Janina Gavankar Makes List of 20 Hottest Celebrity Geeks

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True Blood’s Luna, Janina Gavankar, as a female celebrity in Hollywood, knows that it sure doesn’t hurt to have good looks to get ahead. However, Janina is more than a pretty face and is always more than happy to talk about her inner geekness!

Being an avid gamer, having been Mrs. Dewey on the internet and an avid spokesperson for social media, she is also a  musician who just released a new single last spring. That’s why she was chosen among the 20 Hottest Celebrity Geeks by complex.com.

Here’s what they said about Janina.

16. Janina Gavankar

Only a true gamer would freak out over the sight of a Portal 2 advertisement and cite playing Dr. Mario as the best way to unwind. If you’re now wondering where she’s been all your life, you can check her out as Luna on HBO’s True Blood.



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One Response to “Janina Gavankar Makes List of 20 Hottest Celebrity Geeks”

  1. Rowena says:

    Congratulations to Janina. You can also see her guesting on the CW’s new series “Arrow.”


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