Interview with the King of Mississippi Denis O’Hare

Posted by Shadaliza On March - 22 - 20108 COMMENTS interviewed Denis O’Hare who will play the part of Russell the King of Mississippi in True Blood third season.

In the interview Denis talks about True Blood, turns out he was a fan even before he was cast.
“I was a huge fan of the show and still am. I was introduced to the show via a bootleg VHS that had 4 episodes on it. My boyfriend Hugo and I started watching one Sunday night around 8 and by midnight we were so completely hooked that I was on the phone with Time Warner in New York begging them to give me HBO on Demand NOW. I have to watch the rest of season one NOW, don’t you understand?”

And about his character Russell he says:
“Russell evolved through conversations with Alan Ball [the show's creator], lots of research and hikes with Theo Alexander who plays Talbot, my vampire boyfriend of 700 years. Initially Alan told me that Russell was pretty old and was very charming and had a southern accent. We decided eventually that Russell was older than the character of Godric and so that puts him at around the 2700-2800-year-old mark – he was “made” sometime in 800 BC. He’s an ancient Celt. The Celts originated in the Carpathian mountains and then started migrating West in search of the bed of the sun. In 55 BC they were defeated by Julius Caesar in Gaul. So, obviously, Russell has worn many masks and his latest “incarnation” as a southern gentleman is just another mask.”

Read the rest of the interview.

photo credit Alex Berg


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8 Responses to “Interview with the King of Mississippi Denis O’Hare”

  1. Rowena says:

    It’s great to get this background on the character of Russell. Also, since I was a Chicagoan for over 20 years, I definitely appreciated reading Mr. O’Hare’s reminiscences of his time there.


  2. Wiwa says:

    Interesting…But didn’t Eric say that Godric could have had any kingdom in North America, if he wished, and that there were none before him in the new world? Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly.


    Rowena Reply:

    Wiwa, you are right. I just re-watched that episode last night. It’s from the conversation Bill and Eric had in the lobby of the Hotel Carmilla in Epi. 4 of S2.


  3. Donna says:

    I did not know Dennis O’Hare was gay. Not that I care, to each it’s own. I can’t wait to see him as King. It is going to be so much fun!!!


  4. willkill4Bill says:

    Interesting background on Russell. I had not really given it any thought but I imagine the older vamps do take on different personas over time and to fit in various locations especially when the world was smaller and traveling was arduous. And maybe even because they become borded. I am looking forward to meeting Russell though I resented his complacence in the books. We’ll see if AB goes the same route.


  5. Shabela says:

    I read the whole thing. Wow! He’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see him as Russell!!!


  6. LifeIsNotEasy says:

    I think he is a really good actor. I am excited for Russell’s scenes with Bill cause Denis said it was gonna be great.


  7. Thank you for an introduction to Denis O’Hare. Great to have a fan of the show join the cast. I’m very much looking forward to seeing his interpretation of Russell, and to seeing that conversation with Bill the Vampire.


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