Mark Hudis, True Blood’s New Head Provides True Blood Season 6 Hints

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 10 - 201315 COMMENTS

s6spoilersAs most know, Mark Hudis, one of the writers on True Blood is now taking over as the show’s head starting this season. This came about because of Alan Ball’s departure from the series to make his new series Banshee which premieres tomorrow night on Cinemax.

Mark Hudis is a young, but exceptional part of the True Blood family and his alma mater, Haverford College featured him in their Fall 2012 magazine.



This one particular section of the article caught my eye because it generously gives us some hints about what we can expect in Season 6:

Mark Hudis, new showrunner of True Blood

Mark Hudis

Season five ended with our normally human-friendly vampire here Bill Compton drinking the blood of vampire savior Lilith, exploding and reconstituting into something evil.

Certainly he’s not going to be the Bill we know and love,” says Hudis of the character’s evolution next season. ” He’s going to have more bite, no pun intended.”What else can we expect? Following a season that dealt with more global issues (such as national vampire politics), Hudis wants to bring the action back to Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that is home to the show’s central characters, and focus on telling fewer stories with more characters (True Blood-ophiles might also be interested to know that Sookie and Jason will spend the year searching for Warlow, the vampire that Sookie has been promised to.)

From the above, it appears that in Season 6, Bill might not be the evil vampire God we were lead to believe he had become when Season 5 ended. And, with the adventures of Sookie and Jason we will finally meet Warlow. I’m sure that most of the True Blood fans are happy to learn that the series plans to spend this season in Ben Temps and have fewer story-lines. However, the one thing I worry about is when Mark says above that there will be “more characters.”  Do we really need more characters to follow?

Read the article below, by clicking on it to see a larger view, and then, tell us what you think about these hints Mark Hudis has shared about True Blood’s Season 6 .





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15 Responses to “Mark Hudis, True Blood’s New Head Provides True Blood Season 6 Hints”

  1. Rowena says:

    I’m good with re-focusing on Bon Temps, and having Sookie and Jason work together on a project … in this case, finding Warlow. I hope we have fewer story lines and not so many characters crowding the landscape. I’ve made no secret of my dislike of Bill’s transformation into a bloody vampire god. I hope he doesn’t remain in this persona all season. I’m sure we’ll not see Season 1 Bill again (more’s the pity) but I hope we might have the King of Louisiana return to us. He can have plenty of authoritative “bite” and still be tolerant of humans.


  2. AphroditeMF says:

    This is all good news! I just hope they don’t inundate us with new characters that we don’t really care about.


  3. Meg says:

    It did say that it won’t be the bill we all know and live so I’m sure he’s going to be more on the crazy side this season. I’m happy it will be more focused in Bon temps and less focused on other character stories. I don’t care if they add more characters I just don’t want to have to keep up with a bunch if different story lines again. I’m mostly interested in the main characters from Bon temps. Sounds like a good season possibly. I really hope bill gets back to his old self by the end of season 6 though. I also think Eric and sookie will get a little closer again with bill being crazy and will help with the warlow info along with Erica sister. I did read somewhere that there will be another person as king of Louisiana.


  4. Susanna says:

    I think I am done with True blood..
    I CAAAAAAAN´t see Bill like Billith.
    Why, Alan, WHY??????????????????????????????????????????????


    Shadaliza Reply:

    LOL when I read this I saw you banging your fists on the floor in desperation


    Susanna Reply:

    Ha.ha. you know me, my


    LuvMyVamps! Reply:

    I echo your every word Susanna!
    But, because i have so much LOVE for the show and my #1 character, Bill Compton, I will try to think positive and hope and pray that in the end all this “Billith CRAP!” will disappear into the sunset so to speak (Pun intended) and bring back the BILL we fell in love with in season one…


  5. Ginger says:

    Last season was awful. They have deviated so far from the books that it’s unrecognizable. They’ve killed off way too many of Charlaine Harris’s main characters that they have to recreate the entire story line. HBO picked up TB because of the story and now they’ve gone and screwed it up. To their credit, they have added or extended characters such as Lafayette and Jessica. Dennis Ohare was fantastic as Russel, but now he’s gone too. Lets get back on track and focus on the characters we have left and quit making up crap that doesn’t matter.. LILLITH, really??


    Susanna Reply:

    Ginger, no Lillith. Worse. Billith…


  6. Ginger says:

    I don’t even want to imagine Billith…Steven Moyer plays “crazy” really well, but I don’t want to see him be a vamp God..come on people! The whole Marianne season was bad enough, that went on for way too long. Eric doesn’t have a sister and doesn’t need one, There is no Warlow-I was really looking forward the the introduction of Quinn and the Vampire summit, but now Sofie Ann is gone so that can’t happen.. oh there’s always The Walking Dead..


  7. callonmebill says:

    Lynn thanks for providing. The parts of the article that caught my eye was:

    “fewer story-lines” – does this mean someone in power is listening to us lowly ones endless griping about “too many story -lines for the last 5 season! Thank you Mark for listening.

    “more characters” – oh no! wtf are you kidding me, I thought one of the reasons for the 10 episode season was “budget concerns” (not stated in this article but in a past one) *cough*, now it’s just blamed all on Anna’s maternity leave – so just add 2 extra episodes worth of characters into the 10 ordered, needed for plot continuity *cough again* or is that for budget continuity….I’m ranting and will stop.

    I will redirect my “more characters” rant and make it positive as hdgcat did on In short add “more characters” to allow them to die off by the end of the season.

    Bring on Warlow, Eric, Billith/Bill in any form and S6!


  8. willkill4Bill says:

    I’m very glad to learn there will be fewer extraneous story lines with more focus on the core characters and the action taking place in and around Bon Temps.

    “More bite” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on who is on the receiving end of said bite. ;-)


  9. tlj22001 says:

    Well, I’m curious once again. I would really appreciate a “going back to the roots” themed season. I’m one of the book lovers(don’t crucify me just yet ;)) and although I totally understand and agree that you can not copy the books, there is a reason they are so popular. I think a couple of plots from the books would have been awesome on screen, like the whole vampire summit/war and also the faery war(I guess that’s out of the picture considering how they’ve been portraying them). I won’t even comment on Billith, I think we all agree it was really disappointing(the shock value doesn’t always pan out). Anyway, I really love(d) this show so I’ll give it one more try.


  10. Leelee says:

    After reading this, it concerns me…. (True Blood-ophiles might also be interested to know that Sookie and Jason will spend the year searching for Warlow, the vampire that Sookie has been promised to.)

    Does that mean they aren’t going to pick up where they left off?? So we don’t get to see Eric, Sookie and the rest of the gang run away from Billith??

    Thoughts somebody??


  11. Roman says:

    There will be new characters regardless, that’s just something to expect on tv during a new season. Game of Thrones has way more characters than this show, and they’re going to bring in a dozen or two more next season to an already gigantic cast. The narrative is only as cluttered as the writers allow it to be, and unfortunately since Alan Ball sucks at plotting, that’s what happened. I feel the incoherent writing has hurt True Blood more than the number of characters. If Mark can make the stories tighter and actually tie them together, we could have something. I can’t imagine him or anyone wanting to plot like Ball unless you’re Ryan Murphy.


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