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Posted by Shadaliza On March - 4 - 2011

Giving support to charitable causes has always been an important part of our online activities. Since 2008 we have supported various charities and we have actively raised thousands of dollars with the help and support of our readers and followers.


Learn more about the charitable causes we support by clicking on their names.

Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund – Brentwood Theatre
Choroideremia Research Foundation
Facing The World
The Amanda Foundation
Facing The Atlantic


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2 Responses to “The Vault Fundraisers”

  1. Just to say again THANK YOU for all the ongoing support of BRENTWOOD THEATRE from The Vault and Bills Babes, Shad, Lynn, Zuzana, et al… and all the Trubies and Bill fans who contribute to the effort in support of Steve Moyer’s Kids Theatre Fund!!!! I know I speak for Mark, David, Liz, Ben, Bex, and all the volunteers, staff, and performers who live, breathe and love all the productions at the beautiful little yellow and blue Brentwood Theatre, when I say to all THE VAULT fans from all over the World:
    Thank you in Afrikaans (South Africa) Dankie (dahn-kee)
    Thank you in Arabic (Middle East) Shukran (shoe-krahn)
    Thank you in Cantonese (Southeast Asia – Hong Kong) Do je (daw-dyeh)
    Thank you in Croatian (Europe – Croatia) Hvala (H-vah-lah)
    Thank you in Czech (Central Europe) Dìkuji (deh-ku-yih)
    Thank you in Danish (Europe – Denmark) Tak (tahg)
    Thank you in Estonian (Estonia – Europe) Aitäh (ie-tehkh)
    Thank you in Fijian (Pacific Islands) Vinaka (Bvi’-nah-kah)
    Thank you in Filipino (East Asia – The Philippines) Salamat (sa-la-mat)
    Thank you in Finnish (Europe – Finland) Kiitos (Keetos)
    Thank you in French (Europe-France, Africa, North America, Canada) Merci (mehr-see)
    Thank you in German (Europe – Germany) Danke (dahn-kah)
    Thank you in Greek (Europe – Greece) Efcharisto (ef-har-rih-stowe)
    Thank you in Hawaiian (Pacific Islands – Hawaii) Mahalo (mah-hah-loh)
    Thank you in Hebrew (Western Asia – Israel) Toda (toh-dah)
    Thank you in Hindi (Southern Asia, India) Shukriya (shoe-kree-a)
    Thank you in Indonesian (East Asia – Indonesia) Terima Kasih (t’ree-ma kas-seh)
    Thank you in Italian (Europe – Italy) Grazie (gra-see)
    Thank you in Japanese (East Asia – Japan) Domo (doe-moe)
    Thank you in Korean (East Asia – Korea) Kamsa hamnida (kam-sa-ham-nee-da)
    Thank you in Latin (Ancient Europe) Gratia (grah-tyah)
    Thank you in Lithuanian (Central Europe – Lithuania) Achiu (Ahchjooh)
    Thank you in Mandarin (China and Taiwan) Xie xie (syeh-syeh)
    Thank you in Norwegian (Europe – Norway) Takk (Dahk)
    Thank you in Paraguay (South America) Aguije (ah-we-JAY)
    Thank you in Polish (Central Europe – Poland) Dziêkujê (Zhe-koo-yay)
    Thank you in Portuguese Obrigado (Ob-ree-gah-doe)
    Thank You in Serbian Hvala (Khvah-lah)
    Thank you in Romanian (Asia – Russia) Mulþumesc (Mool-tsu’-mehsk)
    Thank you in Spanish Gracias (Grah-cee-yas)
    Thank you in Swahili (Africa) Asante (Ah-sahn-teh)
    Thank you in Swedish (Europe – Sweden) Tack (Taak)
    Thank you in Thai (Southeast Asia – Thailand) Khop Khun Krab (kowp-koom krahp-khak)
    Thank you in Vietnamese (Southeast Asia – Vietnam) Ca’m on (Kam ooen)
    Thank you in Wolof (West Africa – Senegal, Gambia) Jerejef (Jay-ray-jayf’)
    Thank you in Welsh (Europe – British Isles) Diolch (Dee-olkh)
    Thank you in Yiddish (Europe, North America, New York) A (shaynem) dank.
    Thank you in Zimbabwean (Africa – Zimbabwe) Maita Henyu (Mah-ee’tah Heh’-nyoo)



  2. Jackie Jaime says:

    I am a true blood fan I watch every episode & every year i purchase the video..
    Lafayette & Erik are my favorite..Please continue this website with these amazing things site & upcoming event. So cool!!!


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