen, and then we hit the sidewalk.


(Rebecca left, Rachel right)


(theater marquee)

We picked up our tickets at will call and had some time to spare, so we asked around as to where we could go to get a drink. We were told Rowdy Hall, a pub-style restaurant and bar associated with the festival, had amazing mussels and margaritas (the later being what we were really interested in), so we walked down Main Street about five storefronts to order up some liquid courage in the event of a chance meeting with any HIFF VIPs.


(our tickets for Free Ride)


(Rowdy Hall)


(a margarita for Rebecca and cabernet sauvignon for Rachel)

The forecast had called for rain, but instead, it was a lovely fall evening and we were able to sit outside in Rowdy Hall’s courtyard right off Main Street to soak up the festival ambiance as we sipped our drinks.


(Rachel on park bench outside Rowdy Hall)


Act II

Lights, Camera, Action!

At about 8:45 we realized it was “go time” and that we had better get back to the theater. As we walked up Main Street we noticed that a line had started to form, and flashbulbs were popping.


(line outside theater for Free Ride)

We jumped onto the ticket holder line posthaste, but we couldn’t stand still. Irresistible curiosity motivated us to investigate the red carpet, so one at a time so we wouldn’t lose our place, we peeled off the line to check it out.

Leaping over a planter to exit the line, Rebecca was first to make her way towards the lightning storm of camera flashes, and as she made her way back the expression on her face made it plain to see that “it was all happening”. Upon her return she calmly informed me that none other than Stephen Moyer was on the red carpet, so with some effort, I arose from the wrought iron tree railing I was sitting on since my feet were killing me in my heels, and shakily proceeded, camera in hand, to the side of the theater.

Approaching the red carpet, I rather awkwardly tapped into my inner paparazzi, pointing the camera in the general direction of the HIFF backdrop and snapping away. I felt weird standing there alongside the more official-looking photographers, and, honestly, a bit uncomfortable and self conscious actually taking the pictures, so I assumed that whatever shots I had been able to get would be unusable. However, when I rejoined Rebecca on the ticket holder’s line and we took a look at the camera, it turned out that I had actually gotten a few decent pics.


hiff8 hiff9
hiff11 hiff12

(five shots of Stephen Moyer on HIFF red carpet for Free Ride)


Let The Show Begin!

At this point the line had started moving so we had to queue up again to enter the building. Once inside, we immediately deployed “Plan A”, which was based upon our experiences at the Tribeca Film Festival: if one wants to be close to the after-film panel discussion that may very well take place tonight, one ought to sit as close as possible to the screen.

Once comfortably ensconced in our fifth row seats, Rebecca strategically left the theater to “go to the ladies” (AKA, conduct recon). Within minutes I grew impatient and rendezvoused with her in the restroom, at which point she disclosed that she had seen seat markers in the rear of the house for festival guests. We decided it was time to play musical chairs and as we reentered the theater, there we saw Stephen Moyer in the aisle near the seats marked, “special guests”. Without a second thought, Rebecca turned to a woman in the row directly behind his row, and boldly asked, “are these seats taken?”, to which she answered “no”, so Plan B was officially in effect as we found a new home amongst the festival guests and film makers. I went down to retrieve the coat I had left in row five, and upon returning we took our seats in the row directly behind Mr. Moyer who was sitting one row in front, to the far right against the wall. He was noshing on popcorn he said had been given to him by a theater employee as a birthday gift and chatting with friends and fellow producers.

We felt like we should say something or at least attempt to introduce ourselves, but not being the types to interrupt conversations already in progress, we didn’t. When the house lights started to dim, our hearts both sank a bit. We were feeling like we had missed our chance, but we whispered our agreement that we would seize the moment when the lights came back up (hey, he would have to walk right past us to get out of the theater anyway, right?) and we settled down to enjoy the film, five and six seats, respectively, away from where Mr. Moyer was seated, donning black framed glasses.

Our vantage point was interesting and definitely had its perks in terms of our being able to observe some of his idiosyncratic reactions; for instance, at a point in the film that didn’t seem particularly comedic, Stephen burst out laughing quite audibly. We looked at each other and laughed too, although not quite out loud, assuming that something about that scene must have been somewhat of an inside joke to him.

Act IV

About the Film   

Free Ride takes an honest, intimate, and at times intensely emotional look at what happens when a family with few options tries for a better life but gets sucked into a criminal underworld. Anna Paquin gave a completely un-Sookie performance as a single mother fleeing domestic violence and trying to start anew with her two daughters; also featured in the film is True Blood alum Brit Morgan who, on the other hand, essentially reprised her role as Debbie Pelt in her portrayal of a woman deep into the drug scene and on a downward spiral.

Set in the 1970s and also starring Drea Di Matteo (HBO’s The Sopranos) and Cam Gigandet (Burlesque, Priest with Stephen Moyer), Free Ride is based on the life experiences of writer-director Shana Betz, who as a child relocated from Ohio to Florida with her mother (the character Christina, played by Anna) and older sister. Starting out cleaning houses and moving quickly onto drug running, Christina gets involved with a fast crowd and ends up making less-than-ideal life choices that lead to her eventual arrest―but she is above all else a survivor, and it is obvious that her every move flows from her strong drive to provide for her daughters in a world where her opportunities are limited. It’s a story of the pursuit of the American Dream gone sideways that ends in love, hope, and redemption.

We were given scoring ballots for the film and rated it as excellent.


(one of our ballots torn through at the “excellent” rating)

Act V

That’s All Folks…Not Quite!

The Panel Discussion & Our Conversation with Stephen Moyer

As the lights came back up and patrons (including former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani) began their march up the aisle and out of the theater, Stephen too made an abrupt exit. We reacted poorly. Fearing the worst―that we had let ourselves, and The Vault readers down because we had blown our chance to speak to him―our fading spirits were almost instantly revived when we saw him reemerge from the shadows to stand right off to the side of where we were sitting.

The Tangerine Entertainment Juice Award is a prize honoring an outstanding female film maker, and this year’s inaugural award went to Free Ride. This was announced right before the panel discussion about the film commenced and Stephen was called down to take part in it. Also participating were writer-director Shana Betz, actress Liana Liberato (M.J, Christina’s older daughter), and co-producer Mark Larkin.

Free Ride is Ms. Betz’s directorial debut, and she said she was motivated to write the film because society holds a certain (negative, demonized, and above all, monolithic and one-dimensional) image of the “drug dealer” and she wanted the character of Christina to provide a humanizing counterbalance. She talked about how the marijuana trade was different, more innocent, at the time, and how it held open space for her family to move beyond the poverty and lack of opportunity they had known. She spoke of how she wrote this film as a love letter for her older sister who became a de facto mother of sorts during their mom’s descent, and how she feels it is important for women’s stories to be told, through a feminine voice.

Stephen explained how he had gotten involved with the project; he had read the script and was to be cast as the character of “boss man”, but instead decided to put Anna forward to read for the female lead. Ms. Betz shared that he had contacted her to ask whether “his Anna” had seen the script yet and Stephen demurred at her sharing his use of this term of endearment. Since they didn’t want to “bombard the audience” with them on screen together, and he felt that Anna could give the kind of powerful lead performance the film deserved, he took on a producer role instead with his and Anna’s production company and Free Ride became the first film to be produced by CASM.

After a bit more discussion, the moderator opened the floor up to the audience. My hand shot up immediately, and I was called on first; “you all the way in the back…”. I stood and said that I hoped everyone could hear me, and that I would be able to compose myself because I had become quite emotional during the final scene, but that I wanted to thank the crew for offering this story. I shared that as a social worker, I had a sense even before seeing the film, with its harrowing opening scene depicting Christina and her abuser locked in violent physical battle, that the protagonist would be fleeing domestic violence, and that it is so important to show women―like Christina, and like the women who I work with that have been pushed to the fringes of society―not as pariahs but as fully realized, fleshed out, multidimensional human beings who are trying simply to live against the odds.

After speaking, I sat back down and the panel answered a few audience questions. Due to the late hour (it was about 11:30PM) the event had to start wrapping up, and as the theater emptied, we remembered that we had to reclaim the umbrella we had left in row five. Oh darn (snaps fingers), we would have to get closer to where the panelists were still standing and chatting! So we descended the aisle against the grain of exiting filmgoers, and made our way to the foot of the theater.

As we stood there working up the nerve to introduce ourselves to Stephen, Rebecca overheard him ask a festival coordinator, “so is there a party?” and we thought it was absolutely adorable that he didn’t know what the after plans were. The festival worker replied that there was an after party for another film happening at a fabulous Greek Revival-style mansion at 16 Acorn (wherever that is), to which Stephen replied, “is there a password?”. Again, adorable. He was told, “for you,  no password required” and that the party would be offering tacos and margaritas.

No, we did not stalk the party. We know our boundaries, and we kept it classy.

Here’s what we DID do. As Stephen turned to exit the theater, Rebecca stepped partly into the aisle, and by way of introduction led with, “Excuse me, Mr. Moyer, we have been asked to say hello from Lynn from The Vault because we’re covering this event for the site”.

Immediately, a smile of recognition spread across his face, and he stopped, shook both our hands, and so very unnecessarily introduced himself, “hi, I’m Steve”.

This led to quite a sustained, in-depth conversation. I told him I had been the person who had stood and spoken from the back during the panel discussion, and as we spoke about the importance of the feminine voice in cinema, the need for stories like Free Ride to be told, and some of Stephen’s philanthropic work that overlaps with my own such as his involvement with men and women who have been incarcerated, his co-producer at CASM  Mark Larkin drifted over. Stephen introduced us to Mr. Larkin, and we all stood in a circle talking at the foot of the theater until the four of us were herded out by an employee who, looking at her watch, uttered somewhat tiredly, “I’m sorry folks, but it’s time to go…”.

As we headed up the aisle and out of the theater, Stephen asked us where we were from and we told him we were locals of sorts; we also took the chance to tell him that Anna’s performance was phenomenal and we asked him to please convey that to her on our behalf.

We made our way out to the lobby, where our conversation continued. Since others were wishing him a happy birthday, we thought it wouldn’t be inappropriate for us to do so as well, so we did. Stephen then stepped away for a moment to greet the employee who had gifted him with his popcorn, a very enthusiastic True Blood fan.

Since Stephen had just posed for a photo with the concession employee, Rebecca decided this would be an opportune moment to ask for what we thought would be a quick photo for The Vault, but what actually turned into a mini photo shoot, with Mr. Larkin serving as photographer and art director. At one point in the drawn-out process of posing, Stephen remarked that he never should have let his co-producer take charge of the camera, since he’s an artist. Determined to stage the perfect picture and unhappy with the lighting where the three of us had originally stood, Stephen’s directorial side emerged and he set to very gallantly moving the lobby’s velvet ropes out of the way for us. We re-positioned ourselves following his lead, and Mr. Larkin snapped this shot:


After posing for the photo our conversation continued further still, switching gears to True Blood. We shared that we watch the show from a feminist, socio-cultural standpoint and that we’ve been on the phone with each other at two o’clock in the morning many a time over the years after the show airs on Sunday nights, talking about how it comments on our wider culture, and how the show not only holds a mirror up to the culture but also influences it. He agreed that in his opinion, the show is best when it is grounded in and commenting on reality, and then talked a bit about  how True Blood has laid the groundwork for the success of shows like American Horror Story, and the new series that will debut this October as a re-imagining of the classic novel Dracula. We wished him the best with the Free Ride screening at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival the next week, and with Season 7 of True Blood. We intimated that we will be quite bereft when the show is over and he echoed our sentiments, sharing that he too will be bereft when True Blood ends, joking that we’ll have to get together and be bereft together.

On that note, the whole group exited the theater. Standing just outside the lobby entrance was the statuesque writer-director Shana Betz, who spotted Rebecca’s flower that she was wearing in her hair, walked over to us, and cupped the flower in her hand, and exclaimed, “look at you with your flower, so beautiful”. She then turned to me, and said, “you, you’re the social worker, aren’t you, get over here!”. She hugged me, and we engaged in a brief conversation about the film and its impact. She shared her impressions that it’s not so much that audiences aren’t interested in stories like Free Ride that center on poor, single mothers, but that Hollywood studios and funders aren’t always interested in participating in getting these stories told. We shared that we hope Free Ride’s success will help that start to change, said goodnight, and wished everyone well. We experienced Mr. Moyer, Mr. Larkin, and Ms. Betz as warm and genuine people who, despite what had undoubtedly been a very long day for them representing Free Ride, were incredibly generous with their time, and after an amazing evening at the HIFF, we made our way back to the car.

So, remember that Semisonic song, “Closing Time” with the lyrics that go, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”? Well, those lyrics certainly ended up ringing true for us that night, but as for what happened next, that’s another story…

The End

Submitted by: Rachel Seiler & Rebecca Fox

Rachel Seiler and Rebecca Fox

Rachel Seiler and Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox and Rachel Seiler are sisters who can be found summer Sundays at 9 o'clock doused in the glow of the latest True Blood episode as it flickers across their TV screens and an hour later lit up in discussion about the show's sociocultural impact. Rebecca is a restaurant professional who would have Arlene quaking in her non-slip shoes if she worked at Merlotte’s, and Rachel is a social worker and "baby" sociology professor.
Rachel Seiler and Rebecca Fox

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Being Glamoured by Sookie & Bill at The Sound of Music in London

Posted by Lynnpd On September - 11 - 2013

A New York photographer named Ricky wrote to me recently telling me her story about meeting Sookie & Bill (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) of True Blood in London last month.

She and I have corresponded several times since, and after viewing her web site, I can see that Ricky is really a talented photographer. She said that when she met the couple that it was the one time that she really wished she had checked the batteries in her camera before she left her hotel.

I asked her if she wanted to share her story with the True Blood fans and she agreed.

Below is her story of meeting the famous couple. I’m sure you can all relate to how frustrating it must have been for her to have such an exciting experience and yet be without the one tool that she is most comfortable with, her camera. Read below how she coped and still got the shot!

Last month, while standing in the line, at the refreshment stand during the intermission of “The Sound of Music” at Regent’s Park Open Air Theater in London, I noticed a familiar face. Is it…SOOKIE STACKHOUSE ? YES!

She (Anna Paquin) was chatting with another woman just a few steps from me; and I thought, how can this be true? Who would believe me that I have just seen a character from a TV show and book that I had been thinking about just an HOUR earlier. In fact, I’ve been thinking about Sookie and Bill the entire summer, neglecting lots of other projects and friends and family. For weeks, I was way too immersed in Sookie’s world: while hiking and listening to the Charlene Harris audio books and at night, watching True Blood on TV.

Now she is standing in front of me in London, how odd this feels!

I think to myself, I must say something, or take a photo.., but Oops, camera battery is dead. So, I fumble through my bag to find my iPad. It was better than nothing.

By the time I got out my iPad, Sookie was walking away, but I followed her, and gently tapped her shoulder and asked if I could take a picture. She said, “SURE.” Just at that exact moment Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) turned around and for a split second, they both were posing perfectly for my iPad.

After snapping the photo, I attempted to thank them, but I was speechless, or was I star struck? Well, regardless, I was frozen because I did not expect to see Bill the vampire turn around smiling politely. I thought I may as well have been a Bon Temps resident about to get bitten or glamoured, so I quickly ran away.

Back in my seat, all I could do was check my iPad again and again to see if this was true!? The play was now resuming, but I was not hearing anything, my mind was racing. I mentally told myself to focus on the play, but I could not. I really must have been glamoured by Bill!

Later, when I walked back to my hotel, I felt as if somehow I had created that moment for myself in my mind, and that it should teach me something about myself, but what? I’m still trying to figure that out.

I was so frustrated for not having a good camera with me; oh how I would love to photograph a real art portrait of this lovely and interesting couple….one day.

I’m happy to share this photo and my experience with other fans of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.


Please visit my website and follow me on Instagram.  

by Ricky Zehavi

Strange Times – Observations on True Blood Season 6 so far

Posted by Telina E. Knight On July - 4 - 2013

Guest Writer editorialWe are now three episodes into season six and most of our burning questions still remain unanswered. I do, however, have my own theories on what will happen in the coming episodes.


More thoughts on “Who Will Bite The Dust”
We all know that one of our beloved main characters will bite the dust this season. Many are convinced its Eric while others believe Lafayette will finally meet the same fate his character did in the books. If I’m choosing between the two, my money’s on Lafayette, simply because it’s no secret that Eric is probably the most popular fan favorite on the show.

That being said, after watching “You’re No Good”, I’m convinced that a character I had never really considered to be in danger before could meet his demise this season and that’s Jason. It’s obvious that Sook’s loving big brother is ill and seems to only be getting worse. From the spoilers I’ve seen for episode four, Sookie and Jason’s faery grandfather don’t seem to keen on helping his grandson, since Jason missed out on the Fae gene.

Jason has survived multiple were-panther attacks, an overdose on V, and Steve Newlin among other obstacles, but he has always bounced right back, until now. Not only is Jason physically ill, his mental state hasn’t been all that great either. Could it be that all the tragedy and danger that have followed the Stackhouse siblings are finally catching up to them, Jason being the one taking the brute?

He is, after all, merely mortal whilst his half-fae sister still has the vamps, weres, and royal faEry kin to help her out. Then again, Jessica may still be carrying a torch for Jason and help him out with her blood, if he will allow it.

Niall and Sookie help Jason

Another character I believe may possibly be in danger of meeting her maker is Pam. In the last couple of seasons, Pam has been taking desperate measures to keep Eric to herself but her attempts have instead pushed him away. Or so it seems, bottom line is Pam will do anything and I do mean ANYTHING to keep her maker safe and if that means the true death for her, well so be it.

Pam is probably one of my top five favorite characters and Kristen Bauer Van Straten does a fabulous job portraying her but her character has grown away from the sassy, bad-ass vamp we knew in first three seasons. She has gone from smart and witty to clingy and a little crazy.

I do applaud the Tara/Pam pairing, though I don’t see it lasting too long. Tara is also one whose fate is up in the air. There seems to be a pattern with Tara, every time she is saved from a terrible thing, something similar ends up happening to her anyway.

Tara thought Lafayette was the body in the back of Andy’s car in the season two premiere but he reappeared after being held captive in Eric’s dungeon then in the season two finale Jason kills Tara’s new love, Eggs, because he thought Eggs was trying to kill Andy Bellefleur. Then, Tara narrowly escapes being made vampire by the demented Franklin Mott in season three, only to be turned by Pam in season five to avoid dying from a gunshot wound to the head courtesy of Debbie Pelt. So, wouldn’t it only make sense if Tara finally met the true death? After all, you can only escape it so many times before it finally catches you. At this point in the season, it seems that almost everyone except Sookie is fair game.

New Fae’s in Town


Speaking of the fae, there are two new faes in town, one being Ben Flynn, the ruggedly handsome stranger Sookie helps out in episode 2 (The Sun). Ben has now returned to assist Sookie’s faery grandfather, Niall Brigant in keeping Sookie safe from the yet to really be seen Warlow, the progeny of Lilith, who was promised Sookie would be his by her several times great-grandfather John Stackhouse.

Ben Flynn

Ben just kind of appeared out of nowhere and we don’t really know much about him, yet, other than he knows a little more about the Fae than Sookie does and he and the Sook can “feel” each other, something neither could do with any other fae. Maybe they are supposed to be soul mates?

Many Trubies are thinking that Ben is some kind of bad guy, maybe somehow connected to Warlow, but I disagree with that. I think he is totally a good guy and while I am TEAM ERIC, it is a little refreshing seeing Sookie having a chance to be with her own kind, someone that truly gets how she feels. Maybe Ben and Sookie are destined to have lots of half-fae babies to restore the bloodline destroyed by Warlow? Or maybe he is just someone to make Eric jealous so he will come to his senses and take Sookie and his vamp family of Pam, Tara, and Nora out of Louisiana and away from all the danger.


Why not leave the State?


I am really wondering why all the Louisiana vamps haven’t left the state already. I mean, if Louisiana is the only state invoking these Jim Crow Laws for Vamps, why not just go to another state? You got Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas all within a couple hours distance, so it’s not like it would take awhile to get to a safer territory.

Nora, Eric, Pam and Tara

Maybe set up camp at Russell Edgington’s old place in Jackson or head back to Dallas to seek help from Isabelle, Godric’s former second? But no, our favorite vamps choose to stay in the land of the un-free and walk right into danger. Guess we wouldn’t have much of a season of they didn’t.


The new Billith
I still can’t decide if I like the new Billith or not. Frankly, old Bill was kind of uptight and bland. Maybe it’s time to give the Confederate soldier the True Death once and for all so Stephen Moyer can spend more time directing and making babies with his wife.

Bill Compton

Guess we will just have to stay tuned to find out what will happen next…and to ensure there’s a seventh season…

Telina E. Knight

Telina E. Knight

Telina is a 26 year old mom, free-lance writer and blogger and a dedicated Trubie. She is currently working on her first novel and a new blog.
Telina E. Knight

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Who will get the True Death in True Blood Season 6?

Posted by Laura Dengrove On June - 16 - 2013

guestwriterbuttonSpoiler Alert!

Rumors have been running rapid lately, rumors of one of our beloved characters getting the final stake. Yes we all know by now that True Blood is filled with shocking deaths, but it still hurts to know in advance that we will be losing one of our main characters so quickly this season. With only ten short episodes we are left asking ourselves, who will it be?

Who will die and who will be safe? Well I am here to give a rundown on the pros and cons for each character (besides Sookie) and to try and foresee who may or may not die. Let’s get started!

Eric, Sookie and Bill in Season 4

10. Eric Northman- Now I know some of the main rumors going around are that our lovable Viking may be the one to get the True Death, but I want everyone to take a collective sigh of relief for I am almost a hundred percent sure that this is false. I cannot confirm anything, for this is purely my opinion, but photos have been taken recently of Alex (Eric) shooting for the final episodes of the season. Another thing for Eric is that he is a huge fan favorite plus he is still in the running for Sookie’s heart so it is doubtful he will be the one to die.

9. Bill Compton- With the new and all mighty powers he has developed since drinking the Lilith cool aid it is doubtful he will die as well. Unless they kill him and he comes back again, again, again, and again. Only time will tell what has become of Bill, or what will become of him, but it is almost certain he will not be the one to die.

8. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort- Another fan favorite, but with all the human wars and Billith business going on she may be on the hit list. Rest assured my Truebies, I doubt she is in trouble. Besides if they killed her off we would never know when to ‘get back on that pole’.

7. Jason Stackhouse- A Sookie’s biggest support system and her loving brother I do not think he will die. He could be a surprise death but fans would not be please at all and Sookie may go completely crazy, so I think he is safe…for now.

6. Sam Merlotte- With the cliffhanger leaving Luna better off dead, and Sam surviving the Authority takeover, Sam seems in the clear right now.
5. Alcide Herveaux- With his new status as pack master, and major sex symbol, doubtful he will be the one to die.

4. Jessica Hamby- The new vampire princess seems safe with Bill on her side, but she could be in major danger if she tries to protect her godly Maker.

3. Tara Thornton- Newbie vampire Tara may be in trouble. With some fan support dying for her a bit, the writers may not have a problem killing her, once and for all. It would be unlikely though since she now has a relationship with Pam and still is close to Sookie and the crew. Her death, however, would mark a surprise in the show. She has been there since the beginning and with her new “family” it may be the best time for the writers to pull the rug out from under us.

2. Arlene/Terry/Andy/Holly (The Merlottes Crew)- This group will most likely end in a death or two. Arlene, Terry, and Holly have faded from fan favor so the writers may off them, but Andy may be in the clear.

1. Lafayette Reynolds- With all the rumors running around, this is the one that seems to pop up the most and even though I, like many fans, do not want to admit it he may be the one to go. Lafayette has been a fan favorite since day one, heck his character was even written to stay on the show after his book self died, and he has developed close relationships with everyone on the show, even Eric. If he was to die it would be the biggest surprise and the biggest death in True Blood since Gran and Godric. It would hurt just about every character and it may be the shock that True Blood needs, but it still hurts to talk about. I hope I am wrong about his death, I hope it is just my number two on this list to suffer, but alas I fear the worse.

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it, until proven wrong of course. So here is to another great season of True Blood and let’s hope all of our favorite characters are safe!

Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove is a young journalist/critic on all things film and television. Full time student and writer.

The evolution of Eric and Sookie. Will they finally get together?

Posted by Laura Dengrove On June - 9 - 2013

Guest writer editorialWell it’s that time of year again, the time of year where sex, blood, mayhem, and well more sex fills the air and the beginning of a new True Blood season. The time of year where ship wars begin to start.
Rather you are ‘Team Bill’, ‘Team Alcide’, ‘Team Sam’, or well my ship ‘Team Eric’, the fights just never cease to end. Well in this article I’m here to talk about Team Eric and if we will ever get to see him and Sookie back together, in more ways than one. They started off as just, well allies I suppose. With heated looks across the room, and dreams that stemmed from one drop of blood, the romance just grew from there.
One of my favorite scenes, where I believe the love started, was the death of Godric. Eric’s grief over the loss of his Maker seemed to show Sookie that Eric wasn’t the boogeyman she believed him to be. Godric made her promise to look after him, and while in the moment she wasn’t sure she could, she tried to look after him. The dreams she had after the blood she took from Eric, after he tricked into sucking out a bullet that was lodged into his chest, made her feelings for him grow. The dreams weren’t one sided though. In season three, Eric shared those dreams. He fantasized about her during work and always felt protective over her, even if he didn’t admit it.
When season four came around we were introduced to amnesia Eric who became this way after a nasty run in with a witch named Marnie/Antonia. He was innocent, kind, and unhardened by the troubles he went through in is very long life. He fell in love with Sookie and Sookie fell for him. She couldn’t resist him for very long and they made love shortly after he began living with her during his time under the witch’s curse. With all the witch problems going on and Marnie becoming more powerful, Sookie cured Eric’s amnesia after he tried to kill Bill. After getting his memories back he realized he was still in love with Sookie and told her things didn’t have to change between them. Sookie’s heart, however, was still torn between Eric and Bill. In the end she chose neither and tried to live a normal life, without her vampire lovers.
When season five came along, we barely had any scenes to quench our thirst for more Sookie and Eric. Until the end, where Billith rose and he seemed to put our star crossed lovers together once more. So where does this leave Eric and Sookie? The answer to that is uncertain. Even though it seems like this would be the best time for the writers to finally give the Eric and Sookie fans what they want and get the characters together, they still appear to be fixated on having Bill and Sookie together.
In a recent article with the new show runner, Brian Buckner, he said that Sookie and Bill would always be the center of the show but may not always be together and that Sookie will find someone she may have more in common with aka Ben the new fairy in town. Well I for one am a bit upset by this. As an avid Sookie and Eric fan I believe the chemistry between them is electric. I believe they may be soul mates and that they should be together, and soon. They are both two troubled characters haunted by their past and in a weird way complement each other. The relationship is full of lust and love and I do hope they find a way back to each other.
Until then there is always fan fiction and who knows, maybe I am wrong. Maybe in the end Sookie and Eric will be with each other at some point this season. From one shipper to another, I’ll keep hope and keep my ship alive and we shall see what True Blood has in store for them this season! (New season starts June 16, 2013 on HBO)


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove is a young journalist/critic on all things film and television. Full time student and writer.

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Review: Joe Manganiello’s Magic Mike – “Women Love the Tease”

Posted by Babs by the Beach On October - 27 - 2012
Magic Mike

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This week, Joe Manganiello’s film, Magic Mike comes out on video and Warner Brothers was nice enough to send us a copy to review.  Guest writer, “Babs by the Beach,” has watched the film and gives her review below.

Magic Mike “is a window into a world that you have never seen.” Over hot dogs, yes, hot dogs, Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh agreed to make MM about Tatum’s 19 year-old experience as a stripper and apparently never looked back. I’m actually glad they didn’t because there are many stories buried in Tatum’s ”world”that need to be told.

Tatum’s life as a stripper is truly amazing, because a guy that is 6’1”, literally defies gravity as he makes his body move in ways that, well ladies, you’ll just have to buy the DVD to believe. Sure he moves and grooves in “Step Up,” but frankly, the boy had his clothes on; and you just can’t truly appreciate Tatum covered up with all that baggy fabric. The same goes for all the boys in MM. Matthew McConaughey’s Dallas is not only the carnival barker, MC, ring master, and almost-pimp, but he’s got some serious moves as well, so much so that the ladies in the audience (mind you these are women being paid to be the audience) take method acting to a new level when they liberated Mr. McConaughey of his rather skimpy thong. (Sigh)

Focus, focus, ladies, there are more tales to be told.

As we learn that Mike attempts to diversify his employment portfolio, you can only strip for so long, he’s also a good soul who tries to help along a down-and-out failed college football stud, Alex Pettyfer, Adam “The Kid.” And thank goodness he does, because, while it’s not quite Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, it is a buddy film that shows how the fast life can also make for a faster fall. Mike and Adam begin running together in South Miami the only way two young and overly attractive men can: booze, drugs and sex, and more booze, drugs and sex.

There is the attempt at a love connection between Mike (Tatum) and Alex’s sister Brooke (played by Cody Horn), that somewhat gives the story line depth, but it also somewhat gets in the way of the real fun, the real emotions, the real deal crux-of-this-whale-tale: male bonding. It’s not that women should not be in the film, but as Joe Manganiello says in the DVD Backstage on Magic Mike, “it’s the dance scenes that steal the movie.” It’s the way the guys move on stage as a team that makes it more than eye candy, you can tell they are having fun. There is so much acting potential wasted as just eye candy. These boys have their acting chops: Big Dick Richie (Manganiello–True Blood), Ken (Matt Bomer–White Collar), Tito (Adam Rodriguez–CSI: Miami), and Tarzan (Kevin Nash–The Punisher), but in most scenes they have only a few lines and fill in the background. The energy that Dallas (McConaughey) stirs up, and the guys feed off of, electrifies the movie. But all of this gets shut down as Mike chase Brooke.

This is why, in MM II, IMHO, I hope that not only the dance scenes take center stage, but Fireman Big Dick Richie lights my fire (which is why we need more Joe), Ken pops out of his box more, Tarzan swings into our hearts and Tito makes those legs spin faster than a top. Manganiello nails it again, when he says, “there’s a real sense of camaraderie and I think the dance moves are what brought that all together.” That’s what I want to see more camaraderie (and of course, more dancing).

The articles of our guest writers represent only the opinion of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owners of We find it important to give space to the different points of view of the great variety of True Blood fans and the editorials of the guest writers are the perfect tool for that. We safeguard that the articles are in agreement with our policy.

Sean Harry’s Starfury events have been running for many years now and the third annual Vampire Ball was hosting True Blood’s regular guests Allan Hyde who plays Godric and Mariana Klaveno who plays Lorena. Mariana had cancelled two years previously and I was on honeymoon the previous year so was looking forward to meeting her for the first time as well as Allan who was very funny at the first Vampire Ball.

The venue this year was the Renaissance hotel next to Heathrow airport which makes it easier to get to for con goers outside of the UK. I arrived late evening on the Friday night and bought regular tickets on the door. After checking into my hotel room it was straight down for the opening ceremony in the main hall. Sean Harry opened the con and introduced the guests. His banter with the crowd was great and he joked about the lack of Twilight guests at his cons. Juliet Landau and James Masters were the big names to keep the legions of Buffy fans happy this year.

Mariana Klaveno was the first True Blood guest introduced and she joked that she had kicked Allan Hyde in his privates backstage. Allan came out minutes later doubled up pretending that actually happened. Allan was sporting a beard which I had not seen before so looked a bit older than the last time I had seen him. Mariana had her hair dyed blond.

After the opening ceremony there was a meet and greet for gold ticket holders that I would be missing out on this time. Following this there was a party themed on Sunningdale from Buffy. I went dressed in my Captain Hammer T-shirt with black gauntlets. I met up with Truebie friends I had made at previous cons and we sat at a table together. The party went on late into the night. There were a few people in Merlotte waitress costumes including a bloke in drag as Sookie which was hilarious. 

Mariana KlavenoAllan Hyde


After breakfast the next morning my first True Blood related activity was the photo shoot at midday with Allan and Mariana. I dressed in my Andy Bellefleur sherif costume for this and Allan and Mariana aprreciated the effort I had made with the costume. A little while later in the afternoon they gave the first of their two guest talks together. The talk started a little late as Allan is a big Chelsea fan and had been watching them beat Arsenal on the TV!

Allan and Mariana joked about Godric’s Obi-Wan style comeback as figure in shining white light. When asked what other True Blood character they would like to play, Allan said Lorena and Mariana said Lafayette. Their favourite True Blood episodes were Godric’s death scene and Lorena torturing Bill. Allan talked about how he played someone much older by studying videos of old people and doing less which made him look more wise. If they could appear in other shows, Allan said he would like to be in the Walking Dead and Marianna said she would like to be in Game of Thrones. Allan said he would like to be a chef if he wasn’t an actor. He recounted a funny story of making Bolognese sauce all day for a friend and his friends flatmate making one out of a jar that his flat mates thought was better! Mariana spoke about the infamous head twist scene when she was making love to Bill and how they had to take a dummy life cast of her torso. They would leave it on set naked and she asked them to cover it up so they put a bra on it!

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