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New Vampire cast and is there to be a True Blood Season 7?

s6spoilersNow the fun really begins as HBO is letting out more and more spoilers for the new season.

According to Spoiler TV, beginning in episode 6.06, there will be a new recurring vampire on True Blood named Wes!  He was turned in the 1970s when he was in his mid 20’s. His ethnicity isn’t specified. He’s sexy, smart, compassionate, protective, and plays the guitar. He’s going to be involved in a love triangle with Jason and another vampire (hmmm… sounds like it could be Jessica, but the “other vampire” isn’t named). Wes will be a strong recurring role in season 6 and a regular in season 7 – so we know he “survives” season 6 – and some rear nudity is involved.

We must wait for HBO to officially confirm that there will be a Season 7, but this shows promise for possibly another season after season 6.