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No “sock” for Alexander Skarsgård on True Blood

trueblood09_22Alexander Skarsgård returned to Los Angeles earlier this week after a two week vacation in Sweden. “Two wonderful weeks. I hang out with my friends, visited my mother in the Stockholm archipelago for five days and went to see my dad at his rural location on Öland for a few days”

“For the first time I felt that I came home when the plane landed in Los Angeles”, says Alexander in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen. “I love Sweden and my family and my friends there, but I have lived in California for five years now and have begun to rekindle my career here.”

During the first three years, Alex lived on a couch at a friend in Hollywood. “I fought hard rock on the roles, just as so many others and many of my talented friends here are still trying to get their breakthrough.”

About True Blood Alexander says that he he loves the series’ mix of sex, desire and danger of the impermissible. “There is attraction, it’s easy to go wrong.  Eric is not as crazy as many think, but he has a strong will and justify their actions.”

And to the question if we will see him naked on True Blood, Alexander answers: “For me, it is no big deal, I’ve been naked in other roles I have in the past both in the theater and in films. Here they wanted to test everything from a sock or a body-colored mini underwear, but it just felt weird. I prefer to be fully naked instead. As long as you and your co-star are ok with it, it is no problem and we are a tight bunch that make this series.

At Paley Fest we learned that the cast refers to “the sock” as “the sack of destiny”.

He would not reveal who he has sex with on “True blood”. The reporter from Expressen assumes it will be Sookie Stackhouse, but I seriously doubt that… not this season anyway.

And is he surprised that True Blood is so successful? “No, not at all. My contract extends over six years. How many seasons it will be, I do not know, but I am pretty sure that True blood continues for the next couple of years.

In a couple of weeks Alexander will start shooting the movie “Straw Dogs”.

“Should be great fun, I go to Mississippi on August 2 to prepare, especially for the southern dialect and then we start to shoot on August 17.”