Inside the Episode: True Blood 5.11 “Sunset”

Posted by Lynnpd On August - 19 - 20124 COMMENTS


This week’s True Blood episode 5.11 is discussed by Angela Robinson and Alan Ball.

Wow, Bill has really drank the Kool-Aid and yes, Alan, it was a real rollercoaster ride, this episode.








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4 Responses to “Inside the Episode: True Blood 5.11 “Sunset””

  1. B.d. via Facebook says:

    My favourite episode this season & only one left…


  2. Or is Bill just really acting the part well ?…If you’re going to plan an escape amongst enemies, you have to appear on their side right up to the end…We never saw him actually Drink Lilith’s blood. Lilith is intentionally pitting members of the group against each other to cause trouble cause she’s nothing but Bad News. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO KILL RUSSELL !…The copies of that recording the General had of Russell and pipsqueak killing all those frat boys is going to go viral and the vampires will not be able to control it….I really need to see Emma safe with her mom and Sam and be back home.


  3. Oh, I’m sorry…make that Rev. Pipsqueak.


  4. Rowena says:

    This episode is like a runaway train, hurtling toward the destruction that will no doubt take place in the finale. Bill believes in the darkness that is Lilith (I hate his cruelty toward Jessica); Russell kills the Elder and all the fae, including Sookie, are visible to him and vulnerable; Sam, Luna, Pam are prisoners in the Authority underground; and Lilith is pitting the chancellors against one another. Eric and Nora have escaped but to what purpose. Hoyt had the right idea … Alaska sounds pretty good right about now.


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