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Janina Gavankar to Join Jim Parrack at Monster Mania

janinamonstmaniaJanina Gavankar, True Blood’s Luna,  just posted on her Facebook page that she is happy that the weekend is still on. I’m sure she feared that the weather on the east coast might keep her from going to the Monster Mania event in Cherry Hill, NJ. Here’s what she said:

Janina Gavankar – *phew* this weekend was almost thwarted but I AM boarding a plane to Monster-Mania Convention and I’m ready to come party!

Jim Parrack is also scheduled to attend the event, so it looks like it will be lots of fun for True Blood fans.
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    March 07, 2013

    I don’t usually go to these things, but this is not far from me, so I may check it out on Sat.


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