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Kristin Bauer with her dog Asher in Support of Shelter Animals

True Blood’s cast members all seem to be real and true animal lovers. We all know that Kristin Bauer van Straten is an avid animal advocate and does her utmost to support those in the wild and those domesticated. We also know that she has first hand experience of what its like to help a shelter animal and in the video below she shows us her personal experience with her own dog, Asher.


Last year over 13,000 animals were killed in LA. No Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) is a coalition dedicated to spreading awareness about the fate of shelter animals and providing ways to prevent innocent dogs and cats from meeting such an untimely end.

Knowing that inspiration for change comes from the real stories told by animal lovers, Kristin and Asher, her 4-legged buddy, spent a day in the park. The film created and seen below is a celebration of their relationship.

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