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Listen to Joe Manganiello on One Tree Hill Podcast

Below is a recording of Joe Manganiello on the One Tree Hill Podcast talking about his new gig of  playing werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s “True Blood.”  Click below to listen to the podcast.

Here are  some highlights as transcribed by MTV’s Hollywood Crush of what was said on the podcast.

Joe Manganiello

Joe, who’s currently back on the “OTH” set in Wilmington, North Carolina filming another episode as Tric bartender Owen (woo!), told the podcast all about his role as Sookie’s new, buff, wolf-y love interest on the HBO series. “It’s a lot of action, a lot of fun, a lot of facial hair,” he said.

Joe credits his technologically savvy fans for helping him get the role. “Facebook and the internet were integral to me getting this part. There are ‘True Blood’ bloggers that were fans of the books. They knew this character was coming up — that it appeared in book three — so they knew it was coming up for season 3. They would blog about who should play the character, and some of these bloggers put up pictures of me.”

After a friend brought the posts to Joe’s attention — “that is really what got me into the books” — he called his agents and managers and began posting the links on his Facebook page. When someone who was friends with the “True Blood” casting people mentioned Joe’s campaign to them, “it got me in,” he said.

Initially, Joe read in front of Alan Ball and the “True Blood” producers for another character, also a werewolf (“It was probably the best audition I’ve had in a while,” he said) and was scheduled for a chemistry read with star Anna Paquin in January, but he began getting other offers and put pressure on the “True Blood” producers to give him a more timely decision. They brought him back for a third reading (for Alcide this time), and he landed the part a few hours later.

Of getting the role, he said, “Everybody has those daydreams. Everybody rehearses their Oscar speech in the mirror. You imagine yourself being in those positions and… the struggle is to keep yourself in check because it hasnt happened yet.” But once you get the call, Joe said “You almost, like, black out for a few seconds because you cant believe whats happening. And then all of a sudden this wave of emotion comes, and you realized that all that stuff you tried to keep yourself from daydreaming about rushes in like a flood and you cant believe you’re there, you got it.”

While shooting doesn’t begin until next week, Joe said he’s been working hard since he learned that he got the role. “The work has started for me with all the dialect, the workouts, the physical stuff, the prep work, the research. It’s already going. Its full-blown — it’s already a full-time job for me.”

Right now, Joe’s doing what he calls his “werewolf workout,” which includes 45 minutes of cardio every morning before he eats, weight training in the afternoon, and consuming lots of protein. He’s in good hands — he’s training with the guy who trained Hugh Jackman for “X-Men.” “In this day and age, a werewolf can’t be out of shape,” Joe said.

The podcast also covered Joe’s return to “OTH,” hanging out with fanboys at conventions, and the sitcom pilot he shot for NBC called “100 Questions.”