True Blood cast Bow Wows for animal charity

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Rutina Wesley, Michelle Forbes, Kristin Bauer, Mariana Klaveno

Mariana Klaveno, Michelle Forbes, Rutina Wesley, Tara Buck, Kristin Bauer and Patrick Gallagher attended the 4th Annual ‘Bow Wow Beverly Hills’ benefiting the Amanda Foundation at Via Rodeo at Two Rodeo Drive on October 29, 2009 in Beverly Hills.

The Amanda Foundation was founded in 1976, and has since placed thousands of homeless animals. It is a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, are spending their last days at City and County Shelters.

[flagallery gid=10 name="Bow Wow Beverly Hills"]

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Short Interview with Stephen Moyer

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Recently, Stephen Moyer answered a few questions for The Ticket:


Besides vampires, what are the themes of True Blood?

I think the show represents many different things. You could watch it and think it’s a camp, frothy, sexy thriller. But equally it could be a satirical comment on society. Bill’s a vampire, an outsider that arrives in town and is ostracised, but he’s trying to be a decent man.

When it comes to your love scenes, do you think it helps that you and Anna are a
couple in real life ?

I would like to think that, as a professional, if I have to have a love scene with somebody else it would be just as good!
What made you fall for Anna?
She’s sharp, funny, brilliant, incredibly talented and an ultimate professional. She’s probably the most straight-talking woman I’ve ever met and she’s caring, generous and kind – I can’t say enough! And I think she’s beautiful.
Is there pressure on you as an actor to look fit?
I think the thing is that when you’re working against someone like Ryan (Kwanten), who is an insane body fascist, I’ve got no choice but to look as good as I can. I’m never going to look like him but, equally, when I’m 60 I don’t want to look at the DVDs and see my flabby belly.

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A Paley Center Vampire Weekend in New York

Posted by Lynnpd On October - 29 - 20091 COMMENT

Friday, November 13, 2009 to Sunday, November 15, 2009 – New York

For those of you who were unable to attend past PaleyFest events, and you live on the east coast, you can now see screenings of these events as well as attend a panel with other fans to discuss them at the New York Paley Center for Media - 25 West 52 Street, New York, NY 10019.

The Paley Center for Media has partnered with Entertainment Weekly to explore what’s going on with the craze for vampires. EW’s Ken Tucker will moderate a panel of informed fans to debate the relative merits of vampires across media, with special attention to the rankings of the Paley Center’s TV Vampire Poll (vote through November 2). A display of EW’s coverage of the undead phenomenon will be on view in the Spielberg Gallery through November 15.

And don’t miss the screenings of several past PALEYFEST events—with reunions of the casts and creative teams of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, True Blood, and Dark Shadows—along with the uber vamp Nosferatu and Guy Maddin’s hypnotic Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary.

Tickets- Screenings are free to Members and $10 (general admission) for nonmembers. No reservations are required.

The Saturday Vampire panel: Free to Members and $10 (general admission) for nonmembers. Reservations are recommended. The first 200 ticket holders will receive fang-tastic vampire giveaways.

Friday Screenings, 2:00 to 4:30 pm

PALEYFEST: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion (2008) – The cast and creative team of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunite to discuss the groundbreaking series. With Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon. [Own a DVD of this event.]

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors (1922)
The German Expressionist silent vampire classic—on the big screen!

Saturday Screenings, 12:00 to 2:30 pm

PALEYFEST: Angel (2001) – Angel’s actors, writers, and producers on everybody’s favorite brooding Irish bloodsucker. With David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon.

PALEYFEST: True Blood (2009) – The cast and creators of television’s hottest vampire series take you behind the scenes of steamy Bon Temps. With Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer.

Saturday Event, 2:30 to 4:00 pm - TV Vampire (s)Takedown

Our panel of expert fans will debate the relative merits of different vampires across media in an appropriately spirited and irreverent fashion. Special attention will be paid to the rankings of TV vamps determined by the Paley Center’s TV Vampire Poll (vote through November 2).  Come argue for your vamp of choice. Trivia, special gifts, and a bloody good time for all!

Angel Cohn, Senior Editor, Television Without Pity
Sammy Buck, Blogger,
Chelsea Doyle, Freelance Writer,
Jim Pierson, Author/Producer, Dark Shadows DVD releases
Moderator: Ken Tucker, Editor-at-Large, Entertainment Weekly

Free to Members and $10 (general admission) for nonmembers. Reservations are recommended. The first 200 ticket holders will receive fang-tastic vampire giveaways!

Sunday Screenings, 2:00 to 4:30 pm

PALEYFEST: Dark Shadows (2001) – Dark Shadows alumni reunited to discuss the classic series. With Alexandra Moltke and creator Dan Curtis.

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2002)
Guy Maddin’s visionary ballet based on the Dracula myth.


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Sam Trammell – Shapeshifter coming back home

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samtrammellpremiereSam Trammell returns for HallowEast events

George Washington High School graduate Sam Trammell, who plays shapeshifter Sam Merlotte on HBO’s “True Blood,” returns home Friday for a fan gathering and “Inside the Actor’s Studio”-style live interview.

“Most TV shows, you get scripts a week before you shoot them,” he said. “You might get pages the day before you shoot.”

Often, a show begins its season with only some of the episodes completed. This especially happens with shows like “Lost” and “Heroes,” which have broad storylines but are open to making changes later in the season based on earlier rating successes or failures. Ball doesn’t work that way. “Alan likes to have everything done,” Trammell said. “He wants to finish shooting the season before it airs — just in case he needs a re-shoot.”

About what to expect with the upcoming season, Trammell doesn’t know for sure, but he has some ideas.

“I think Sam is going to go toward the vein of trying to find his biological parents,” he said. “That will definitely end in some bad stuff.”

For Sam Trammell, the toughest thing about filming HBO’s “True Blood” isn’t the blood or the gore. Working all night is hard, says the actor
You get to the lot at around 5,” he said. “Then you shoot right as it gets dark and go until the sun comes up.”

This comes with the territory when you work on a show mostly about vampires. And, really, Trammell doesn’t mind the dark. He’s even fine with the occasional sleep deprivation.

“It’s the cold, believe it or not. I don’t like the cold.”

Trammell remembers one particular night this past season. They were shooting a scene involving an orgy and a bonfire. Some of the townspeople of Bon Temps (the fictional town where the show is set) were under the sway of an evil temptress. There was a lot of bare skin, and everyone had to pretend it was a sweltering, summer night in Louisiana.

Of course, they’re not filming in Louisiana, but in a canyon in Malibu, where it gets down into the 30s.

“I didn’t have to be naked or anything,” he said, “but I was in short sleeves. It was pretty cold.”

Trammell, 38, is mindful of just how chilly it gets because of the nature of his character, Sam Merlotte. Merlotte is a shapeshifter who can turn from a man into a dog, a bull and who knows what else. The side effect is that he tends to lose his clothes in the transformation and gets to do scenes in the buff.

The nudity doesn’t seem to bother him. Trammell is having a great time with the show.

“It’s a lot of fun, pulpy entertainment,” he said, “but also kind of heavy.”

Filming for season three begins shortly. Trammell wasn’t entirely clear on what the schedule was but knows “True Blood” creator Alan Ball tends to work in advance. Trammell thought the scripts were probably already finished.

Other than that, he didn’t know, but he might have more to say about it Friday night.

: Tickets are still available for a fan gathering with Trammell at 6 p.m. at the Culture Center and an 8 p.m. “Inside the Actor’s Studio”-style interview at the Kanawha Player’s Theater, 309 Beauregard St. The fan gathering is $100 and includes admission to the interview and Kanawha Players’ production of “Dial M for Murder.” The interview is $50 and includes admission to the play. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.


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Ryan Kwanton, Jason in True Blood, is now in Australia, his home country, to visit his family, having completed the Western-style drama Red Hill in Victoria.  Ryan stopped by to visit his family because, as he says: ‘My family would kill me if I came this close and didn’t visit. I’d kill me!’  OK! Magazine’s, Kelli Armstrong interviewed Ryan, and the article states that the down-to-earth star turned up to the shoot on his own – that’s right, no entourage!  They say that he was an absolute dream to deal with and they couldn’t resist finding out how much more we all can expect to see of Ryan since his incredible physique even prompted one American website to ponder: ‘Those Australians really know how to grow them Down Under.’


Here’s the interview :

All those sex scenes… Do you get nervous?
I’ve always been comfortable with my body and I think Australians have a fairly liberal and open-minded point of view when it comes to sex and nudity.

More often than not, the girl is going to be far more nervous than me, so I’ll approach the girls beforehand and say: ‘Any questions, qualms, concerns that you have, just come to me.’

The more comfortable they are, the more comfortable I am and the scene will work better.

Jason Stackhouse certainly seems to get into some fairly interesting situations…
Trouble finds him.

Is there anything you’ve taken from his personality into your own life?
I tend to be far too cerebral and totally over-analyse things. But he is the polar opposite in that there’s no will power of thought, he jumps off the cliff without thinking, he dives into any situation with no recourse whatsoever. So I’ve learnt to loosen up my mentality and go with the flow a little bit.

What do you think of this vampire phenomenon?
Albert Einstein said the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, and for many people vampires represent the absolute epitome of mystery. They have these other worldly qualities like a sixth sense – and they’re apparently fantastic in bed, they have years and years of experience.

Are you all tight on the set?
They’re a great bunch, so eclectic, everyone comes from different walks of life – Anna [Paquin] comes from New Zealand, Stephen [Moyer] from England, people from all over America. It adds a nice flavour.

Has your personal life changed since you’ve developed a bigger profile?
Not really, I’m observant but still pretty terrible when it comes to women. I love people and one-on-one I’m fantastic, but in a big group I’ll be the guy at the table watching conversation take place.

Are you a little bit shy?
Not shy, more observant. I’m not the actor type who’ll turn up to a party and do 4,000 accents and put on a show for everyone.

How has life changed since the Summer Bay days?
Home And Away was the catalyst that made me realise acting was where I wanted to head. It was never my intention to move to LA but now I’m firmly cemented there, the passion for the business and the craft is cemented in my veins. I feel like that’s how I’ve changed the most, in connection to what I do.

You don’t seem to be hanging out with celebrities since you hit the big time…
I’m not really that guy, I’m there to work, I got that out of my system a long time ago. Work is my number one priority – far beyond socialising or even dating.

So, you’re single?
Yes, I’m single and no I’m not dating. That concept has always eluded me, that whole dating thing. What I’m amazed at more than anything is marriage, the lack of thought that goes into marriage.

Maybe it’s just like going to buy a sandwich: ‘How about we just get married?’ And then the next week they break up, like it was nothing.

You used to be a triathlete – you must lead a healthy lifestyle…
I’m a firm believer in that real holistic approach to life, just grabbing as much from what life has to offer and using that as life experience or for happiness. I’m into pretty much anything the world has to offer.

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Michael McMillian guest stars on The Mentalist tonight

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mentalistMichael McMillian who plays the reverend we all love to hate on True Blood, will play a different part tonight on The Mentalist. Michael guest stars as Drew Abner in episode 2.5 entitled ‘Red Scare’. Tonight on CBS at 10 pm.

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True Blood’s writers and producers sat down with fans of the show Wednesday at the Paley Center for Media. Writer’s Assistant Elisabeth Finch, Script Coordinator Kate Barnow, Co-Executive Producer Brian Buckner, Creator and Executive Producer Alan Ball, Co-Executive Producer Nancy Oliver, Supervising Producer Alexander Woo, Producer Raelle Tucker answered questions and revealed some tidbits of things to come in True Blood’s Season 3.


Brian Buckner, Nancy Oliver, Raelle Tucker, Alan Ball, Kate Barnow, Elisabeth Finch and Alexander Woo

According to Alan Ball “Identity” will be the theme of the third season. “Everybody is struggling with their identity. Who am I? What am I? What do I want to be?”

So where does the action pick up at the beginning of Season 3? “I believe [Eric] appears without most of his clothes in the very first episode,” jokes Ball. (But seriously, he says, fans of Eric’s amnesia story line from the books will have to wait until Season 4.)

“Sookie is going to go off in search of Bill, and she will find him,” says Ball. But Sookie is in search of much more than just Bill. “There will be more conjecture about what she is and she will be more driven to discover what she is,” said Ball. “She will get closer to the answer.”

Will her brother Jason help her? Not likely, as Ball explains that he doesn’t share his sister’s magical gifts. “It’s a DNA thing, it’s a genetic thing and skips some people and gets in some others,” he says. “Jason has vestiges of it, in that he’s such a fantastic athlete and he’s a perfect shot, but he’s still human, whereas Sookie is definitely a half-human, half-something else that we’re waiting to reveal.”

True Blood tidbits: What’s ahead for the people of Bon Temps?

Good news for Bill fans: He won’t be going away for an extended period of time, as he does in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. Ball reports that the TV series won’t be telling the same story. “Stephen Moyer will not be marginalized. Bill and Sookie may go through some rough patches that last maybe a little longer than Team Bill fans might like, but Bill and Sookie have a connection that will never die.”

So what about Bill’s big secret, that he only went to Bon Temps and became close to Sookie on the orders of Queen Sophie-Anne? Will that ever be revealed? Ball says yes. “I can’t say when it will be discovered, but it definitely will be,” he says. “We are definitely aware of that as we’re breaking the stories, and have been from the beginning of the show.”

Ball says that marital bliss is not in the cards for Sookie and Bill. “There is somebody who wants a wedding, but it’s not who you think it is,” teases Ball. “I don’t think you’ll see that wedding actually happen.”

What you will see is another human-vampire romance, when Tara meets the still-to-be-cast Franklin Mott. Their relationship will be unlike any other on the show. “I don’t even think they’re in the same ballpark,” producer Raelle Tucker tells us. “He’s more dangerous than any of those other [vampires]. She’s definitely playing with something that’s a lot more deadly.”

True Blood executive producer: Someone will die

And Mott won’t be alone. “You’ll find a range of vampires,” supervising producer Alexander Woo says. “The vampire world really opens up. You’ll see that there’s as much of a variety and diversity among vampires as there is among human beings. There’s going to be extremely cruel and extremely kind. I think you’ll see there isn’t one archetype; there is a panorama.”

A  transcript of the event can be found at the FutonCritic.


Photo courtesy of The Paley Center for Media. Copyright Kevin Parry/The Paley Center for Media

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Today’s vampires, not about capes and bats

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Everybody’s talking about vampires these days.  Those that aren’t enamored by them, like I am, are always asking me, “What’s the fascination”?  Those doing the asking are not fans of the latest TV shows and movies that include vamps and don’t realize that vampires aren’t what they used to be.

NosferatuShadowSince Halloween is less than a week away, and our children are about to go out in their costumes and we head to Halloween parties where some of us will even be dressing up as our favorite vampire hero or heroine, it seemed like a good time to think about this recent change in the perception of vampires.  With all of this talk, it got me thinking, how has the image of the vampire really changed?  Most of what I know about vampires I got by reading books or watching films and TV, but I guess that would have to be since vampires only exist in these created worlds.

I have never been a huge vampire fan before experiencing True Blood, although I admit to watching Dark Shadows with Barnabus Collins and loving the campy soap opera. However, recently, with films like Twilight and TV shows like Vampire Diaries and most importantly, our favorite TV show, HBO’s True Blood, I have a new attitude about these blood suckers then when I grew up.  This started me wondering about the history of vampires and how this transformation has taken place.  And, although I must acknowledge the written word is probably the geneses for this transformation from monster to love interest, especially with Ann Rice’s, Interview With a Vampire and Charlaine Harris’, Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries,  I’m more of a “visual” thinker, so I decided to focus here mainly on how vampires have transformed in films and TV.

Frank Langella’s version of Dracula

Vampires have quite a history going back to ancient times in folklore.  They began appearing in literature in the 1720’s. The German poem “The Vampire” was among the first, published in 1748 by Heinrich August Ossenfelder.

The Vampyre, written by John William Polidori in 1819, was a short story in New Monthly Magazine, and it was the first to take the folk-tale vampire and make him a suave operator who preyed on aristocrats.




Bela Lugosi as Dracula, 1931

However, since Bram Stoker unleashed “Dracula” in 1897, vampires have long been a part of the world’s pop-culture scene and this character epitomizes our impression of what a vampire is.  All we know about him is that he is one who possesses and was only interested in victimizing those who are human in order to drink their blood.

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Video: Stephen Moyer interviewed in a coffin

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Channel 4 did a short interview with Stephen Moyer last Sunday….. from a coffin….

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Video interview with Anna Paquin

Posted by Shadaliza On October - 29 - 20095 COMMENTS

Judging by Anna’s dress this interview was tapped at the True Blood Season 2 press conference in Los Angeles earlier this year.

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