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A True Blood minion ‘Inside the writers room’

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 6 - 200925 COMMENTS

Writen by Gretchen (aka BittenByBill)

What I love about the True Blood minions is that a lot are real diehard fans (some even get into the fray when it comes to defending who their “allegiance” lies with). There are fans – and there are True Blood zealots. We’re akin to little ducklings ready to follow our idols. And that is just what the Trueblood ducklings did last week. On October 28, the Paley Center for Media, hosted “Inside the Writers Room”; featuring the creative scribes of True Blood. Truebies from far and wide came to Beverly Hills swallowing every bit of information they could squeeze out of Alan Ball. Moderator for this important summit gathering was Senior Writer Alynda Wheat of Entertainment Weekly.


The atmosphere was amiable though some attendees report of people behaving badly – especially when it came to the mere mention of Evan Rachel Wood’s portrayal of the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. Some were even very vocal about it. A lady a few rows in front of me shamelessly told Alan that “everyone who read Charlaine’s books don’t like her.” Poor Alan just had to take the bullet for that one (“Sorry I cast her! Point it all towards me!).

Team Eric fans squealed with utter delight when it was revealed he’d be eschewing clothes a good portion of episode one of Season Three. I’m not a big Eric fan but I love me a shirtless (and might I add, “trouser less”) Alexander Skarsgård. I too had a reason to squee my butt off. Even though Bill and Sookie will be going through obstacles in their relationship this coming season, Alan reassures the Bill and Sookie shippers that their connection will never die. Huzzah! I also got a good chuckle out of Alan’s comment about Alex being a prisoner of his wig last season. Why it took them a long time to get rid of it is beyond me. I’m just glad he no longer sports the medieval page look (I’m thinking, Prince Valium of “Space Balls” fame). I should have mustered enough cojones to ask about Bill’s coiffure. How I miss Bill’s Season One, Episode 1-3 hair. I guess for now, I’ll just have to keep tying a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree for its safe return.


Alan Ball and Gretchen

I also remember everyone in the room was united in expressing their relief when it was revealed we never have to hear from Maryann again. Thank Jupiter’s many moons for that. When Alynda interjected that the maenad’s death was too abrupt, Alan countered by saying, “you write the show then!” That’s Alan. Never too caustic and yet knows just how to put a muzzle on a niggling critic.


Writers Alexander Woo and Raell Tucker

All in all, I had a great experience attending this symposium. Sure finding my way to the Paley Center was like being on a quest to find the Holy Grail but I really had an absolute blast. I even got to meet a fellow Billsbabe who flew all the way from the East Coast to participate in this event. If there was anything I would have liked happen that night, I wish I was able to participate in the Q & A portion. I raised my hand; hell, I even stretched my arm and yet no one picked me. Darn these genetically short appendages! No matter, it was highly entertaining to listen to Alan and his fellow writers and producers exchange witty repartee amongst themselves and the audience. I highly recommend attending the “Inside the Writers Room” panel for everyone. You’ll be in the company of the greatest fans in the world.

Photo credit Kevin Parry/The Paley Center for Media

© The Vault – TrueBlood-Online.com

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Alexander Skarsgård on Straw Dogs and True Blood

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 6 - 20095 COMMENTS

Just Jared interviewed Alexander Skarsgård two weeks ago in New York.

true blood 051109JJ: Tell us about your character in Straw Dogs.

AS: I play a guy named Charlie who’s a guy from Mississippi who was a big star when he was younger — the quarterback of the football team. He was dating Kate Bosworth’s character, who was the cheerleader — the hottest girl in school — and everything was perfect. He had the best life and people were, like, “You’re going to play in the NFL someday!” And then he got injured and nothing really happened for him.

The movie starts later [in Charlie's life] and he’s in his late twenties — he’s gotten bitter in a way. And [Kate's character] comes back with her new boyfriend (James Marsden), who’s a Hollywood screenwriter. The movie’s about the dynamic between the three of them when they come back, how Charlie reacts to that. He wants her back…

JJ: What was it like working with Kate?

AS: I love Kate. She’s amazing – she’s going to be amazing in this movie. It’s a really tough part, but she did a great job – she’s a very good friend of mine.

JJ: What was your favorite part about working on the movie?

AS: Working with those people – Jimmy Marsden, who plays the screenwriter, is a fantastic guy and Rhys Coiro and Drew Powell and Billy Lush, I’d worked with on Generation Kill. They played my buddies. And the entire crew – it was just an amazing experience, and Rod Lurie, the director, is a fantastic director.

JJ: I saw pictures of you and the cast going to a Britney Spears concert!

AS: Yeah! (laughs)

JJ: Are you a Britney fan?

AS: No! They gave us tickets and it was a Saturday night. There’s not a whole lot going on in Shreveport (Louisiana). So if something happens, we’re all, like, “Yeah, let’s do it!” We went to a bunch of different concerts and whatever was in town, we went to see, basically.

JJ: Did you get to see Sienna Miller’s After Miss Julie?

AS: I came in too late! I flew in from L.A. the same day, so I didn’t make it. But I’m from Sweden and it’s written by August Strindberg, who’s an author from Sweden, so I’d love to see it.

JJ: Have you ever seen any musicals or Broadway shows while you’ve been here in NYC?

AS: I’m actually not a huge musical fan. I prefer plays in general. I’ve seen Hair – I love that ’cause I love the music in that one.

JJ: Would you ever try your hand at Broadway?

AS: I want to do more plays, definitely. That’s what I did when I was in Sweden – I did a lot of stage work. So I like to go back and forth between movies, television and stage. I think that keeps me motivated as an actor and keeps me on my toes, so I definitely want to do more theater. I did plays like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? only they were in Swedish ’cause I was in Stockholm.

JJ: When do you return to the set of True Blood?

AS: I go back to Sweden now to finish this Swedish movie and then in November, I fly back to L.A. and we start preppin’ and then early December, we start True Blood again.

JJ: Do you celebrate Halloween?

AS: I’ll be in Sweden working on Halloween, so that’s probably good because otherwise, people are going to expect me to dress up as Eric and I’d rather flee the country! (laughs)

JJ: Are you over the vampire craze yet?

AS: No, I love it. I can’t say that I’m up-to-date on the other shows – I know there are plenty of shows out there, but I’m having a great time on our show and I’m very excited to go back to working with the crew and the cast again. They’re kind of my family now, so I definitely miss them. I’m excited to start again and it’s going to be a fun season.

JJ: Evan Rachel Wood is here [at this event too]. What was it like working with her?

AS: Evan is amazing. She’s the sweetest girl and a fantastic actress. It’s fun – it’s going to be a great season.

JJ: You work with all great actors!

AS: I know! I’m blessed.

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True Blood cast attends French premiere

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 6 - 200912 COMMENTS

Michelle Forbes, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell and Alexander Skarsgård are in Paris where they attended the French premiere of True Blood second season last night at the Max Linder Cinema.

[flagallery gid=11 name="Premiere in Paris"]

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From satires to vampires with Alan Ball

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 5 - 20091 COMMENT

As we reported previously, Alan Ball will host a screening of True Blood at 10:30 am Sunday, November 8, at UVa’s Culbreth Theatre. At noon that day, also at Culbreth, he will introduce American Beauty, which will be followed by a Q&A.

Here’s an interview with Alan Ball at “The Hook” by Justin Humphreys:

alanball12When Alan Ball wrote the satirical screenplay American Beauty, he didn’t specifically mean it as a scathing commentary on suburban life.

“I happen to live in suburbia,” Ball, 52, told the Hook recently. “And I like it.”

His script dealt more with the zeitgeist of suburbia, and he intended his account of middle-class dad Lester Burnham’s dissolution “to be an indictment of the shallowness of American values that [Americans] are basically conditioned from birth to accept as gospel,” he explains.

“In that regard,” he says, “I don’t know if there is any more scathing indictment of American culture than American culture itself.”

Ball’s targets seem peculiarly ironic— but not illogical– considering that his prior writing background was mainly in pure Americana: sitcoms. But his days of unrewarding toil on shows like Grace Under Fire soon ended: American Beauty won him the 1999 Academy Award for best original screenplay, among numerous other laurels.

“It became this phenomenon,” Ball marvels. “Who knows why?”

Being thrust into the spotlight, Ball recalls, “was a strange experience… It’s a place that I’m not entirely comfortable. And all the things that are really, really huge traps for an artist of any kind were all just sprung on me at once.”

Ball dodged those traps smoothly, and next developed the hugely popular HBO series, Six Feet Under, which, for five seasons, chronicled the lives of a family of morticians. In 2008, he followed it up with HBO’s True Blood, an adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels. Set in Louisiana, the series traces a vast undead community’s attempts to assimilate into everyday human life.

Appropriately, Ball discovered the novels while waiting for a dental appointment. At a bookstore, he was amused by the tagline for Harris’ Dead Until Dark– “Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend wasn’t such a good idea after all”— and bought the book. “I really just couldn’t put it down,” he says.

Like a vampire guzzling type-O negative, he was hooked. Somewhere around reading the fourth book, he envisioned Harris’ novels as a TV series. “What I really loved,” Ball says, “was that they walked this razor’s edge of tone between romance and the supernatural and horror and comedy and social commentary and Wal-Mart trailer park people… I just found it delightful. It was so escapist and so much fun.”

True Blood has further cemented Ball’s warm relationship with television, in which, it seems, he is content. Or is he?

“It’s just a lot easier to get interesting, complicated, morally ambiguous stories about flawed characters done on the small screen,” he says, “than it is on the big screen.”

Pinning down a unifying theme in the wildly disparate subjects of Ball’s work is tricky. But while discussing his sense of humor, he gives more than a little hint about it.

“One of my ways of dealing with depressing matters,” he explains, “is to make fun of them. It is one of the things that I learned in adolescence, and I’ve never really outgrown it because it has helped me survive a lot.”

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carrieprestonCarrie Preston’s latest movie ‘That Evening Sun’ will premiere in New York this Friday, November 6. ‘That Evening Sun’, based on William Gay’s short story and directed by Scott Teems, tells the story of an aging Tennessee farmer who returns to his homestead and must confront a family betrayal, the reappearance of an old enemy, and the loss of his farm.

WHEN: Starting Friday, November 6, 2009
WHERE: City Cinemas 123 on the Upper East Side (1001 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022)
TICKETS: Purchase through www.fandango.com (or 1-800-FANDANGO Code #2705 )

There will be a Q&A with Scott Teems and some of our cast following the 7:00pm shows on both Friday and Saturday nights (Nov. 6-7).

Two weeks later, on November 20th, the film opens in Los Angeles, currently confirmed to play at the following four theaters (though locations may still fluctuate in advance of the date): Laemmle Sunset 5 (West Hollywood), Laemmle Playhouse 7 (Pasadena), Laemmle Town Center 5 (Encino), and Edwards University Town Center 6 (Irvine). Check back at Fandango or our website as the date approaches for confirmed theaters, show times, etc.

More info on www.thateveningsun.com

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Win tickets to Lisbeth Scott in concert

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 5 - 20092 COMMENTS

Singer Lisbeth Scott is to True Blood fans of course best know for her performance of “Take Me Home”, featured in Season 1 and also known as ‘The Cry Pie Song’.
Lisbeth Scott’s new album, “Hope is a Thing,” is set to be released on November 10th and will be promoting her new album at several upcoming appearances: 11/7 and 11/8 for the official CD and video release parties in LA at the Edgemar Theater in Santa Monica. The 11/8 show is all ages and children are encouraged to bring their own “I hope for…” signs.

Lisbeth is giving away tickets to both events: 1 pair of tickets for the release concert on November 7th and 1 pair of tickets for the show on November 11th in LA at the Edgemar Theater in Santa Monica.

Here is how you can win free tickets to Lisbeth Scott:

* Become of fan of Lisbeth’s Fan Page on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisbeth-Scott/247661905105
* Write a nice comment on her Facebook wall (for example about her work on True Blood)
* The 2 winners will be chosen randomly from the comments on the wall

For more information on Lisbeth Scott and to hear samples of her music, visit her official website www.lisbethscott.com.

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While Sam was home last week supporting East End Main Street by participating in the Charleston’s HallowEast, he stopped by Electric 102.7 FM’s radio station to do an interview.  Below are videos from that interview:

Part 1

Part 2

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Billsbabe, Cherie, a.k.a., cjcsbennett attended a Charlaine Harris book signing in New Orleans on October 31 and below she shares her experience with The Vault.  Thanks Cherie!


Going to a Charlaine Harris book signing was a blast. And what better time and place than on Halloween afternoon just outside the French Quarter? It was a great experience and I’m thrilled to share it with The Vault. The location was The Garden District Book Store. We arrived at the store around 12:30, with a good amount of people already there. The atmosphere was pretty fun and was a great way to mingle with the fans of the books, and there were actually quite a few people who were fans of the True Blood and just wanted to meet the person who started it all. It was a great mix of people.


Shortly before Charlaine came out, the store employees went around handing each person number placements and asked if they wanted anything specific for Charlaine to sign. I went simple, just asking for her to include my name in my Dead Until Dark paperback.

They had everyone line up shortly before Charlaine came out. The store was actually in a building that housed a few other shops, but it was really small. There were probably 200 or so people there, so the place was jam-packed. I was #96, so I took my place and line and began the long wait. The store employees came around and passed out candy and they were even selling bottles of True Blood.

I  talked to the other fans, and had a great time discussing the books as well as the show. I had my Team Bill shirt on, so they immediately knew which character was my favorite. Bill fans were well represented, judging from the people I spoke to. I received a lot of compliments about my shirt. I will admit that I was also in the midst of a lot Eric fans and the girl who was behind me was a huge Eric fan, and we talked about how we both hated the whole “Team” wars going on in fandom. We also had a good chat about how the show has changed things up a bit, but appreciated that there are plenty of surprises for the book fans who watch the show.

charlaine5charlaine4My husband, who didn’t wait in line, was sitting right near Charlaine’s table, so he was texting me some of the questions people were asking. I think the funniest one was her being asked if True Blood was better than Twilight! I died when I read that text. Judging from the texts my hubby was sending, she had more questions about the show than the actual books! But, my hubby told me that Charlaine was a great sport about it, talking about how much she enjoyed the show, the people involved with the show, etc.

My Mom, who was also with us, stood in line with me and was pretty excited about seeing Charlaine. She works with a lot of True Blood fans, so she wanted her picture taken with her so she could show it off to her co-workers. This is the same woman who kids me for watching Season 1 on Blu-Ray as much as I do! LOL. I will say this about her: She has admitted that she thinks Stephen is “handsome” so she gets “Cool Mom” points from me from me!

When I finally got up to get my book signed (I think I waited for over an hour), I decided to keep things simple, so I just told her that I enjoyed her work. She looked at my shirt and said “Oh great, a Bill gal”! I told her that I am a huge Stephen Moyer fan and I also mentioned how I just recently joined the ranks of countless BillsBabes! I asked for a picture, Mom included, and she happily obliged. Also, at the table were bookmarks and temporary tattoos for people to take. I grabbed the tattoos and was warned by my Mom that I didn’t need any more tattoos (I have 6)!

And just like that, my time was up. I had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed mingling with other fans. It’s an experience that I won’t soon forget. It made my vacation to New Orleans even better!


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Below are two videos of Charlaine Harris‘ Halloween visit to New Orleans where  she attended the Vampire Lestat Ball, was anointed Queen of Louisiana and serenaded by none other than Bubba, a character in her books.

Charlaine is crowned Queen of Louisiana

Bubba serenades Charlaine

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True Blood Inspired Halloween

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 5 - 20096 COMMENTS

Last weekend the Halloween celebrations all over took on a True Blood feel with an abundance of fans dressing up like their favorite characters in the show. Our UK Truebie friend, Tinchy and Billsbabe, Thellou helped us find some really good photos that were posted both on the Official True Blood Facebook page and on Twitter. People dressed up like Sookie and Bill a lot, but we also found meanads, followers of maenads, Lafayette, Eric, Sam, Jason, Queen Sophie Ann, Godric and even Bubba. Here’s a few of the best we’ve found:



There are more to see at the Official True Blood Facebook fan page

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