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Pam gives Jessica a lesson in ‘Feeding around’

Another awesome video from Jessica’s babyvamp blog. This time Jessica talks with Pam about feeding around.


In Deborah Ann Woll’s Q&A yesterday a fan asked a question about the blog.

I absolutely love your video blogs (Jessica’s). Who’s idea was that and are you going to keep it going?


Deborah Ann Woll says:
Thank you! I love them too! We have such a great time shooting them. I’m not sure whose idea they were ititially. I believe is was They had done similar vlogs/blogs on other shows. But Gianna Sobel writes and directs them and I think she does just the greatest job. One day towards the end of the season we shoot all of them in succession. So I go through hair and make up about 10 times and we shoot about 25 pages of material. For comparison 4 pages a day is more the true blood average. it’s intense but really fun!

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    July 24, 2012

    First the lesson … then the hunt. Jessica’s vlogs are always a treat. And she couldn’t have a more savvy vampire guest than Pam.


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