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Deborah Ann Woll is a LA Times Magazine Scene Stealer

Deborah Ann Woll is featured as an LA Times Magazine Scene Stealer.

Photo credit LA Times Magazine


If you attended this year’s Comic-Con, that celebration of all things fanboy, you just may have rubbed shoulders with Woll, the anonymous geek girl sitting in, say, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 panel audience—in costume. In 2010, she went as Hit-Girl; this year it was Cousin Itt. Of course, she also took the mike herself to promote one of the Con’s most popular topics—True Blood, dishing alongside her costars about what’s next for her wildly popular baby-vamp, Jessica Hamby. What’s next for Woll, however, is a whole lot of movies. She filmed the golf drama Seven Days in Utopia with Robert Duvall (out this week), the new-generation western Catch .44 with Bruce Willis and the imaginative romantic comedy He Loves Me with Cowboys & Aliens’ Paul Dano. But Woll confides that as an actress she still—pardon the corn—has a hunger. “Yes, True Blood is a hit, and more people are aware of me,” she says. “But I still audition for everything—I just get better auditions. On the other hand, I’m not being handed anything. I’m still workin’ pretty hard.”


Deborah as Cousin Itt
photo credit Facebook


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  1. Avatar
    September 02, 2011

    She is fantastic as Jessica. Looking forward to seeing her on my theatre screen. Loved the pic of Deborah Ann as Cousin Itt.


  2. Avatar
    September 02, 2011

    Love this girl, love the It costume IT was always a favorite at our house.


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