How Joe Manganiello thinks True Blood should end

Posted by Shadaliza On December - 4 - 20132 COMMENTS

Joe ManganielloJoe Manganiello stopped by HuffPost Live studios to discuss his new workout book “Evolution,” but, of course, the conversation turned to talk about the series’ upcoming final season.

When asked how he would like “True Blood” to end, Manganiello bluntly said it should end “like a Shakespearean tragedy, it would just be a giant pile of bodies. Kill everybody.”

While that may sound sad to “True Blood” fans, Manganiello buffered his comment by saying he also wanted to see Sookie and Bill’s relationship tied up nicely. “As a fan of the show, it was always about Sookie and Bill, so it has to be about some sort of resolution in whatever shape that takes.”




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2 Responses to “How Joe Manganiello thinks True Blood should end”

  1. Eric Dodd says:

    Double wedding. Sookie and Bill. Violet and Jason! Maybe insert something setting up a possible spin-off,and everyone else lived happily ever after. Followed with comments of what happened to other characters interspersed with the credits.


  2. callonmebill says:

    “As a fan of the show, it was always about Sookie and Bill,…”, thank you Joe; as a fellow fan of the show I too wish the end to be resolved in the best way the writers can bring it about and I too believe it began with Sookie and Bill and should end with them.


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