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Fake Anna Paquin claims harassment by True Blood fan sites

Update September 26: we are happy to announce that both the Twitter and the Facebook account mentioned in this article have been deleted.

It seems that a lot of people want to be Anna Paquin, because fake Anna Paquin Twitter and Facebook profiles pop up faster than they are are forced to close down by the real Anna Paquin’s management.

Several times before have we exposed fake profiles and the real Anna appreciated it that we took action.  But at the same time we received a lot of negative reactions of fans who were 100% convinced that they were tweeting with Anna Paquin and thought that we were harassing and offending Anna by calling her an impostor and identity thief. Fakers are often very easy to spot, because of bad grammar or incorrect facts on their profiles. Lately they seem to be getting better at it and I must admit that only weeks ago a fake Mariana Klaveno twitter had me fooled for a day or two. And it’s not just the fans that fall in the trap. Gothic Magazine retracted an interview that they had conducted with a fake Anna Paquin though MySpace.

Normally I don’t pay much attention to impostors any more, often they don’t last more than a week or two and disappear again. @mrsannamoyer has been around for a longer time and has gathered over 4000 devoted followers on Twitter who are all convinced they are indeed tweeting with the True Blood actress. Her tweets are protected and you have to request to see them. Impostors know me by now and when I apply with our The Vault Twitter account I am always denied access, but it takes no more then a minute to invent a name and set up a fake account and get accepted.

@mrsannamoyer spends her time answering fan questions and providing very little info so her error margin is small. But boy, does she spend a lot of time tweeting, she even tweeted on August 21, her wedding day, and tweeted on August 22 that she and Stephen Moyer were dating…. did she already forget about that ring on her finger? Fake Anna Paquin spends her time whining about being harassed by fans and the fan sites. Yes, that is what fan sites do: they harass the actors and call them fakes, that’s how we make them like us so they grant us interviews and support our charity fundraisers. She claims to have reported everybody who has been mean to her and asks the help of her followers to track down fan site owners. That’s where the impostor not only damages Paquin’s reputation but also that of the hardworking fan site owners.

Apparently @mrsannamoyer is also active on Facebook and several of those profiles have been closed down, due to harassment she claims. The only way to get her new Facebook account is to request it by direct message on Twitter and she will send it to you. This is her new Facebook account: She calls herself Anna Paquin-moyer, I guess Moyer wasn’t worth a capital letter.

“Ms. Paquin’s” favorite pages include: Don’t Allow Registered Sex Offenders on Facebook!!!, I want a ‘VERIFIED” mark on celebrities’ accounts, Stop Global Warming and One button to accept all gifts in facebook. Specially that last one could come in handy. I would think Anna had a more interesting life then spending all those hours online accepting hugs, hearts, angels, etc from “her fans”.

What really screams fake on this Facebook page are the paparazzi wedding photos and if that doesn’t convince you, how about this photo with the caption: me and Stephen… she doesn’t even know that that is not her husband she is giving a hug.

This impostor portrays Anna Paquin as a narcissistic, immature whining idiot that doesn’t even recognize her own husband and damages Anna’s reputation by badmouthing the fan sites that expose her and reporting them to Twitter and Facebook.

I am often asked how I can be so sure that neither Anna Paquin nor Stephen Moyer Twitter or have a public Facebook account, the answer is simple: Stephen Moyer confirmed this to me. I asked him to give me the heads up when they do decide to venture out in cyberspace. I don’t know if that day will ever come, but until then beware of impostors.


Only hours after the publishing of this article the @mrsannamoyer Twitter account has been removed by the impostor. On the Facebook page, where now her name is Anna Helene Moyer, the following discussion appeared where, surprise surprise, The Vault is the bad guy.