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More flashbacks for Alexander Skarsgård in True Blood Season 3

Rutina Wesley and Alexander Skarsgard reveal a few spoilers to TV Guide.


“There’s more of people with different agendas,” says Alexander. “Sam’s got his stuff to deal with, his background and who he is, trying to figure that out. There might be some more tension between the vampire kingdoms and queendoms and they might introduce other creatures than just vampires.”

“There’s a lot of new characters that will be introduced,” confirms Rutina. “We’ve got some werewolves that are coming in. Everyone is back now, so it’ll be interesting to see how Tara deals with everything that happens with the last season. She’s got a lot grieving she has to do, but I have a feeling that someone’s going to come in and sweep her off of her feet. Then we’ve got Sookie there to help her out as well. They’re making a lot of people the focus. That’s the one thing that I love about being on the show – that it’s truly an ensemble. All of us have really good and meaty stuff to work on.”

Alexander said that Eric’s ancient history is going to be further explored during the season as well. “In Season 2 there was a flashback. We see when Eric was a Viking, and there will be another flashback. We’ll see Eric and someone else as a tag team – I don’t want to reveal from what era, but it’s a couple of really fun scenes.”

“It’s amazing because he’s been around for a thousand years and lived all over the world, so you can put him in any situation in any country,” said Alexander. “I want more of the stuff from his earlier days when he was in Scandinavia, during the Viking days. I’d love that because you don’t see much of that in movies or on television from that era – and obviously because I’m from Sweden I’m quite fascinated by it. It’s my heritage, that culture with the Vikings, and so hopefully we’ll get to see a little more of that.”

There are also some guest stars waiting in the wings: Rutina said she’s heard that actor Don Swayze, brother of the late Patrick Swayze, will appear on the show, and Alexander says there’s a well-known name who just might be making a visit to Bon Temps. “There’s one that I’m hoping we can get towards the end of Season 3,” he revealed. “It’s not official yet and something I’m pretty excited about – someone that I’d very, very much enjoy working with.

Source: TV Guide