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Mike McMillian (Steve Newlin) Says His Character Will Be Back

Michael McMillian

Michael McMillian

Michael McMillian and Anna Camp, are two faces we haven’t seen the last of in True Blood.  They play the Fellowship of the Sun’s conniving first couple Steve and Sarah Newlin.

I’ve been told he’ll be back, actor Mike McMillian, who plays Reverend Steve, told MTV News of his character.

Though the actor doesn’t know when he and costar Anna Camp will return, he has a few theories about how things might go down.

I think like any good villain he’s going to go away and lick his wounds for a while. But I think he suffered major humiliation toward the end of season two, and now I would imagine the Stackhouses are even higher on his list. If it was personal before with his father being killed, then it’s really personal now with the Stackhouses humiliating him.

“True Blood” writers take note: Mike even has a suggestion for the timing of he and Anna’s return. “Hopefully, it’ll happen at a time when the audience is least expecting it,” Mike said. “That’s always the best time to bring them back—when something horrible is already going on for our hero, and then they gotta deal with these a–holes too.