Kristin Bauer on leaving Pam and True Blood behind

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Kristin+Bauer+van+Straten+6th+Annual+Television+vtsvpZ9_XMNxHuffPost Canada TV sat down with Kristin Bauer van Straten when she made a brief stop in Toronto, and they chatted about Pam and Tara’s relationship, how she wants Pam’s story to end, and what, if anything, she’s going to nab from set when “True Blood” wraps.

HuffPost Canada TV: How do you feel knowing that “True Blood” is coming to an end?
Bauer van Straten: I don’t like ends. Beginnings are sometimes good, but middles are awesome. Our middle is now over, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next year. I’m, of course, excited and also sad. I get to hang out with these people for another eight months and say these words and wear this clothing, and have this accent. [Laughs] It’s kind of a nice problem to have.

What about leaving the character? Leaving Pam behind?
What a great character. I often think, “God, do I get two [characters] in this life?” “Nurse Jackie” came around after “The Sopranos” [for Edie Falco], so it’s possible. But this is a great female character. She’s really free from concerns that plague humanity. It’s so refreshing, even between action and cut, to take that one-and-a-half minute break from any fear or worry or concern. She has two — clothing and Eric.

And herself.
[Laughs] OK, three.

If you could decide, what would you like to see happen to Pam in the final season?
I know nothing. One of the most significant things about Pam is Pam and Eric’s relationship. I’ll be very interested in whatever happens there in Season 7. That’s a relationship I’ve enjoyed a lot — it has many layers to it, but it’s incredibly pure.

What about your relationship with Tara?
Ah, that was fun. I love that pairing. I want to find out what happens with that relationship as well. It was so multi-layered. I went through a whole season trying to kill her, and I have to make her, so now she’s my baby, and she’s hot, so now I’m making out with her. [Laughs] I think that’s how life is, it’s messy. I like how — the HBO shows in particular — have those contradictions. Life is lived in the grey area.

In terms of sexuality, “True Blood” has always been an open show. How has it been working in that sort of environment?
It’s been great. Love the lesbian love. Love the concept of “open.” If it’s hot, it’s hot. That’s probably the way of immortality — there’s something elevating about that viewpoint. If you’re around for a long time and you get to step outside of social mores, things are going to look different.

What, if anything, are you going to take from set?
The yellow jumpsuit. The Wal-Mart suit. I have to have it. [Laughs]




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One Response to “Kristin Bauer on leaving Pam and True Blood behind”

  1. Rowena says:

    What a fun interview with Kristin! Love that she wants to keep the Wal Mart jump suit. Wearing it was so un-Pam-like, but so appropriate to that scene. I hope Pam ends up in a happy relationship with Eric. I’m thinking best buddies here and nothing beyond that. It’s been a great run, and for me Kristin’s character has contributed mightily to the enjoyment of the show.


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