Interview with True Blood’s King of Mississippi – Denis O’Hare

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True Blood is to be featured in the August Sci-Fi Magazine and Kathie Huddleston is already sharing some of the information. Here’s part of her interview with Denis O’Hare:

KATHIE: I understand you are going to be a regular on the show.

DENIS: I am. I don’t know what that means in terms how long I’ll be around [laughs]. But you know what, I’m around this year. I’m a regular this year.

KATHIE: True Blood seems to be true to the books and Sookie’s story, but it also goes off in its own direction?


KATHIE: I’ve never seen a series be able to do both so well.

DENIS: I agree with you. It feels like it’s true to the spirit of the books and it’s true to the kind of landscape that Charlaine Harris creates. But then it riffs on the characters and takes great liberties with them… My character, Russell Edgington, is not very fleshed out in the books. He’s one of the minor characters, I think, and he’s sprinkled here and there throughout it. But we’ve, I think, jumped off from what is in the books.

KATHIE: What is he like?

DENIS: [Laughs] I actually know a lot about him because Alan Ball kind of gave me free rein to create him. He gave me some very general outlines and then I would go off on my own and do research and come up with ideas. And then I would check back in with him and see if I was on the right path and he would say, “Yeah, that’s great. Except that’s not quite accurate,” or “Don’t go down that road.” So he was definitely guiding me and I was just taking liberties where I could.

But what we’ve come to, and Alan told me a little while ago, is that Russell is older than Godric. So actually he’s the oldest vampire and we hadn’t quite settled on how old he was and I wasn’t quite sure what was in Alan’s mind until I was aiming for one thing at one point. I was aiming for him to been made a vampire about 900AD and then Alan said, “Oh, no, no, no, no. He’s definitely older Godric.” I was thinking, oh maybe he’s like 2100 years old or 2200 years old, and then I got a script one day that one like that is, “I am nearly 3,000 years old,” and I was like, “Oh, okay. He’s older than I thought.” So it is a push me/pull you kind of thing as the writers discover the character.

Read the rest of the article here.


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16 Responses to “Interview with True Blood’s King of Mississippi – Denis O’Hare”

  1. lovelylavendar says:

    Very interesting! cannot wait to see him as Russell :D


  2. Yamena says:

    Yea and I like what he says about fleshing out minor characters and the show going into different directions!


  3. willkill4Bill says:

    Oh he is is very old and powerful. Can’t wait to see Russell .
    I am thrilled AB is veering further away from the books and in doing so he is enriching the story and characters.


  4. Blueblood says:

    Wow, 3,000 years old. Eric better not make him mad!


  5. Rowena says:

    Lovely to find out a bit more about Russell. He’s older than dirt, powerful and a force to be reckoned with. I am so looking forward to meeting him in S3. Thanks for providing, Lynn.


  6. Cherie says:

    Russell is going to be quite interesting to see on the show. I’m glad that Alan is changing him up, and fleshing him out.


  7. Donna says:

    For some reason, I do not think he will be a threat for long!


    Donna Reply:

    Hopefully, he will not be like a Maryanne storyline. Don’t get me wrong, love to see him on the show but…… not like Maryanne.


  8. Sammy says:

    I am very interested in the vampire royalty…should be a fantastic storyline.


  9. sally says:

    hmm interesting that he is older than Godric as Eric said to Bill in season 2 episode 4

    “Godric could’ve been King of Texas had he wanted, he could’ve been King of any vampire territory anywhere. He’s twice as old as i am and very powerful. There are none above him in the New World”.

    How come they didn’t know Russell is older? Or is something else going on? interesting ;P


    willkill4Bill Reply:

    I think that was Eric’s elevated perception of Godric. The viking was quite enamored of his maker.


    Shadaliza Reply:

    I don’t think Eric was talking about Godric’s age but his person when he said that nobody was above in.


    Katrick Reply:

    I think at that point of the story Godric was written to be the oldest and most powerful vampire but since then they have decided to introduce Russell and make him the oldest one.

    Maybe Eric hates Russell so much he refuses to acknowledge his existence or maybe Eric doesn’t consider Mississippi part of the new world. ;)


    caleb Reply:

    There are none above him in the New World- ya the new world which is considered the americas so russel could be from europe and moved to america


  10. traversity says:

    He is a cool guy and great actor, and he will bring some nice aristocratic intellectualism to the swanky show. TB needs some stiff upper lip


  11. TruE says:

    Omg! he is older than Godric! laaaaaaaaaame..Godric rules!


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