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Nelsan Ellis Channels His Passion for the Spoken Word on Malachi’s New Single

There’s no doubt that everyone thinks True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis flawlessly captures the essence of Bon Temps Queen Bee, Lafayette. What you might not know is that he also has a passion for the spoken word. Below we can hear Nelsan makes his debut on up and coming rapper Malachi’s mix tape with a flow reminiscent of the spirit of the Last Poets.

Rapper Malachi’s new single “New World” (Part II The Schizo Speaks) which also features newbie Carlos Ricketts, Jr. talks about changing our mindsets and how we all need to look for a “New World” a new state of mind.

The song has a throwback B-Boy 80’s dance feel to it with a dramatic monologue at the end recited by Nelsan Ellis in which he channels a schizophrenic homeless man who shares his views on what the world needs. Dramatic…but hey they’re artist what can I say? LOL!
Listen for Nelsan to come in at about 2:03.




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