Mark Hudis Replaced by Brian Buckner as True Blood’s Showrunner

Posted by Lynnpd On March - 8 - 201312 COMMENTS

newssquare3As all the fans know, Alan Ball left True Blood after Season 5. Immediately, one of the writers, Mark Hudis was named to replace him. Now Season 6 is currently in production and, as just reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the newly installed show runner is being replaced by “True Blood” veteran Brian Buckner. Writer/producer Brian Buckner, who has been with the vampire series since its first season, has taken over the position for the show’s not-yet-concluded season.

“Mark Hudis has stepped down as showrunner of True Blood to focus on development under his overall deal with the network,” a spokesperson for the premium cable network said in a statement, referring to a two-year deal the writer/producer signed with the network last spring.

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Ball announced he’d be leaving the series at the end of the show’s fifth season to focus his attention on since-renewed Banshee on cable cousin Cinemax. Hudis joined True Blood for the show’s fourth season as a co-executive producer and was upped to showrunner for season six. For his part, Buckner has been with the series since its inception.

In an interview with his alma mater Haverford College’s magazine, Hudis acknowledged the challenge that taking over for Ball has entailed. “It’s impossible to fill Alan Ball’s shoes. That’s not false modesty, that’s the truth,” he told the publication. “The guy’s created two massive hit shows for HBO and has on Oscar. Really, this plane is in the air, and I just want to land it safely.”

Hudis, a celebrated writer whose credits include Cybill, That ’70s Show and Nurse Jackie, suggested that the series, which had gone more global in scope during the fifth season, would bring the focus back to the Louisiana town of Bon Temps for the sixth.

Prior to his time on True Blood, Buckner worked on series including The Class, Friends and spin-off Joey.


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12 Responses to “Mark Hudis Replaced by Brian Buckner as True Blood’s Showrunner”

  1. mybabybill says:

    soooo..i dont know what to say.


  2. Rowena says:

    Well, this is an interesting development. Not sure how or why it came about. Brian Buckner has been with True Blood since Season 1, and I feel good about that.


  3. iamtrue2bill says:

    Surprising and somewhat unsettling news. However, as Rowena said, Brian Buckner has been with the series since the beginning, and that’s reassuring. Hoping there’s minimal upheaval on set.


  4. AphroditeMF says:

    Oh Christ, hope this isn’t anything like the scenario going on behind the scenes at The Walking Dead!


    Rebecca Reply:

    Funny, but my mind went exactly where yours did, The Walking Dead. Hmm well maybe this will be a good thing. I wonder how the actors feel about all this?


    callonmebill Reply:

    That exactly what I was thinking, hope third time “persons” the charm.
    Wish all the best to Mark Hudis and best of luck and I’m confident Brian Buckner’s got what it takes to steer TB in its remaining episodes and seasons.


  5. Liz86000 says:

    Wow… didn’t expect that! But Brian Buckner has been there since season 1, and that’s a very good thing. And he’s wriiten some good episodes as well, so I’ll keep hoping for good things.


  6. cherie says:

    This worries me a great deal. It’s hardly ever good news to hear a showrunner is replaced. At least Buckner has been there from day one.


  7. Rockn Robyn says:

    I think Buckner can handel TB better than Hundis.. I personaly think Buckner is a better writter. More close to AB’s creation. Was there from the start. I think the series is in better hands with Buckner!!!IMO…


  8. LeeLee says:

    Hi Everyone!!

    I was just wondering if anyone knew when we should expect to get a promo?? it seems we should have had one by now??


    Lynnpd Reply:

    LeeLee, at this point last year we have a very vague promo about digging up, but it didn’t who anything of consequence. We think that the promos will begin when Game of Thrones starts on 3/31. That’s our best guess based on last year.


    LeeLee Reply:

    Great thank you :) I can not wait to see one, it feels like it has been forever!


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