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Joe Manganiello and Audra Marie prepare for the wedding

Joe Manganiello and his fiance, Audra Marie

EOnline asked True Blood’s Joe Manganiello how the wedding planning is going and Joe answered:

We’re figuring it all out right now,” Manganiello told EOnline last night at the Casting Society of America Artios Awards in L.A., adding, “She’s kind of doing the daily grunt work—reading magazines, going online, looking at all of the websites. I just kind of say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or kind of make a sound, a grunt.”

They’re not sure if they want something big or a more intimate affair. When they suggested they could always just elope, Manganiello smiled, “I don’t know. We could. Never know. Wouldn’t rule out anything at this point.”

The same can be said about True Blood. Anything could happen in Bon Temps. Manganiello said he’s still “in the dark” about what show creator Alan Ball has planned for the new season, so we figured this was as good a time as any to ask he’d be okay with taking part in some of the show’s steamy same-sex action.

I would be surprised if that happened to my character,” he said, but then added, “I do what Alan writes.”

What an obedient werewolf.


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