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Mega Buzz: Who Took Bill?

Season 3 Spoiler Alert!


Every week, editors Mickey O’Connor and Adam Bryant of TV Guide answer burning questions about our favorite TV shows. This week they answered a question about True Blood, Season 3, that I know we’ve all been dying to know about, “Who took Bill?

QUESTION from Dyan: How soon before we find out who took Bill on True Blood?
ANSWER from Mickey: “We will discover who has Bill right off the bat in Season 3, but it’s going to take the people on the show a little bit longer to find out,” executive producer Alan Ball tells us. Sookie will even consider the possibility that he left of his own volition. “It’s not easy for her,” Ball says. “She feels really bad because she’s not sure whether he just left because he was upset because she didn’t say yes right off the bat. But in her heart she believes he was taken and she doesn’t know who took him. She’s going to fight to find him.”  Watch the video below for more information.