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Although Ryan Kwanten’s first film role is listed as being in 1992, here’s an look at his acting skills in Spellbinder 2 from 1998, ten years prior to the release of True Blood.

This video clip is from Episode 10 of the program, The Oracle Is Dead, and along with Ryan stars Lauren Hewett, Leonard Fung, Anthony Wong, Heather Mitchell, Me Yang, Lenore Smith, Peter O’Brien, Hu Xin, Gui Jeilan, Wei Qiming, Zhang Yucheng, Jiang Chuanrong, Ignatius Mok and Douglas Fong.

The story revolves around a 14 year old Australian teenager, Kathy Morgan, who discovers a mysterious boat during a family vacation and she decides to investigate – little realizing that the boat is actually a trans-dimensional craft which is able to transcend parallel-worlds. In this program, Ryan plays Josh Morgan.

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What will the Bellefleur home look like in Season 3? Will it be Greek or Gothic Revival style, Victorian, or French Creole? Here is a sampling of each.  Please note that French Creole architecture is mostly found in southeast Louisiana. The fictional town of Bon Temps is located in north central Louisiana.



The Plantations of St. Francisville

“English Plantation Land” / “Spanish West Florida”


West Feliciana Parish




It was built by Civil War Captain, Congressman and Judge Thomas Butler in 1824. Visitors to the house included such notables as Jefferson Davis, Henry Clay, Zachary Taylor, and the Marquis de Lafayette. Andrew Jackson slept here after the Battle of New Orleans on his way to Natchez.

Life, after the beginning of the Civil War, changed forever. The Union Army took over the Cottage and removed everything that could be found of value, from horses to furniture to jewelry to even the clothing of the children. The troops occupied the plantation and held the family prisoner.

After the troops left, the family abandoned the house and it was taken over and used as a hospital for Union soldiers with yellow fever. In the years that followed, this is probably what saved it from being destroyed by vandals. Many had died from the disease in the house and were buried on the grounds…. the fear that the sickness lingered kept many people away. Rumors of ghosts kept the house empty for many years to come, until it was restored in the 1920′s.


Cottage Plantation house, built with Doric columns
Courtesy of Lagniappe Tours, Foundation for Historical Louisiana

Sources: http://www.nps.gov/history/nr/travel/louisiana/cot.htm


Daniel Turnbull (1799–1861) and his wife Martha (1809–1896) began construction on the main house at Rosedown, supposedly named for a play they saw on their honeymoon to the East Coast and Europe. The 1835 Federal-Greek revival style great house, complete with Grecian style wings, is at the head of a 660-foot long oak alley. Eighteen acres of ornamental pleasure gardens illustrate a combination of the Baroque style and the winding paths of the picturesque tradition.

Most of the flowering plants are the original ones transplanted in 1835, lovingly tended to for 175 years. The fragrance of the flowers, when in bloom, is said to travel for a mile or more.


View of Rosedown Plantation gardens
Photo from National Historic Landmarks collection



It’s an enormous Greek Revival temple set deep in the Feliciana Woods. It was originally constructed in 1834 by Daniel and Martha Turnbull.

Greenwood is not one of the more exciting plantation homes, but it does possess a surreal, majestic beauty. It is the stereotypical plantation home, complete with original antiques. It is believed to be haunted, and is listed on many paranormal websites.  The movies “North and South, Book 1 & 2″ and “Louisiana” were filmed here.


Photo Credit: Kunio Owaki                                                                      “North and South, Book 1″



Built in 1813, it was the forest home and employment of naturalist John James Audubon and his pupil Eliza Pirrie. Audubon’s stay at Oakley lasted only four months, but he painted 32 of his famous bird pictures here and developed a love for the beautiful West Feliciana Parish. Audubon returned at a later date to join his wife, then teaching there, and his son. He wrote, “Numerous pupils desired lessons in music, French and drawing…the dancing speculation fetched two thousand dollars; and with this capital and my wife’s savings I was now able to foresee a successful issue to my great ornithological work.” This work was later to become Audubon’s famous Birds of America.

This is a lovely, shaded area to spend a day; some of Audubon’s original artwork is on display, and the entire area is a bird paradise with a multitude of birdhouses. The nature trails on the property are clear, shaded pathways, and there are picnic tables under the large magnolia trees for a scenic lunch.





Catalpa Plantation is one of numerous late Victorian cottages found across Louisiana, significant for the beautiful gardens that surround it. The oak trees lining the grounds were planted in 1814, and Catalpa’s oak alley is thought to be the only one in Louisiana which has an elliptical shape. Primarily a cotton plantation in the antebellum period, Catalpa’s grounds were devastated during the Civil War, and the plantation house burned. Mr. Fort, the owner, died during the Civil War. In 1885, his son, William J. Fort, rebuilt Catalpa and it is this house that still stands.


Catalpa Plantation House, surrounded by large oak trees
Courtesy of Lagniappe Tours, Foundation for Historical Louisiana


Begun in the 1790′s by members of the same family that still occupies it today, Butler Greenwood Plantation exemplifies the early cultural influences of this unique corner of Louisiana. The earliest settlers in the Feliciana parishes, like the family at Butler Greenwood, were Anglo-Saxons and came down from the East Coast soon after the American Revolution.  From the wilderness they carved great plantations on grants of land offered by the Spanish crown, for this area was not part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France, instead remaining with Spanish West Florida until 1810. The area continues to exhibit strong evidence of English traditions and culture.



THE MYRTLES, a.k.a “The Dark Lady”

Called “America’s Most Haunted House”, it was built in 1794 by General David Bradford, and was called Laurel Grove at the time. General Bradford lived there alone for several years, until being pardoned for his role in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1799.

When I visited several years ago, I took the haunted tour. My favorite story was of the ladies of the house taking in an injured Confederate soldier during the Civil War, (“It’s one of OUR boys!”) nursing him back to health, and then hanging him when they found out he had run away from the regiment. His ghost supposedly haunts the main house.

There are many such stories that you can hear on the tour of this home, including the Creole mistress Chloe who poisoned the family in revenge, a grand piano that plays itself, a bizarre portrait, and a spooky mirror. I personally can certify it as the creepiest place I have ever visited! (See the hauntedamericatours.com site below for photos of various phenomenon.)


Courtesy of Lagniappe Tours, Foundation for Historical Louisiana Is this Chloe?
Sources: http://www.myrtlesplantation.com/


French-Creole Plantation Country


Oak Alley

Sometime in the early 1700′s, a settler claimed land from an original royal grant for his dwelling and defined its entrance with an alley of live oaks in two rows leading to the river. Native to the area, they thrived and by 1722, when the early Capuchin Fathers arrived at St. Jacques de Cabahanoce to establish the settlement of St. James Parish, the young trees had already attained a stature which hinted at the magnificence that was to be theirs.

Interview with a Vampire
The film featured Oak Alley as Louis’ home place. Some graveyard scenes and the loading dock scenes were filmed here as well in October 1993.

Other filming here includes: Beyoncé’s “Déjà Vu” Music Video and “B’Day” CD – June 2006, “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte” with Bette Davis, “Days of Our Lives” – August 1984, “Ghost Hunters” – August 2008, “Primary Colors” with John Travolta -1998, “The Long Hot Summer” – August 1985, and “Midnight Bayou” (based on the Nora Roberts bestseller) – October 2008.




St. Charles Parish

Destrehan Plantation

Jean Noël Destrehan descended from a long line of noble French families and purchased the property that became Destrehan Plantation from his father-in-law’s estate in 1787. During Jean Noël’s lifetime, he was a cornerstone of Louisiana History. Jean Noël helped shape the economic situation of the South when he and his brother-in-law, Etienne de Bore, perfected the granulation of sugar. Jean Noël was active in the political arena all his life and was well respected for his fairness and intelligence. He and his wife Céleste had 14 children.

Within the walls of Destrehan Plantation, there is a climate controlled room displaying an original document signed by Thomas Jefferson. The document dated 1804, assigns four men, one of whom is Jean Noël Destrehan, to the Orleans Territorial Council. This document is considered one of the most important in Louisiana history and is known as the “Jefferson Document.”

One precedent established from this Council that continues today is the sub-dividing of Louisiana into parishes as opposed to counties, as in the rest of the nation.



Destrehan Plantation is an excellent example of the French Creole architectural style
Photograph from the National Historic Landmarks collection



I hope that I have given you a small glimpse into the many beautiful, historic homes of Louisiana. So, what type of home do you think the Bellefleurs will have? My guess would be late Victorian style, similar to Catalpa or Butler-Greenwood, which is prevalent around the area of “Bon Temps.”

Thanks for reading!


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John Beifuss, of the The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn. has chosen Carrie Preston’s  movie Lovely by Surprise as one of the top 20 films of 2009.  Congratulations, Carrie!

A lot of great movies played in Memphis in 2009. Looking over the past year’s releases, he came up with about 40 titles with the potential to make his annual Top 10 and Second 10 lists.

Here are his choices, some of which you’ve probably seen, some of which you may not be familiar with. He has limited his selections to movies that played in the Memphis area in 2009, even if some of them (“Gran Torino,” for example) opened in New York and Los Angeles in 2008.

The First 10

1. “Wendy and Lucy”
2. “Bright Star”
3. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Coraline”
4. “Let the Right One In”
5. “Gran Torino”
6. “Inglourious Basterds”
7. “The Hurt Locker”
8. “A Serious Man”
9. “Up” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”
10. “Goodbye Solo”

The Second 10 – listed in alphabetical order:

1. “Avatar”
2. “The Class”
3. “Drag Me to Hell”
4. “Lovely by Surprise”: Shot in Memphis in 2006 but unseen here until this year’s Indie Memphis Film Festival, this beautifully conceived and stunningly shot and designed debut feature from native Memphis writer-director Kirt Gunn stars Carrie Preston (of HBO’s “True Blood”) as a possibly unhinged author whose characters appear to “escape” into the real world. As a traumatized used-car salesman, Reg Rogers, his voice as warm as a blanket, creates perhaps the most memorable movie character of the year.
5. “Observe and Report”:
6. “Public Enemies”:
7. “Sugar”
8. “Two Lovers”
9. “Where the Wild Things Are”
10. “Whip It”

To read the entire article where you can get descriptions of each film, click here.

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Hard-Hearted Hannah among best episodes of 2009

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 31 - 200910 COMMENTS

As 2009 winds down in a haze of repeats, Film.com took a look back at some of their favorite episodes of the year — limiting the choices to just one episode per series and they chose Hear-Hearted Hannah as the best of True Blood.

I particularly liked this episode also since I’m always interested in seeing Bill’s past and it was one of the most ground breaking episodes with the wonderful writing by Brian Buckner and direction by Michael Lehmann. Stephen Moyer did an exceptional job of portraying “bloody” Bill in the 1920′s and his singing and playing the piano showed us how versatile he can be.  Here’s what Film.com has to say as their reason for choosing this episode:

“Hard-Hearted Hannah,” True Blood (July 26): There wasn’t as much of Eric as a good hour of True Blood typically has, but this was a pretty representative hour of the series, featuring a flashback that was the most violent scene in its history, as well as a whole lot of orgying going on, as Sam Merlotte learned his new girlfriend was less perfect for him than he had hoped.

Here’s more about Hard Hearted Hannah that we have reported about previously.  And here’s a video from the episode.

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Stephen Moyer in the UK Talks to Phoenix FM

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 31 - 200914 COMMENTS


As our viewers know, Stephen Moyer is in the UK during the holidays and last night he took the opportunity to catch the Christmas production of Roald Dahl’s The Twits, at the Brentwood Theatre where he is a Patron.

While at the theater with his family, during the intermission he was interviewed by Phoenix FM (listen to the interview below).

In the interview he talks about his 7 year contract with HBO and True Blood and his new found fame. He also discusses producing a new film himself next summer and about the films that he did during True Blood’s hiatus, The Caller, Ice, and Priest. Additionally, he mentions Master Class with Faye Dunnaway, one of the films he was to do while on hiatus that he says “fell apart”.

He goes on to mention the True Blood fans (including Trueblood-Online.com and our newest Stephen Moyer dedicated site, AllStephenMoyer.com) and the money they raised for coaches (buses) to transport children to the the Brentwood Theatre in order to see The Twits.  This was made possible  and organized by “http://truebloodnet.com” and was widely supported by all the True Blood fan sites and raised over 1500 pounds that paid for three coaches for this year and there is an additional $250 in the fund for next year.

Stephen leaves the UK to return to Los Angeles on Sunday, January 3 and will resume shooting of True Blood, Season 3 on Monday, January 4.



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Happy New Year from The Vault!

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 31 - 200919 COMMENTS


The Vault wishes HAPPY NEW YEAR
to the True Blood cast and crew and all the True Blood fans!

Shad and Lynn

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True Blood among 10 TV shows that mattered in 2009

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 30 - 20094 COMMENTS

Globemedia in Toronto, Canada has come up with the best 10 TV shows that mattered in 2009 and True Blood is smack dab in the center of the crowd at #5 on their list. They also site Stephen and Anna as the cutest couple on TV!

1. Glee (Fox, Global)
2. Battle of the Blades (CBC)
3. Being Erica (CBC)
4. Corner Gas (CTV)
5. True Blood (HBO)- Further proof that television can easily outpace film for cleverness, wit and originality. While the vampire craze caused by the Twilight movies at first made sense only to adolescents, True Blood strutted onto the air with an adult swagger. Dead sexy, funny and often sublimely satirical, it’s the best twist on soap-opera shenanigans since Twin Peaks. Even the opening credits are worth watching week after week. And Bill and Sookie (Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin) are the cutest couple in TV.
6. Mad Men (AMC)
7. Modern Family (ABC, CITY-TV)
8. Dexter (Showtime)
9. Nurse Jackie (Showtime)
10. Lost (ABC, CTV)

Click here to read the entire article.

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bsBelow is an evaluation of the last year of TV, specifically the portion about True Blood, which overall is positive, reflecting on the fact that television is providing us with the most solid entertainment that includes great writing and character development.  However, I just couldn’t let this one pass without a personal comment about the writer’s opinions, so here it is:

“While I totally agree and applaud the fact that Season 2 of True Blood was a great season that gave much to expand the already wonderful world of True Blood, I don’t agree with the evaluation below about Season 1.

It’s true that Season 2 had many monumental scenes and allowed Alexander Skarsgård to shine.  It also provided one of the best scenes of the entire year, Godric’s death scene. However, S2 would be nothing without the adventure we experienced in Season 1.  Season 1 was so groundbreaking, in my opinion, that it changed our perception of what could and couldn’t be done on TV.  Season 1 included many monumental and extraordinary scenes, quotes, and was essential to, and enabled Season 2, to be so powerful. In other words, one without the other just cannot exist and they should not be compared.

However, what I disagree with the most below is that anyone could think the story of Sookie and Bill was, ‘just too blah’, completely amazes me.” 


Here is the portion of this article that relates to True Blood. After you’re read it, please comment to let us know your thoughts. Should S1 be comparet to S2 in this way? Is the Bill and Sookie relationship, just too blah?

The past year has offered an enormous array of exhilarating or challenging TV.

Of late, television has become the medium to turn to for solid entertainment. The writing is tops, the character portrayal is never disappointing and most importantly, we find ourselves connecting to them on a level whereby we end up sharing their varied emotions. Or maybe, we are just obsessive about our favourite shows. Anyway, with this realisation, also comes a great relief – many of our favourite series seem to get better and better with each season and we, the audience, in turn, savour them with great relish.

True Blood

While Spike from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer is still my favourite vampire, Alexander Skarsgård’s Eric in True Blood is fast becoming my second favourite undead. Hence, it’s great that the second season of True Blood revealed more about this massive and ancient Sheriff. In a cast of excellent actors, it is not fair to single out Skarsgård but hey, my list, my rules. One of the biggest problems I had with True Blood’s first season was the story of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) was just too blah for my liking, despite who these two individuals are (one can hear other people’s thought and the other is an immortal of course). In the second season, the focus shifts slightly away from them two specifically to shine more on the irresistible secondary characters.

So what if True Blood turns in ridiculous plot developments? It peppers it with plenty of delicious humour – as if almost daring us not to be sucked into its world. Bloody brilliant!

Click here to read the entire article about other TV programs.

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True Blood makes another 10 fav of 2009 list

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 30 - 20092 COMMENTS

The Orlando Sentinal has come out with their top 10 favorites of 2009 and once again, True Blood is on the list.  These lists are almost getting tiresome, but we’re not complaining, since we think True Blood is the best in TV.

Here are the 10 scripted series that provided the most entertainment:

1. “Mad Men”
2. “The Good Wife”
3. “True Blood” is television’s best vampire series. Its stellar second season featured fierce contributions from Alexander Skarsgård as the sexy, underhanded vampire Eric; Michelle Forbes as the mischief-making, orgy-throwing Maryann; and Ryan Kwanten as the surprisingly heroic Jason. Of course, Anna Paquin remains the show’s vital center as lovable, mind-reading heroine Sookie Stackhouse.
4. “The Big Bang Theory”
5. “Friday Night Lights”
6. “Lost”
7. “Breaking Bad”
8. “Nurse Jackie”
9. “The Mentalist”
10. “The Vampire Diaries” for being TV’s second best vampire series and for showing there is life in the struggling CW.

To read the article in it’s entirety, click here.

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True Blood among top scripted cable shows of 2009

Posted by Lynnpd On December - 30 - 20092 COMMENTS

Stats Junkie has reported that True Blood, Burn Notice and Sons of Anarchy top scripted cable shows of 2009 with adults 18-49.

The first airing of new episodes of the second season of HBO’s True Blood topped all scripted cable shows for 2009 with adults 18-49 with an average 3.522 million (includes week’s worth of DVR viewing, and the rest of the numbers listed are Live+7, too).

True Blood was also the number one show with adults 18-34 with 2.013 million, followed by South Park’s 1.796 million and Sons of Anarchy with 1.655 million.

Among Men 18-49, Sons of Anarchy led with an average of 1.979 million followed by True Blood with 1.751 million and South Park with 1.742 million.

With Women 18-49, True Blood led the field with an average of 1.770 million, followed by Lifetime’s Army Wives with 1.655 million and Burn Notice with 1.606 million.

With Men 18-34 South Park led with an average of 1.292 million, followed by Sons of Anarchy with 1.058 million and Entourage with 1.007 million.

With Women 18-34, ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager led with an average of 1.037 million, followed by True Blood with 1.035 million and Army Wives with 796,000.


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