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True Blood Inspired Halloween

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 5 - 20096 COMMENTS

Last weekend the Halloween celebrations all over took on a True Blood feel with an abundance of fans dressing up like their favorite characters in the show. Our UK Truebie friend, Tinchy and Billsbabe, Thellou helped us find some really good photos that were posted both on the Official True Blood Facebook page and on Twitter. People dressed up like Sookie and Bill a lot, but we also found meanads, followers of maenads, Lafayette, Eric, Sam, Jason, Queen Sophie Ann, Godric and even Bubba. Here’s a few of the best we’ve found:



There are more to see at the Official True Blood Facebook fan page

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Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin arriving on the set in Long Island

The picturesque North Fork is being used as a backdrop for an independent film with some fairly big names involved.

Cast and crew members of “The Romantics” — Katie Holmes, Elijah Wood, Josh Duhamel and Anna Paquin among them — have already set up locations in Greenport and are now shooting at The Old Field Vineyards in Southold.

Members of Mattituck Presbyterian Church were told in a letter from the film’s assistant location manager, Jean Pesce, that “The Romantics” will be filmed at several locations across the North Fork into early December.

Manhattan-based production company Plum Pictures is pitching the plot as “a zeitgeist love story and generational comedy, taking place over the course of one night at a deluxe seaside wedding.”

One frantic scene featuring leading man Josh Duhamel will take place at the end of the month at the historic Bethany Cemetery, next to the church, said the letter.

“In the vein of ‘The Big Chill’ and ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ seven close friends — all members of a tight, eclectic college clique — reconvene to watch two of their own tie the knot,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Laura is maid of honor to Lila, her golden girl best friend. The two have long rivaled over the groom, Tom. The love triangle comes to a head on the eve of the wedding when the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and return to shore without the groom.”

Galt Niederhoffer, the director of the picture, adapted the screenplay from her novel of the same name.

Members of the production crew have already scouted the area for help in finding props and other set decor, said Peconic-based event planner Barbara Hock, who also works part-time at the Down Home Store in Cutchogue.

“The director wanted very natural bouquets, greens only — no flowers, branches or leaves,” Ms. Hock said. “Down Home Store’s archway is the central focus of the wedding scene to be shot at Old Field Vineyards.”

Ms. Hock added that Country Chair and White Flower Antiques in Peconic provided pieces for some interior shots.


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The Britsh Daily Mail published an article with the title ‘True Blood vampires and the explicit TV sucking the innocence out of our children’ today.


The writer of this article claims that tv shows like True Blood compromise the innocence of today’s youngsters. A few quotes from the article:

Channel 4′s latest attempt to seduce us with a mixture of swearing and sex comes in the form of True Blood, the latest in the long line of sexually explicit, violent and vulgar programmes that have, sadly, become the norm on British television.

True Blood is a shocking tale of depravity, explicit sexuality (bordering on pornography) and vile language.

Even before the opening credits have rolled in the first episode, we see a young woman pleasuring a young man while driving her car.

More offensive than all this is the sheer distasteful nature of the content. There’s oral sex, overt discussion of genitalia, graphic sex scenes bordering on the deviant, and foul language.

We see a man having sex with a woman while watching a video of the same woman having sex with a vampire. The excitement engendered in the pair leads to rough sex and results in her murder.

It’s animalistic, violent, corrupt and scary, and it airs on one of our terrestrial channels at 10pm on Wednesdays, a time when tens of thousands of children under 16 are still watching TV.

You can read the complete article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1225388/True-Blood-vampires-explicit-TV-sucking-innocence-children.html

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True Blood meets Twilight in Las Vegas. Rutina Wesley and Sam Trammel partied with Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene this past Saturday night.

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Ryan Kwanten’s photo will be included with over 100 other celebrities, athletes and top models in About Face, a stunning limited-edition book of portraits by top celebrity photographer John Russo, scheduled for a February 2010 release by Pixie Press Worldwide.

“There’s a bold, direct honesty to Russo’s Portraits.” – Greg Gorman

The 160-pages of black and white photographs shot with the soon-to-be-extinct Type 55 Polaroid film captures the intensity of the male subjects. The book has already grabbed the attention of editors familiar with Russo’s ambitious project. As Metro Magazine remarks in their advance praise for About Face, “Over the course of [About Face] a conversation between the words and images emerges; the result is a book about aesthetics that is surprisingly thought-provoking.”

According to Publisher Jordana Woodland Goguen, when Pixie Press Worldwide heard that celebrity photographer John Russo was shooting a series of portraits with Type 55 Polaroid film, she was intrigued. “When Russo showed us the first prints, we were struck by their bold simplistic beauty and our About Face collaboration began,” explains Goguen. The creative mission was to record the raw beauty, intrigue, and power of the male face. The photographs in the book prove that their mission was accomplished. Although Type 55 film is gone forever, it will live on through the timeless images in the book.

About Face is cloth bound, 160 pages, 10.25 x 12.50 inches, and signed, with a limited-edition of 1500 copies.  You can see some of the photos on their Facebook page.


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Arlene and Terry spoiler for True Blood’s season 3

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 4 - 200910 COMMENTS


The latest from TV Guide:

Will Terry and Arlene still be together when we return for Season 3 of True Blood? — Anna
MICKEY: Yep. Executive producer Alan Ball told us that the happy couple “will make a surprising discovery that will bring them closer together.” Translation: All that free lovin’ they did under Maryann’s spell will result in an unplanned pregnancy. I hope the baby has hair that looks like a sunset after a bomb went off.

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The Casting Society of America announced this year’s winners at the New York 25th Annual Artios Awards® ceremony held at The Times Center, in the newly built New York Times Building (620 Eighth Ave) and hosted by comedian Janeane Garofalo. (The Los Angeles award ceremony was held simultaneously at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel. Celebrity guest presenters in New York were Christine Ebersole (Grey Gardens), Vincent Kartheiser (“Mad Men”), Jennifer Morrison (“House”), Carrie Preston (“True Blood”), Bill Pullman (Oleanna), Elizabeth Reaser (Twilight), Michael Shannon (Little Flower of East Orange), and Patrick Wilson (Little Children, “Angels in America”). Stanley Tucci, presented the coveted New York Big Apple Award to Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron (their new theatrical production, Love, Loss, and What I Wore, just opened to rave reviews in New York).

Presented yearly for outstanding achievement in casting, awards are given on the criteria of originality, creativity and contribution of casting to the overall quality of a project. The term “Artios” is from the ancient Greek word meaning “perfectly fitted.”

Each year, in addition to the awards presented to casting directors for their achievements in Theater, Television and Film casting, the Casting Society of America also recognizes Industry notables with a Career Achievement Award, The New York Apple Award and bestows the Hoyt Bowers Award on one of its own. In addition to Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron, this year’s honorees are (at the Los Angeles ceremony) Laura Ziskin will receive the Career Achievement Award, and John Frank Levey, the Hoyt Bowers Award.

The Artios Awards were first given in 1985 to honor excellence in casting and was held at the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel attended by 500 industry leaders. The first New York awards were given three years later.


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Jace Everett rocks Fangtasia

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 4 - 20091 COMMENT

People who craved post-Halloween music watched Jace Everett perform at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.
jace-everettMore than 100 people came to watch Everett perform Sunday night at Alex’s Bar, also known as Fangtasia, it is a punk rock/dive bar and is definitely not where just-turned-21 youngsters will be found. It is a great bar where people can go to drink a good beer or cocktail and listen to live music. It has an original autographed portrait of Johnny Cash and a portrait of the king of rock and roll, Elvis.

Everett’s performance in the bar, filled with fans dressed up as “True Blood” characters, felt like an alternative world where vampires hung out.
“It was good timing,” said June Bonakdar, a fan of the show. “I am a big fan and we have wanted to come to Fangtasia for a while.”
Everett’s music has an irresistible charm that will make people want to sway or tap their feet to the music. Some of Everett’s influences include Willie Nelson, Tom Waits and Chuck Prophet. Along with a much older 50’s style of clothing, his wardrobe represented the style of the artists he admired. He wore jeans with the cuffs at the bottom, black biker boots, and a collared short sleeve shirt with a black undershirt.

Everett performed 11 songs off his new album, “Red Revelations.” The performance was very guitar-driven, adding a country-folk feel to the performance. It was southern rock, with a slight rockabilly sound. Everett sang the lyrics with his sultry voice. His acoustic guitar made people tap their feet to the beat. His partner, Dan Cohen, played along on the electric guitar, ripping guitar riffs up and down the guitar’s neck. This made all the women in the room move toward the front, and dance and sway to the music.

Everett performed his next single, “The Good Life.” He described it as a sardonic take on the good life we think we live when in reality we lead ourselves to a path of destruction. This song is one of the best on his album, because the acoustic guitar sound and his voice add extra darkness to his lyrics.

Everyone really wanted to hear him perform “Bad Things,” the theme song to “True Blood.” Everett reminded the crowd to stick around for the rest of the concert.
“I promise you will hear the song you want to hear, but God dammit you got to wait,” Everett told the crowd. “There are 11 more songs I want you to hear.”

“Bad Things” is a murky, dirty ballad about a guy who wants to do nasty things with a girl. His deep voice adds sexiness to the lyrics that will make you feel naughty.
As soon as Everett played the song, the crowd went wild. Once the song was over, however, the crowd dispersed. The music was good but the audience should have stuck around to listen to the rest of the set.
Fans of Everett, such as Riannon Blair, still loved the performance.“It was a lot better that I expected,” Blair said. “The guys are a lot more humble that I expected them to be. I was pleasantly surprised.”

In the spring of 2010, Everett plans on doing a full band tour in the U.K. and the U.S.

“In the U.K. the album is doing very well. It is in the top 100, considering it is my own independent label,” Everett said, referring to his label Weston Boys based in Austin, Texas.

“I hope they leave with knowing Jace Everett other than ‘True Blood’,” Everett said.

And I hope so too. “Red Revelations” has a lot more to offer than the popular song “Bad Things”. If you are unfamiliar with the rest of Jace’s work, take a leap and check it out.


photo credit:Trishian Bucheli / Daily 49er

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An even dozen of spoilers for True Blood season 3

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 3 - 200955 COMMENTS



Spoilers are allowed in the comments on this article.

Recently, SciFiWire talked to True Blood’s executive producer Alan Ball and writers Raelle Tucker and Alexander Woo, before they participated in the panel discussion last week at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles, CA.  They probably told  more than they should have about what’s going to happen in True Blood Season 3, but if you can’t wait, read below:

Ball confirmed that the arc of Bill’s kidnapping will last “about six episodes.” That sounds like just enough time to put Sookie (Anna Paquin) through the wringer, but not enough to try viewers’ patience. Plus, we’ll probably still get to see Bill deal with his captors in episodes 1-5.

Shape-shifter Sam (Sam Trammell) will find his family this year, and Tucker gets to write their characters a lot in episode two. “I’m getting to write Sam’s family, which is a lot of fun, and, really, I feel really satisfying as a character arc,” she said. “I really am glad that he’s taking this journey and he’s learning about himself. I find that interesting. They aren’t the brightest people, maybe. At least they appear that way. They’re fairly dysfunctional, but like anybody else, they have their good things about them and not-so-good things. They’re still getting to know each other. Sam’s still getting to know them, and so are we.”

Werewolves are coming to True Blood, and Ball offered a preview of what his wolf-people will look like. “They’re just wolves,” Ball said. “It’s just people who can turn into wolves, but they’re slightly bigger and much stronger. Their eyes glow orange a little bit.”

It’s not just vampires and werewolves. Woo is most excited about the expanding world of season three. “The entire world is going to get a lot bigger,” Woo said. “Not only the human world, but in Sookie’s eyes, she’s going to see the whole supernatural world. Luckily, since this show is through Sookie’s eyes, as an audience we’ll get to see a much larger supernatural world.”

Sookie’s powers have gone from simple telepathy to some kind of hand-glowing power. Tucker confirmed that Sookie’s powers continue to expand in season three. “I think that Sookie is conscious of her abilities more this season than she’s been, and she’s questioning them more,” Tucker said. “We’re going to be exploring that more this season.”

Ball said the Vampire King of Mississippi is coming in season three. He provides a contrast to Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana (Evan Rachel Wood). “He’s older,” Ball said. “He’s much more mature. He’s much more methodical and grounded. She’s kind of crazy. To me, she’s kind of like Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan, where she has a very short attention span and she’s very, very egomaniacal and very self-obsessed and doesn’t really think about her actions, whereas the Vampire King is very much an adult. He has an agenda. He has things he wants to achieve. I think he’s much more formidable than she is.”

In two seasons, Sookie’s brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten), has been accused of murder and got caught up in a cult. Season three will find him keeping a low profile. “I think Jason’s path this season is actually about not getting into trouble,” Tucker said. “It’s about trying to stay out of trouble. I think it’s going well for him.”

Wood is signed to return for more episodes in season three. Since her recreational activities include orchestrating the sale of vampire blood, things could go very badly for her. “Well, Sophie Anne, when last we left her, she was sort of behind this selling of V as a recreational drug on the streets, pretty much,” Ball said. “That’s not something a vampire authority figure should be doing. If higher-up vampire authority figures figure that out, they’re not going to be happy.”

Season three will introduce a biker gang called Coot’s F–k You Crew. Tucker said the new characters are still evolving and won’t be what you expect. “The one thing I will say is that they are very mysterious,” Tucker said. “They’re a group who’s been around a lot longer than you think. I don’t want to say too much about them right now, because I think that we are in the early stages of figuring that out.”

Woo is writing the new character of Tommy Mickens, who will make a huge impact on our favorite characters. “Tommy Mickens is someone I don’t want to reveal too much about, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise,” Woo said. “He’s a completely new character, but he plays very prominently in the emotional life of at first one and then, later, several other of our characters. He’ll be the first domino to push the rest.”

Helmets have become a joke in the writer’s room. Tucker explained how the writers became aware they were relying too much on protective headgear. “There’ve been several moments that we’ve been pitching things and thought, ‘Oh, well, maybe she could be wearing a helmet, and that would protect her. Maybe he could wear a helmet in that scene,’” Tucker recalled. “Suddenly we realized we had a whole bunch of characters wearing helmets for no particular reason. So we thought, oh, that’s the theme of the season.”

Fans keep demanding more screen time for Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), but the writers won’t indulge them. “You know, what’s funny is that he’s in the first two books; he’s a fairly minor character in Sookie’s universe,” Tucker said. “There’s a lot of fan pressure that they’re supposed to be this big romantic thing, which actually in Charlaine [Harris]‘s books doesn’t happen until much, much further down. I think if we did that, we’d probably bore them all to death. I think part of the magic of Eric is some of the mystery of Eric and the inaccessibility of Eric. I think you don’t want to turn them into the nice romantic love interest who’s in every scene. I think his danger is important, so not just throwing him up whenever somebody wants to see his bare chest is actually a more disciplined approach.”

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Nelsan Ellis Q&A at MCM Expo in London

Posted by Lynnpd On November - 3 - 20094 COMMENTS

On October 24, Nelsan Ellis attended the MCM Expo (London Movie Comic Media Expo 16) in London. He signed autographs at the True Blood booth, took pics with fans and answered their questions during the True Blood panel where he spoke of his introduction to True Blood, the creation of Lafayette, and working with show creator Alan Ball.

The video below should give you a feel for what the MCM Expo was like. To learn more about the experience, click here to read our previous report from a UK Truebie’s who attended the event.

Here’s some of what he has to say during the True Blood panel, as reported by Den of Geek.

94637What is it like for you, when you come to conventions like this, and you see all these people who respect your work?

It’s flattering. When an actor experiences people appreciating his work, it feels good.

How did you first become involved in the series?

I auditioned! I had four auditions, and for some reason, Alan Ball hired me.

Did you know anything about the books [The Southern Vampire Mysteries series] before you auditioned?

I did not know anything about Charlaine Harris’ books. My agent told me to audition, and I read seven of the books – I think at the time she had only seven done. My character dies after the first book, so I was like, ‘damn!’, but I read all seven before the audition.

And, of course, you read that, and know your character is going to die. How did that change your performance?

Well, it was straightforward. They gave me a one-year contract, and said ‘you’re gonna die after 12 episodes’, and I was cool with that.

And when you didn’t, how did you feel?

Elated! Because I still had a job! Alan Ball told me after we had the table read of the twelfth episode. So, up until that point, I thought I was dead. He went ‘you know you’re not dying, right?’, and I said ‘I didn’t, but thanks for telling me!’.

Your character has been described as a homosexual, drug-dealing chef. What was the biggest challenge out of having to do all of those? Can you cook?

I cannot cook! [laughs] In fact, my son rarely eats my food. But, it’s make-believe! And I have a strong imagination, so I think I’m pretty good on all the stuff.

How is it playing a role that is so different from how you are as a person?

It’s fun. Every chance I get to where I could be something that’s not me, I jump at it. Because I’m guarded and I have these rules on how I should behave, but whenever I get to jump out of those rules, and go fucking crazy (excuse my language), I do! Lafayette is a dream role for me.

What gave you the urge to audition for the role?

My agents, they told me to audition – so I did!

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