Rutina Wesley in Allure Magazine

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 5 - 201011 COMMENTS

There’s a two page spread in January 2010′s Allure Magazine that includes Rutina Wesley of True Blood called “Change is Good”.  It talks about three actresses who demonstrate how the best makeovers play up strengths, fulfill wishes and allow a woman to look like herself, only better.

Wow, Rutina looks great in the photos!




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11 Responses to “Rutina Wesley in Allure Magazine”

  1. cocoablossoms says:

    holy hotness batman!!! can i be rutina when i grow up??? this girl keeps getting hotter each season. i hope they let her look like this in season three. she stepped up the fashion game in season two, so now i think it’s time to ditch the little country girl braids and go for full on vixen.


    mizmode Reply:

    I agree!

    The only thing about TB is that the new season picks up immediately from the end of the previous season, so if they changed her hair, it would have to be in the middle of the season.

    I hope they do it too. :)


    cocoablossoms Reply:

    good point about picking up from the same spot. i think tara should continue to evolve and that should show in her appearance. she definitely broke out last season, but i think embracing a more sexy and mature hairstyle is needed. something more free-flowing like we see here.


  2. Selle says:

    Oh wow, so beautiful!! I just love her! I lay you odds, she’ll have her own TV show one day. It’ll be a drama or comedy, and she’ll be the main star of it.


    cocoablossoms Reply:

    i hope you are right. she is always praised for her talent and seems like such a sweetheart. i just can’t get over how much she is a sex goddess in this picture. and i love the outfit. the whole look really is something i would definitely do. loves it all a million percent.


  3. Rowena says:

    Rutina looks incredible. Not only is she an amazingly gifted actress, but she is one hot and sexy gal. Fabulous pictures.


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Rutina really looks good. I like it on the show that she wears purple really well, especially on her eyes.


  5. bytemebillc says:

    DAUM!!! She is hott!!! Love my men but she is looking good..Way to go girl..


  6. willkill4Bill says:

    Rutina is smoking hot. I agree I hope they dress her well again this season . She is an amazing actress and I can’t imagine anyone else as Tara.


  7. wiwa says:

    Rutina is always beautiful, but this is sure up a few knotches. In season 3 will she have a rich boyfriend? Will she get gorgeous gift dresses and go dancing? I hope so.
    Hey, I want to see Tara up against Pam, talk about a contrast in styles!


  8. mizmode says:

    Rutina is hot, hot, hot in this photo. :)


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