EyeCon Q&A with Sam Trammell

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 15 - 20094 COMMENTS

Sam Trammell had the honor yesterday to be the first to step up to the mic for his Q&A session at EyeCon Orlando. He answered questions about who from the cast he would want to be stuck on a desert island with, about having to be naked, about one of his toughest scenes to film, how his character would be better with Sookie and what he would sing about if True Blood had a musical episode. Sam was surprised to see a Team Sam t-shirt in the audience. Billsbabes Gymvamp and TooHandsomeBill showed their love for Sam by wearing their Team Sam shirts. We have been selling them in the Shoppe for a long long time, Sammie.

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Photo credit Tutu


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4 Responses to “EyeCon Q&A with Sam Trammell”

  1. kellmeister says:

    Love the biting comments! You tell ‘em Sam!
    Thanks for the great pics and vids guys!!!


  2. sandy says:

    I can see myself just hangin out with Sam. What a nice personality~so easy going! Thanks for the vid. I live 20-30 minutes from this place and I wasn’t around to go!!!


  3. DeemeK says:

    Sam Trammell is incredibly charming. Thanks for posting.


  4. maycomb says:

    Agreed, Sam is very charming, so natural and nice. Thanks for sharing all these great videos from the EyeCon convention. I was in the Orlando area but the ticket prices were not in my budget, so I’m glad to get a taste of it all on the Vault!


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