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HBO has always had a very active marketing campaign each season, but this for True Blood Season 6 it seems that its less “print” and more “online” focused. The network is serving up a fresh dose of interactive online goodies for True Blood fans.

In previous seasons of the show, there have always been multiple posters including cast members and more, but this year, there is only one poster, (seen below). With an ominous “No One Lives Forever” promotional line, the new season promotion seems to be more one dimensional, or, would you call it more focused.  As we showed in previous postings, the image was posted all over.



However, online the promotion for this season has been truly “viral.” Here’s how HBO is priming fans online for the True Blood Season 6.


1. #ShowYourFangs - Part of HBO’s social strategy is to encourage fans to show their solidarity with the vampires by uploading photos featuring their own “fangs” to Twitter or Instagram, along with the hashtag #ShowYourFangs. The images filter into this landing page.



2. ‘True Survival’ Game - True Survival players must help Fangtasia bar owner Pam run away from vampire-hating humans in this side-scroller game, which is available to play in 25 languages. While players avoid obstacles, they must collect bottles and vials of blood for energy. Vampire abilities found along the journey help Pam kill Fellowship of the Sun protestors and V-sucking maniacs.

True Blood Survival Game


3. Bad Things Tumblr - True Blood finally made its way to Tumblr for season six in a very interactive way. The Bad Things Tumblr blog asks viewers to submit confessions, which the HBO social team then places on an image from the show. People can contribute confessions on Tumblr or on Twitter using hashtag #MyBadThing. The Tumblr blog also keeps fans updated on the show’s presence on other social networks.



4. Premiere Day Social Blitz and Interactive Pre-Show - On June 16 — season-six’s premiere day — HBO has been spilling show secrets acrossTwitterInstagram and Vine, under the hashtag #SecretsFromTheSet. The social onslaught will lead up to the 8:45 p.m. ET pre-show featuring 13 cast members on the set of Fangtasia. HBO is promoting the pre-show in a series of Vine videos.



Fangs out, Truebies. The battle begins on June 16th at 9:00pm, when True Blood Season 6 premieres.Tweet or Instagram a photo of yourself using #ShowYourFangs to tell the world that you stand with the vamps.

Come out, come out, whatever you are. Stand with @BauervanStraten and #SHOWYOURFANGS:



Tell the world you stand with the vamps and#showyourfangs. Join the battle with@McMillzz (aka Steve Newlin).

Michael McMillian show your fangs


Help save the vamps from Governor Burrell and #ShowYourFangs. Here’s how:



Lots of Trubies have already joined in the fun.  Go on over to Twitter and Instagram and load your photo or Tweet using #showyourfangs.


It’s time Trubies for all the promotion for True Blood Season 6 to go into full swing. Today, there are signs all over Los Angeles and in New York City’s Time Square promoting the new key graphic and the tag line “No one lives forever!”  We’d like to see some of the signage from your neighborhood.  Send us an email at the link at the end of this post.


Los Angeles, CA


True Blood’s “Emma” Chloe Noelle tweeted the following two photos from Los Angeles:

So excited to see the first ads for #TrueBloodS6!! #June16th


Look what I saw on Melrose!!! I’m getting so excited! #TrueBloodS6 #NoOneLivesForever



Tara Buck (Ginger) tweeted the following:

The billboards for #TrueBlood season six just went up in LA. Makes me shiver to see fangs that large. #Fangtastic #waitingsucks @HBO


New York City, NY

On the opposite side of the country, they are popping up in New York City’s Time Square:

@Angela tweeted the photos below saying: “True Blood..a Times Square!



Kion Sanders ‏@kionsanders got a photo of the same sign, but close up and tweeted this photo and saidI Can’t. Wait. #TrueBlood @ Times Square



Are there any True Blood billboards or posters up in your neighborhood? Send us the pics at tips[at]

True Blood has made #2 on GetGlue’s 2011 TV Check-ins TOP List.

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory topped the list for continuing shows in 2011, followed by HBO’s True Blood, and Fox’s Glee. Below are selections from a huge graphic provided by GetGlue where you can read more about the statistics that lead to this list.


To see the other statistical information, go to:

True Blood has been given lots of praise for their marketing ideas. They have truly been inventive in spreading the True Blood word around in the cleverest ways. Below are photos of their latest offering where one of the marketing teams have turned a Romanian city fountain blood red to promote the vampire series. Check out the awesome pictures below:

Really, the color is more reminiscent of Hawaiian Punch than actual blood. But of course, the important thing is that it’s bound to draw attention. The striking ads appear to be for the show’s fourth season, which kicked off last week in Romania.


True Blood Billboard is Back on Sunset Strip!

Posted by Shadaliza On May - 31 - 2011

When do you know that the wait is almost over? When the True Blood billboard is back on LA’s Sunset Strip! On 27 more days Truebies!

photo credit: Daily Billboard

How HBO keeps True Blood Fans Thirsty for More

Posted by Lynnpd On April - 2 - 2011

Since the Vault web site has been online from the very beginning of True Blood starting in September of 2008, we know how the fans have played a very important role in the viral marketing campaign that has been driven by HBO.

At a recent South by Southwest Interactive Festival session, panalists talked about how the zealous fans all but overpowered the marketing of “True Blood”. But not only did HBO light that fire in the first place, the network fanned the flames and allowed them to spread untamed — all while staying true to the show’s vision.

The panel, which included marketers and representatives from HBO, told the story about how the show’s popularity spread online. Fans started their own communities, Twitter identities from characters on the show and even a Babyvamp-Jessica blog written from the perspective of a minor character who got a much larger role once HBO saw how much fans loved her. Now HBO is helping out and supplying content to make the blog more realistic.

The panel offered three key themes that attendees could take away from HBO’s success:

Create the story.We believe that story is currency in the social space. Let’s prepare people for that first episode … to set the stage. … We saw that there was a really interesting story that wasn’t being told in the books or in the show. … The ads expanded the story. … The concept that vampires live amongst us is pretty compelling. The minute you’re telling this in a story, you’re pulling people in rather than pushing at them,” said Mike Monello, creative director at Campfire.

Go deep.We really want to build a rabbit hole. So if you want to go really deep, you can go, and they reasoned that if vampires were indeed living among us, then we’d be marketing to them!” said Todd Brandes, managing director for Digital Kitchen. As a result, a series of faux ads was created that tied into the show.

HBO also produced faux commercials such as a vampire motel commercial and even released a mock apology video making fun of their willingness to try new marketing tactics.

Snoop Dogg wanted to be on the show so badly he jumped at the opportunity to play a small part on the series. He created this “Oh Sookie” music video in 36 hours.

Identify your core audience. Sabrina Caluori, director of marketing for HBO, said that “from the onset we wanted to engage the fansites. It was a big corporate shift in thinking at HBO, treating the fan sites as media, giving access that hadn’t ever been done prior to the show.” HBO freely gave access to photos and video clips to fan sites, like and, for example.

Monello noted that “in marketing we think that we want to shout at the widest group of people. You’re better off speaking very closely to a small group rather then shooting broad to a much larger group.”

Find that core audience and speak to them. … Everyone else will come,” he said.


Vampire Brolleys: to avoid embarrassing daytime incineration

Posted by Lynnpd On September - 9 - 2010

As we all know, in True Blood, vampires walk freely amongst humans, but only a night, of course, until now.

Certainly, it would be an embarrassment for a vampire to find him or herself out late and the dawn arrive with no protection from the sun.

In order to avoid any embarrassing daytime incineration for our vamps, DraftFCB, Auckland designed these special umbrellas as an advertis4ement for for NZ Prime TV.


HBO’s “True Blood” is Still Killing It!

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 9 - 2010

Reena Leone for Digitaria has done her now yearly review of True Blood’s integrated marketing campaign.  We reported on it here last year and, upon review, you can see a marked change in the campaign from last year to this, in my opinion. It’s also good to see them using Facebook and Twitter in their campaign and I love the resurrection of Blood Copy with a new “twist”.

At that time she took an in depth look at different pieces of HBO’s integrated marketing campaign for True Blood. The show is now in its third season and HBO is still continuing to make the vampire world of Bon Temps a reality.

Reena writes: Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love their marketing any more, they bring in baby vamp Jessica and her blog.

Background for those who have still not seen the show: Jessica Hamby is a new vampire (hence the “baby vamp” nickname) who was turned (i.e. made into a vampire) at only age 17. She is struggling both with her new-found undead status as well as your typical teenage woes.

First of all, Jessica is the perfect character to have an online blog. She is probably one of the least complicated and most relate-able characters on the show. And we know that the Internet is the perfect place for a 17 year old to pour her (non beating) heart out. She is the most believable, even in the most ridiculous situations. Her panic in hiding/disposing of a dead body before maker/homeowner Bill finds out was actually quite similar to trying to clean up after a party before your parents get home. We feel for her as she struggles to find love and acceptance, something we all understand, living or not.

Her blog’s overall design is a direct reflection of her age. It is a Blogspot customized layout, complete with a purple, starry background. Again, HBO continues to make it authentic. She posts short videos, defaces pictures of an ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend, and reminisces about her human life. It adds more to the show by showcasing another perspective. I should point out that this is also an excellent example of transmedia concept #6: subjectivity.

To keep current viewers interested and to bring in new viewers, HBO has been producing quite a bit of online video content.

Prior to Jessica’s blog and to the start of season three, HBO prepared viewers for the upcoming season with mini webisodes. Some were from the end of last season, some from this season, but all were a short glimpse into each main character’s state of mind when we last left them. HBO released one a week as it aired reruns of season two.

More recently, they have been showing “postmortems” after each episode. The postmortems can be anything from deleted scenes, to behind the scenes footage, to extra content not seen before. Two of my favorites have been the behind the scenes look at how they use real wolves on set and Snoop Dogg’s music video tribute to the show “Oh Sookie”. Each one is then posted on their official Facebook and on HBO’s official True Blood Wiki.

While on the topic of Facebook, I should point out that is how I found Jessica’s blog in the first place. Both the Twitter account and Facebook fan page are kept current and are constantly posting new content to enjoy.

And while on the subject of Twitter, Bloodcopy has been resurrected and modified to be a Twitter feed aggregator, posting all the latest tweets regarding True Blood. The feed is in real-time and can be filtered by character, superfans, HBO’s official True Blood account etc. Since the page is populated by user content, HBO does its best to warn you that the site could contain spoilers (but that’s OK, I love spoilers).

Three seasons in, HBO still finds new and engaging ways to connect fans of True Blood above and beyond what other TV shows do. True Blood has truly embraced the power of the Internet to not only promote the show, but to create the best possible experience for “trubies” like me.

Source: Digitaria

True Blood Season 3 featured in SciFi Magazine

Posted by Lynnpd On June - 11 - 2010

SciFi Magazine has featured True Blood in their current issue and SpoilerTV has the photos.  Click on the images for a larger view.

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