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True Blood Season 6 out on Blu-Ray and DVD June 3

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 17 - 2014

True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season will be available on Blu-ray with Digital Copy ($79.98), DVD ($59.99) and Digital HD on June 3, 2014, just in time for fans to catch up before the final season makes its HBO debut this summer. Both sets include the full 10-episode season, along with extensive bonus materials including behind-the-scenes interviews and never-before-seen content.

3414 dvds6

Bonus Material

Packed with extensive audio commentaries and features that take fans even deeper into their favorite storylines and relationships, the sixth season’s bonus material offers an array of exciting content to keep even the most hardcore “Truebies” sated.

Blu-ray Features (along with all DVD extras):

  • Vamp Camp Files – get an inside look at the secret trove of documents detailing the effort to eradicate vampires via the institution known as “Vamp Camp.”
  • True Blood Lines – uncover secrets from relationships past and present in this engaging fully interactive guide and archive.

DVD Features:

  • Inside the Episodes (10 Clips) – get the backstories on each episode with revealing interviews from the show writers.
  • Audio Commentaries – five commentaries with cast and crew including executive producer Brian Buckner, Stephen Moyer, Carrie Preston, Amelia Rose Blaire and more!
  • Previews & Recaps
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True Blood Runs Season 6 Marathon for New Year’s Eve

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 31 - 2013

newssquare3Get out your Tru Blood drink and popcorn because it’s time to run another marathon viewing of True Blood.

HBO is airing all the episodes from True Blood Season 6 tonight for New Year’s Eve.  The first episode airs at 8pm on HBO2.  Refresh yourself on what happened in the sixth season in preparation for the upcoming finale Season 7.

See schedule screencap below:



Happy Holidays from HBO video with scenes from 2013 shows

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 18 - 2013

HBO gives us a few glimpses of the past year in their Happy Holidays from HBO! video below. There is a bit of True Blood Season 6 included in the video.


source: HBO on YouTube and

Pre-Order Your Copy of True Blood Season 6 on DVD or Blu-Ray

Posted by Lynnpd On October - 21 - 2013

True Blood Season 6 is now available to pre-order on Blu-Ray and DVD on If you order your copy now you are guaranteed this price. Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you’ll receive the lowest price. No word yet on when they will be available, but presumably the launch will be sometime in May or June 2014, just prior to the premiere of True Blood’s finale Season 7.

Click on the Blu-Ray or DVD links below to order yours now!

True Blood season 6

BJCuWnkCQAAqrlN.jpg-largeCTAM said of True Blood:

“In 2008, HBO introduced a provocative new series that implied vampires live among us. It pushed the envelope on every level and brought supernatural into mainstream. The PSA campaign for the vampire league launched the show and the campaign to a mass audience.” 

CTAM, the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, since 1997 has annually honored a notable and influential marketing campaign from cable’s recent past by inducting it into the Hall of Fame. The campaign or concept must be at least five years old and have had a positive impact on the company and the industry.

Marketing for the show included a multimedia viral campaign promoting a serum that simulates blood and allows vampires to walk among the living. It included catchy, bogus ads for a “Tru Blood” drink and faux vampire Web sites, as Multichannel News noted at the time. ‘Tru Blood’ product ad by HBO

The other finalists that were being considered for the CTAM Hall of Fame inclusion were AMC: Breaking Bad; Comcast: The Slowkys; FX: Sons of Anarchy and USA: Characters Welcome.

The Hall of Fame induction was announced at an event, CTAM Think, Tuesday night in New York City, attended by about 250 people.

A full listing of the CTAM Awards winners can be found in the upcoming Sept. 16 edition of Multichannel News and at CTAM’s site.


True Blood celerates Labor Day

Posted by Lynnpd On September - 2 - 2013

True BloodHappy Labor Day Everyone.  HBO has just released a special “Labor Day” video from True Blood. Enjoy your day off everyone.

And Yes, work sucks!



Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 6.10

Posted by Shadaliza On August - 22 - 2013

This is our selection of the top 5 WTF moments of True Blood episode 6.10 – “Radioactive”.

What were your best WTF moments? Post about it in the comments.





Billith is no more

Not only did Bill lose most of his blood when feeding the vamps, but he also lost the powers that came with it. No more Lillith and Billith, welcome back Bill Compton and please stop breaking the crystal.



Warlow has left the building

Warlow turned out to be a villain who was neither fish nor meat, not sure what he will be remembered for, but certainly not for dying a spectacular death.



Eric gets sunburned

One of the most hilarious scenes of all six seasons: Eric reading a book buck naked, on a Swedish mountain top. Unfortunately Warlow’s blood wears off and Eric catches on fire. We already know that he will be back next year… but in what form….?



A lot can happen in six months…

One WTF moment after the other after the six month time skip: Bill has written a book, Sam is mayor, Merlotte’s is Bellefleur’s and Sookie is doing Alcide.



The Walking Dead meets True Blood

We’ve seen them all: vampires, shifters, werewolves, faeries, vampire-faeries, witches, gods and even a couple of humans. But now it’s time for a new species to terrorize the good people of Bon Temps: the Vampire Zombie!


More True Blood Season 6 Finale insights from Brian Buckner

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 21 - 2013

Brian+Buckner+True+Blood+Season+6+Premiere+oyFT5B-GOaTlBelow is another interview that new showrunner, Brian Buckner gave to Entertainment Weekly about the True Blood Season 6 finale. He shares some new insights not covered in the previous interview.


EW: You’ve confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard will return and be a regular on the show next season. Eric’s alive!
BRIAN BUCKNER: [Laughs] Well, I did not confirm that he’s alive. Not that I want to create more conversation, because I don’t, but to be clear, we’re not saying how we’re going to use him, we’re simply saying that we are using him. I will say that I do long for the days when television audiences could stand to wait and enjoy the tease. But I understand we’re living in a different time. I don’t want to watch a show without him either.


Whose idea was it for Eric to be sunbathing nude on a snow-covered mountaintop in Sweden?
It was mine. The original idea was that it’s basically like a Corona commercial, but I didn’t want to do a beach because it’s obvious. This is a man who doesn’t want to love, and doesn’t want to feel pain, and every connection he has to people ends in pain. So if Eric could be an island, he would be. So with Nora gone, and having sought vengeance for her death, he found that the pain was still there and he doesn’t want to feel it again. So he retreated and returned home. That’s as much as the audience is meant to know. For now.

So he wasn’t suicidal, sitting on that mountaintop so exposed?
Nobody knew the rule that if Warlow died, the blood that he gave to you would lose its efficacy. It was a surprise to all the vampires who realized that they just lost their ability to walk in the sun, but Eric was the only one in a timezone where it was light out. I think in the sort of “What the f— just happened?” of it all [Laughs] some people missed the idea that it was Warlow dying that precipitated that event. So if people called it an anticlimax, that Warlow’s death came and went without consequence, no, the Eric thing is the consequence of Warlow’s death.

I think we’ve seen fairy blood wear off before, so a lot of viewers were thinking that was a possibility. Or are you saying Warlow’s blood would never have worn off?
Maybe it’s on us. Warlow’s blood was special in that once you had it, it was not gonna wear off. It was the real deal. That’s why Sookie’s blood and Adilyn’s blood didn’t do what Warlow’s blood could do. Bill, at a certain point in the season, realized Warlow is the prophecy, that’s why Lilith all along said that you alone are going to be responsible for the continuation of the species. But when Warlow died, out went everybody’s ability to walk in the sun.

[UPDATE]: It is now confirmed that the book Eric was reading was one chosen by Skarsgard: Den allvarsamma leken by Hjalmar Soderberg. Translation: The Serious Game. According to a synopsis on Amazon, it is Sweden’s most celebrated and enduring love story: “Sweden at the turn of the previous century. Arvid, an ambitious and well-educated young man, meets Lydia, the daughter of a landscape painter, during an idyllic summer vacation and falls in love. Lydia, however, has other suitors, and Astrid is frightened of being tied down by his emotions. Trapped inside loveless marriages of convenience, they struggle in later years to rekindle the promise of their romance with bitter and tragic results.” Well done.]

Another popular question is if Tara’s mother, Lettie Mae (Adina Porter), is actually a Hep V carrier. It occurred to me, but I ruled it out because she was just too convincing asking Tara (Rutina Wesley) to be her blood donor to make up for forgetting to feed Tara for days when she was growing up.
Let me just say this, and I realize that there has been an abrupt change in the kinds of storytelling that we do, but going into a seventh season of a show, if our characters can’t grow and change, then we have a problem. So we need to be able to allow ourselves to believe that Bill can see the error of his ways and want to change, and then the question becomes about forgiveness, and that Lettie Mae — I mean, what mother wouldn’t feel badly about that? The idea that there must be plot behind everything that we do — I don’t want to have the audience constantly demanding that everything be plot-driven. It was genuine on Lettie Mae’s part. It’s not to say that there won’t be complications that arise, but people can be telling the truth.

Tell me about the genesis of the idea to pair non-carrier humans with healthy vampires — exchanging blood for protection.
The season itself was such a firestorm [Laughs], but it came out of the writers’ room. To me — and I hope our fans can appreciate this — it is the organic direction for a show that was about the relationship between vampires and humans to take. It started completely focused on one vampire-human relationship, but now we have all these relationships that we hopefully care about, and we’re going to add vampires to the human relationships and humans to the vampire relationships and see how it f—s things up. So every relationship that we have that we care about is now gonna be a threesome or a foursome. Right? It’s gonna be about these relationships, so that it’s not all just big bad and plot.

To me, this sounds like a way for us to see more of characters we love — like Lafayette [Nelsan Ellis].
Some of my favorite Lafayette stuff we’ve ever done goes back to season 1, where he was in that relationship with Eddie [Stephen Root]. We’re gonna have to pair Lafayette up with a vampire. So yeah. Here’s my sincere hope: that we get to see more of everybody we love, because everybody is under the banner of fewer stories. The story is “for every human a vampire, for every vampire a human,” and now that there’s a lesser need for separate plot and separate story development for every single character that we have, we’re actually going to get to spend more time with them. That’s my hope, that’s the motivation, and that’s where it’s all coming from.

I know you’re not going to tell me who’s being paired up, but have the writers started debating it? I imagine that’ll be fun to decide.
This is the first time that we’ve actually ever taken a break between the previous season and the next one. Usually we’re back in the writers’ room on the day of the wrap party. What happens then is that we haven’t really had a chance to digest the season and feel how the fans digest the season, and what went down well and what didn’t go down as easily. This time, we’re back in on Sept. 3, and I’m sure everyone’s gonna come full of ideas and there will be much debate about it. But the pairings are fun. If people are considering pairings, then they’ve got the right idea.

People are also pondering why the Hep V-infected vampire hordes haven’t died like Nora did. That’s because the virus has mutated?
Correct. And that’s part of the reason for the time passage as well.

So they’re just physically weaker than healthy vampires?
They’re weaker and driven by a need to eat in a way that the vampires that we’ve come to know are not. They have to drink human blood in larger quantities and more frequently than before. And the other thing to clarify — honestly, it feels weird to have to clarify everything, which is essentially what next season’s job is [Laughs] — but they’re not going to be zombies. They’re far more organized and haven’t lost their mental capacity.

On to Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello): We skipped over the sex scene. We will see some in season 7, I presume?
Would it be True Blood without it? If we had put that scene back-to-back with the Jason-Violet scene, everybody would say that we’re pandering. Sometimes we can wait for things.

That Jason-Violet scene had to be the longest oral sex scene ever aired on TV.
You guys don’t know Karolina [Wydra] as well as we know Karolina now, but she is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever seen. And she gets it, and she’s really smart comedically and dramatically. And Ryan [Kwanten], of course, everybody knows. I never had a doubt that they could pull off that scene. But I also wasn’t going to the set for it. [Laughs] I did not want my wife to know I was there, and I wasn’t. The writer of the episode, Kate [Barnow], kept saying, “You should come see this.” I’m like, “Nope.”

When EW spoke to Deborah Ann Woll before the finale, she said that when she first read the scene in which she killed three of Andy’s daughters, she couldn’t imagine how Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jessica could both be on the show next season. Did you ever think about killing one of them off?
No. It’s hard to imagine, but I think she did the best thing she could possibly do: Here’s my protection, I’m asking for nothing in return. She basically wants to work off her sins. Not that I think she can ever forgive herself, but I can see her intervening and helping Andy and Adilyn get through life, and she can work off her sin in our eyes.

Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a point in the episode of saying that it’s the non-carrier humans who are making this deal with vampires. What happens to the humans who are carriers?
I think they’re s— out of luck. Maybe they could get some help, but vampires are not eager to do s— for humans if they don’t get anything out of it. Truthfully, as of yet, we don’t know which of our characters are carriers.

Arlene (Carrie Preston) bought Merlotte’s and renamed it Bellefleur’s. Can you tease anything about her arc for next season?
How does an Arlene who thinks she’s classy and well-to-do see herself? Money can’t really buy taste, can it?

We’re done with Warlow and Lilith. Could we see Niall (Rutger Hauer) again?
I can’t say either way. I mean, he’s alive, he can return. As is Sarah Newlin [Anna Camp]. But we have to go through that creative process still.

Was it just luck that Warlow found Sookie in the bathroom just as Niall was breaking through that portal?
It’s not luck in that we know that that is an exit from that other plane. That’s why the scene found its way into the bathroom. I will say it was fortuitous. [Laughs] But not completely inorganic, in my opinion. It felt wrong to lose Niall from the rest of the season altogether. So when he was willing to come back, we decided to have him be part of the endgame.

You always knew that Warlow would be just a one-season arc?
We did.

I’m happy Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) and James (Luke Grimes) will return next season.
I am, too. We’ve only scratched the surface of what those two actors can do. I always think it’s a nice thing to be able to introduce next season’s regulars in an organic way in the previous season, if you know where you’re going, as we did in this case. It felt really good, especially with Vamp Camp being what Vamp Camp was — that was a way to meet new vampires. On a show where everybody always says there’s really no humans left, if you do the math, there’s not that many vampires. So if we knew that we were gonna do “for every human a vampire, for every vampire a human,” we knew that we needed to bring more vampire talent into the mix.

And vampires can drink from werewolves?
Yeah, but they just don’t like the way they taste. Alcide [Joe Manganiello] might be a prize for all our female and gay male fans, but for a vampire, he’s like the worst-tasting thing there is. Which can be fun. But also, does Alcide seem like he would take a vampire partner or would he stand on his own?

Tell me about the idea for Sam becoming mayor.
I understand that there is love for these basic tenets of the book. But even [author] Charlaine [Harris] understands that the books and the series are two completely different things at this point. And six seasons in, you need to be willing to accept change and make change. We don’t really have a town mayor anymore. We had this time passage. It seemed like a really fun thing to do. And then it can put Sam and Andy into story together, and I’ve always loved them in story together. You have the mayor and the sheriff, and they have opposing points of view about what’s going on in this town. Now we’ve created a new combination of characters to move into story together that we haven’t really had that much in the past. It’s all about shuffling the deck at this point.

Is there anything else you want to say?
I want to allay everyone’s fears; at the same time, I want them to trust us. [Laughs] I promise people none of this has been done without forethought.


True Blood Season 6 Finale Brings Ratings up from last week

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 20 - 2013

newssquare2True Blood came in second again this week in the cable ratings for it’s finale episode, but with a 2.3 which was up from last week’s 2.2 adults 18-49 rating.



Show Net Time Viewership (million, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
Breaking Bad AMC 9:00 PM 4.771 2.4
True Blood HBOM 9:02 PM 4.137 2.3
BREAK HBOM 9:53 PM 2.627 1.4
NASCAR SPRINT CUP       L ESPN 1:00 PM 4.585 1.2
Family Guy ADSM 11:30 PM 2.105 1.1
SPRINT CUP POST RACE    L ESPN 4:10 PM 3.939 1.1
Family Guy ADSM 10:30 PM 2.240 1.1
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 9:00 PM 2.805 1.1
MOUNTAIN MEN HIST 9:00 PM 3.631 1.0
MLB SUNDAY NIGHT        L ESPN 8:00 PM 3.098 1.0
BOBS BURGERS ADSM 11:00 PM 1.909 0.9
Dexter S8 SHO1 9:01 PM 1.943 0.9
DEVIOUS MAIDS LIF 10:01 PM 2.560 0.9
Sister Wives TLC 9:00 PM 2.140 0.9
NEWSROOM, THE HBOM 10:02 PM 1.887 0.8
Cleveland Show, THE ADSM 10:00 PM 1.854 0.8
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 8:30 PM 2.201 0.8
BAD INK AEN 10:00 PM 1.620 0.

Each season we highlight the great music that Gary Calamar, True Blood’s Music Supervisor selects for each episode and True Blood Season 6 is no exception.

As you know one song becomes the episode title, and below are the songs that were featured in the finale episode of True Blood as listed on the web site. We have provided links where you can purchase the songs or albums on Amazon and ITunes.


To see ALL of the music featured in True Blood’s Season 6, go to the MUSIC Section of our Season 6 Episode Guide.


Below is the music for True Blood Season 6 Finale, Episode 10 “Radioactive

Episode 6.10 – “Radioactive”
mzi.jmoqkwve.170x170-75 “Cannonball”  by The Breeders amazon Itunes
669158524495.170x170-75 “Lacksadaisical” by Paper Pilots feat. Luke Grimes amazon Itunes
“Balancing the Backlight” by Paper Pilots feat. Luke Grimes
 amazon  Itunes
669158524495.170x170-75 “Romancing Glances” by Paper Pilots feat. Luke Grimes amazon Itunes
“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
 amazon  Itunes


From‘s discussion with True Blood’s music supervisor, Gary Calamar about this week’s music:


During the first-ever daytime vampire picnic, Jessica and her new vampire lover, James, took on Jason Stackhouse and his vampire keeper, Violet, in volleyball while the Breeders‘ “Cannonball” played in the background. But Kim Deal and co.’s most well-known song almost didn’t make the cut; in fact, she just beat out Kenny Loggins.

No, really.

We initially toyed with the idea of using Kenny Loggins’ ‘Playing With The Boys’ in a little Top Gun homage,” Calamar told, referencing a beach volleyball scene in the classic ’80s flick. “Cute idea, but ultimately we went with ‘Cannonball’ to show the joy and elation in in our characters playing volleyball in the sunlight.

Jason Stackhouse probably would have been a lot more comfortable with Maverick and Iceman than with Violet (see her sinking her claws into him in the above photo). It’s not hard to imagine Jason in this scene.

Performing at “The Bar Formerly Known As Merlotte’s,” James sings a number of songs from the L.A. band Paper Pilots (you can hear the originals on the band’s official website — the songs he covers are “Lackadaisical,” “Balancing The Blacklight” and “Romancing Glares”). For the episode, the songs were remixed with vocals from Luke Grimes, who plays James and is a musician in real life.

True Blood has traditionally veered away from the current pop charts, but for this week’s title song, “Radioactive,” they went with Imagine Dragons. While artists from Jimmy Page’s old band the Firm to Rita Ora to Kings of Leon all have songs by that name, Calamar says that a lot of thought was put into what song would end season six.

“We tried many things for the final song of season six,” he said. “We were looking for something with an apocalyptic theme that could leave us hanging and questioning the fate of our characters in season seven. We tried everything from Nine Inch Nails to Radiohead, but this Imagine Dragons track nailed it for us both lyrically and musically. It’s also great that we can use a song that is currently climbing the charts and very hot right now.


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